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Beat This Caption

Due to popular demand the caption competition returns, but can you Beat This Caption?

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Daniel Owen says...

Maybe if I celebrate they wont notice a thing...

Posted 08:23 20th September 2011

Matt J says...

Torres only half a player

Posted 05:25 20th September 2011

Russell Bartram says...

Fernando's 'lost contact lens' excuse may just get him out of a turf situation.

Posted 02:27 20th September 2011

Dave Brunt says...

at half time andre villas boas told torres to shorten his runs, i think he "missed" the point

Posted 23:19 19th September 2011

Jack Mccormack says...

Gea- "Kneely Pal, Dont Get Blue About It.

Posted 22:42 19th September 2011

Robbie Burns says...

Maybe I should have gone to Specsavers!!!!!!!

Posted 22:07 19th September 2011

Nathan Davies says...

Andy Carroll and Heurelho Gomes never looked so good.

Posted 21:50 19th September 2011

Danny Hughes says...

So there I was, Row F, Stretford End watching Torres go round De Gea wondering if he would score Then it hit me

Posted 21:47 19th September 2011

Sean Byrne says...

i thought if i was the same size as wright philips i could play better

Posted 21:25 19th September 2011

Jon Forsyth says...


Posted 20:55 19th September 2011

Jon Forsyth says...

Fernando's HORRES come back to TORRTURE TORRES!

Posted 20:19 19th September 2011

Ben Rees says...


Posted 18:41 19th September 2011

D Inglis says...

De Gea makes Torres pick up the glass after his bottle smashes in front of goal.

Posted 16:56 19th September 2011

Javone Rogers says...

Dr. Jekyll and Mystifide

Posted 16:35 19th September 2011

Zaher Keshavjee says...

He's on his knees, and making pleas, Just to score, just once more.

Posted 16:23 19th September 2011

Craig Cornwell says...

Is this where is should bury my head boss?

Posted 15:09 19th September 2011

Darren Lee says...

Right if anyone asks David, you put me off by shouting "Man On". Otherwise we go with the divot option

Posted 15:06 19th September 2011

Dave Hodgkiss says...

Why is my right arm celebrating i thought i missed.

Posted 14:31 19th September 2011

Scott Mackay says...

De Gea "don't worry Fernando, i don't know where the goal is either!"

Posted 14:14 19th September 2011

Thomas Barlow says...

"Can someone help me find my shooting boots, I really kneed them!!"

Posted 13:54 19th September 2011

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