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Beat This Caption

Due to popular demand the caption competition returns, but can you Beat This Caption?

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Declan Alder says...

"It wasn' t like this at Atletico......"

Posted 13:47 19th September 2011

Stuart Taylor says...

For sale: Empty net, in relatively good nick. Will not accept penny less than £51 million pounds.

Posted 13:44 19th September 2011

Philip Mcevoy says...

I came to Chelsea to play in a team full of class, rhythm & style- not to become the new Ronnie Rosenthal!!

Posted 13:43 19th September 2011

Jeff Hall says...

Gea: don't get the paper in the morning champ... Trust me.

Posted 13:41 19th September 2011

Darren Manning says...

did you see that mole its here some where

Posted 13:38 19th September 2011

Steven Baulk says...

Torr-id effort sinks blues comeback.

Posted 13:38 19th September 2011

David Mulvey says...

Taxi for Nando!

Posted 13:34 19th September 2011

Sarah B says...

Sorry, did someone say my form was down here????

Posted 13:27 19th September 2011

Rob Ivory says...

Fernando Torres- Building Keeper's reputations since leaving Liverpool

Posted 13:18 19th September 2011

Andy Turner says...

Despite trying really hard, Fernando just couldnt get his I'm a little teapot impression right

Posted 13:14 19th September 2011

Jonas Olssen says...

Doesn't matter how much you por favor. I'm not standing aside so you can score!

Posted 13:12 19th September 2011

Matthew Newton says...

i really "kneed" to start scoring goals!

Posted 13:09 19th September 2011

Dean Roulston says...

Diego Forlan makes memorable Old Trafford return.

Posted 13:03 19th September 2011

Cai Goulding says...

The stretford end's new spanish idol Ferna-doh!!!

Posted 12:54 19th September 2011

Shraishth Jain says...

Torres 'knee'-ds a confidence boost!

Posted 12:47 19th September 2011

Mark Hannon says...

"Would it help if i got on my knees and begged for a couple of goals"

Posted 12:14 19th September 2011

Damien Donovan says...

Fernando Torres is so close to full form he is 4 yards out !!!

Posted 12:05 19th September 2011

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