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Beat This Caption

This week's "Scott Parker brings a whole new meaning to the term 'midfield battler'".

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Muhammad Haffejee says...

Thought you were smart when you signed for Spurs huh!!!

Posted 16:15 17th April 2012

Toks Thomas says...

Hey Scott, I think you have got a little something on your neck!

Posted 16:02 17th April 2012

Kieron Jones says...

What you say about my hair ?

Posted 15:51 17th April 2012

Steve Vickery says...

What do you mean "who are you ? I was at chelsea before you were born"

Posted 15:45 17th April 2012

Dan Ambrose says...

I may be England Captain but if you EVER liken me to John Terry again.............

Posted 15:16 17th April 2012

David Vincent says...

Parker writes his own headlines.

Posted 15:15 17th April 2012

Ron Kansara says...

Give me my toy back, Obi or else I will kill you!!

Posted 15:15 17th April 2012

Aiden Nashly says...!!!!!!

Posted 15:02 17th April 2012

Ben Evans says...

Scotty-to-hotty - Parker shows frustration towards Mikel

Posted 14:54 17th April 2012

Jon Briggs says...

This is SPARTA

Posted 14:46 17th April 2012

Ben Killeen says...

Don't you CROSS THE LINE big boy!

Posted 14:34 17th April 2012

Josh Clews says...

Suits you sir!

Posted 14:31 17th April 2012

Craig Cornwell says...

What the hell is that up your nose?

Posted 14:12 17th April 2012

Kevin Crossey says...

the referee doesn't see the fight breaking out as he is too busy trying to remember what he decided the score was going to be.

Posted 14:05 17th April 2012

Andrew Canavan says...

you wont like me when i am green

Posted 14:04 17th April 2012

Luke Reid says...

" i told you bringing Jean Claude Van Damme on as a sub was never the way forward!"

Posted 13:58 17th April 2012

Ste Conlan says...

OMG, he's got my nipple!

Posted 13:53 17th April 2012

Graham Tonge says...

How dare you call me an actor, haven't you ever seen my McDonalds ad?

Posted 13:25 17th April 2012

Alex Yates says...

Mikel suggested changing the team name to "Hot -ten -man Scott- spur!"

Posted 13:25 17th April 2012

Chris Dorn says...

Scott Parker implementing the 'hold me back' tactic with textbook accuracy.

Posted 13:24 17th April 2012

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