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This week's "Scott Parker brings a whole new meaning to the term 'midfield battler'".

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Was Khan says...

Scotty Parker faces possible 5 match ban, as Ref Atkinson misses Handbags at dawn.

Posted 13:11 17th April 2012

Tom Haustead says...

The referee could not control the situation as he was transfixed in horror by Parker's deformed left ear

Posted 13:05 17th April 2012

Conor Farrell says...

ooooooooh Obi-have!!

Posted 13:02 17th April 2012

Donovan Naidoo says...

We're not going to make Champions League ?!?!?!?!

Posted 12:39 17th April 2012

Kieran Way says...

Scott got thoroughly confused and started performing the Haka in an attempt to put Mikel off his game.

Posted 12:37 17th April 2012

Jason Yorke says...

"5-1? Are you taking the Mikel?"

Posted 12:32 17th April 2012

Vishal Patel says...

Are You Taking The Mikel?

Posted 12:30 17th April 2012

Craig Southwick says...

Scotty showing Obi "THE PARKER SIDE"

Posted 12:17 17th April 2012

Darren Wilson says...

england captain has the heart of three lions

Posted 12:10 17th April 2012

Daniel Roach says...

scott parker insisted on showing mikel the yellow card himself!

Posted 12:10 17th April 2012

Matthew Brachmanski says...

Who do you think you are, the England captain!?

Posted 12:08 17th April 2012

Rob Mccarthy says...

" I prefer burger king"

Posted 12:05 17th April 2012

Chris Dove says...

I love you, Mikel!

Posted 12:04 17th April 2012

Jimmy Albrt says...

"Your Jedi powers are fading Obi John!"

Posted 12:02 17th April 2012

Richard Colbron says...

What!!!!!!!! I'm not player of the year???

Posted 12:01 17th April 2012

Steven Coull says...

No, Nooooooooo....You cant make me! I'm not going back to West Ham!!!!

Posted 11:59 17th April 2012

Laurence Lomasney says...

As Parker is kindly explaining to Mikel, it's not about the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog.

Posted 11:58 17th April 2012

Andrew Townsend says...

Yes that's right!!!! I asked them to sew an extra hand to my neck...... we need all the help we can get...we're 5-1 down! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT????

Posted 11:55 17th April 2012

Si Finnigan says...

"You not joining in on the group hug, Mikel?"

Posted 11:44 17th April 2012

Ravi Misra says...

"You have gone OVER THE LINE"...unlike the ball...

Posted 11:42 17th April 2012

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