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This week's "Scott Parker brings a whole new meaning to the term 'midfield battler'".

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Dan Cul says...

Parker reacts to mammys boy haircut comment, Mikel gets 8 match ban!

Posted 11:37 17th April 2012

Sethupathi Karnan says...

how dare you mess up my clean combed hair!!!

Posted 11:37 17th April 2012

Akthar Hussain says...

"I say Oi Mikel....NOOOO!...Hoola Hoops are Round! & They will be around forever!"

Posted 11:34 17th April 2012

David Spencer says...

Scott was furious when he heard that John had excluded him from his tiddlywinks club.

Posted 11:22 17th April 2012

Tom Fox says...

Scotty was furious when Obi told everyone about his One Direction tattoo

Posted 10:40 17th April 2012

Billy Hutson says...

The new England captain showing his boss that he's got the real 3lions roar.

Posted 21:47 16th April 2012

Kevin Hodgin says...

It took a brutal Wade-like finish to tame the Spartan!

Posted 21:14 16th April 2012

Chris Mclean says...

Don't hold me back lads.........hold me ack hold me back, he's scary

Posted 20:33 16th April 2012

Gary Farr says...

This IS my scarey face!!!

Posted 20:27 16th April 2012

Oliver Howell says...

It's not a cow's lick, it's a side shed!

Posted 20:14 16th April 2012

Anthony Tobing says...


Posted 19:51 16th April 2012

Anthony Tobing says...


Posted 19:49 16th April 2012

Paul Fletcher says...

You Sir are a buffoon and I demand satisfaction!

Posted 18:42 16th April 2012

Doug Wrightson says...

Take that back right now, I'm not wearing Man United boxers under my shorts.

Posted 18:20 16th April 2012

James Humphreys says...

Mikel: Go on Parker give us your best 300 impression, Parker: This is Parker !!!!!

Posted 16:54 16th April 2012

Tom Furlong says...

Parker reacts after having the mikel taken out of him

Posted 16:35 16th April 2012

Stephanie Brockie says...

What do you mean I need a haircut?! Like yours?! Your having a laugh

Posted 16:27 16th April 2012

Thomas Bartlett says...

Parkers fury as Tottenham spurn F.A cup chance to dominant Chelsea

Posted 16:03 16th April 2012

David Heaton says...

Scott: "What did you just say?!!".. Mikel: "All i said was that Joey's combover looks better than yours..."

Posted 15:58 16th April 2012

Stephen Mcintosh says...

Scott proves there's more than one Parker with superpowers as he zombiefies his opponent with his petrifying stare .

Posted 15:58 16th April 2012

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