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Beat This Caption

This week's "Scott Parker brings a whole new meaning to the term 'midfield battler'".

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Zul Daya says...

"you CANNOT be serious, THE BALL WAS ON THE LINE!!!!"

Posted 15:57 16th April 2012

Tom Llewellyn says...

What did you say about my mum

Posted 15:55 16th April 2012

Ciarn Cooke says...

Terrys got Parker in the rear naked choke. Could be curtins for Parker!

Posted 15:54 16th April 2012

Thomas Byrne says...

That's it!!! Im not playing,its my ball and Im going home.

Posted 15:51 16th April 2012

Tom Newell says...

Martin Atkinson trying to decide whether Scott Parker has 'crossed the line' or not!

Posted 15:50 16th April 2012

Jamie Charlton says...

Scotty goes potty

Posted 15:48 16th April 2012

Phil Wright says...

ok lads wheres my handbag

Posted 15:46 16th April 2012

Chris Mangalaparathy says...

At 4-1 down, Scott Parker takes Harry Redknapps call to 'fight thier way back into the game' a little too literally.

Posted 15:42 16th April 2012

Steve Jones says...

Did you say "respect" ?? You know it's just something that football thinks it should say..they don't really know what the word means, now don't stop me bullying the ref again or else !

Posted 15:40 16th April 2012

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