Top 10 RU deals

Top 10 RU deals

On the eve of the new Aviva Premiership season, takes a look at 10 of the top summer transfers.

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Nick F says...

I have to disagree Gary Hunt, I feel that it is more disgraceful that Dwain Chambers is allowed to compete for his country again after taking performance enhancing drugs, whereas Matt Stevens admitted to using cocaine and has done his punishment and from an Englishamn''s point of view, i hope to see hime wearing the Red Rose once again. On another note, a star signing that has been missed is Andy Powell going to Wasps. I am really lookng forward to seeing a back row of Rees, Powell and Ward-Smith smashing it up in the Premiership this season!

Posted 13:13 1st September 2010

Gary Hunt says...

i am like many not happy to see matt stevens return to the game especialy with a fuss from the press like this.surely we should made him play abroad it shows a terrible example to our children about drug abuse and seemingly getting let of lightly . i only hope he never plays for england again but i am sure he will as we lack a good front row at the moment i am sure his olace is there for him

Posted 18:30 31st August 2010

Sally Wilkes says...

The one player you''ve missed from this is Tom Wood moving to Northampton from Worcester, having seen him in the Saints last "friendly" on Friday night, he looks like the signing of the season to me

Posted 16:09 31st August 2010

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