Market movers?

Market movers?

Sarah Winterburn does her best Russell Grant impression to predict who might be going where in January.

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David Bolderson (Stoke City fan) says...

Firstly i cant see Robbie Keane going to West Ham he could walk in to teams that are looking at Europe not the championship (if things dont turn around for them) Secondly Shawcross to Chelsea for only 10 million, Stoke told Liverpool no when they enquirer d about him and they were looking at paying Stoke 15million so why would Stoke drop 5million just for Chelsea? And as you said ' they seem highly unlikely to spend upwards of £20m on a third-choice centre-half' and i dont think Shawcross will go to a team to be a third choice when he is number one at Stoke and he is the captain of the team. Yes he will go to a top four team in the next few years but he will only go if he is going to be in the first team week in week out.

Posted 10:15 26th November 2010

Jf Kehoe (Manchester United fan) says...

Greg makes some valid points regarding SG. I don't expect to see him land at one of the top 4-5 clubs since he could help, big time, in winning the P-ship. He will be dealt to a mid pack team though it would be grand to see him with the red devils. Regarding RK Villa as we all no is a real possibility. And Robbie was not summarily rejected by Liverpool. The fans, his team mates were strongly with him the manager wasn't.

Posted 20:44 25th November 2010

Sam Tippen (West Ham United fan) says...

West Ham would find it hard to justify turning down £5 million for a 30 year old...Really? Im not so sure about that one as i personally wouldnt weigh up relegation as being worth £5 million and any West Ham fan who has been to a game this season will tell you staright away that relegation is exactly what we would be getting with the sale of Scott Parker. I cant think of one constructive thing we could do with that £5 million. Even if it was added to the £10 million Grant is getting in January we wouldnt be able to bring in anyone fit to shine Parker's boots. I would go as far as to say we would be on zero points if we hadnt had Parker from the start of the season and selling him for any fee would be suicidal. Lucky for us Hammers our owners actually seem to realise this and if they want to sell in January they should look no further than Carlton Cole. We should have jumped at the chance to get rid of him for anywhere near £10 million in the summer and should Liverpool still be interested, Cole should be the first out of the door. I personally dont think he would be missed at all as Piquionne and Obinna are more than capable of out shining any performance Cole has put in this season and i dont see an improvement from Carlton coming this season if he stays with us. Cole should be the first of a few to leave in January including the likes of Spector, Faubert, Boa Morte, and though i am a fan of Behrami as a footballer, he is injury prone and it seems he is intent of leaving and being one of our more sellable players, he too should be off. hopefully with those sales, we would have around £17 million to spend in January to improve our team which should be built around Parker. I would welcome Robbie Keane to the Boleyn with open arms and would certainly like to see a couple a passionate playes the likes of Jamie O Hara bought in. We definately are in need of a left back, left mid and centre back thats for sure.

Posted 17:38 25th November 2010

Jason Campion (Liverpool fan) says...

Elmander to LFC....No thanks

Posted 11:06 25th November 2010

Nick Clark says...

Everton to do straight swap....Pienaar for Bentley/Kranjcar

Posted 20:55 24th November 2010

Phil Clark says...

You're totally right Josh, why would Elmander possibly want to play infront of 45 thousand fans every week, get paid probably twice as much as he's on now, not have to relocate, and maybe play in one of the european competitions this and next year if Liverpool get there heads sorted. So other than all that, i have no reason why he would want to go to Liverpool. Easy decision if you look at it as a neutral!

Posted 19:39 24th November 2010

James Roberts (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

@josh... you must be the fool that was mentioned then, because Johan would jump at leaving us, and I wouldn't blame him. Liverpool would pay him ridiculous money. Thats not to say I wouldnt be angry with him... there was a lot of talk of players "owing" their clubs, especially recently with the Rooney Saga... Rooney was signed as a kid really, and he's given united a lot of very good seasons. He didn't owe them a thing. Signing Johan for 10 mill, and him only really giving 5 or 6 good games in 3 years. He does owe us. He may be getting the plaudits now but us Bolton fans have spent a long time watching him be useless. So I'm praying he has an ounce of loyalty for the farce that he was when he arrived and repays us with another couple of seasons in this form.

Posted 19:19 24th November 2010

Alan Jones says...

one rumour already doing the rounds is lescott to go to wolves on loan from man city and also robbie keane following him back to wolves , those 2 would really save the wolves from the dreaded drop

Posted 19:17 24th November 2010

Greg Cameron says...

Shay Given will be on the move in January. Roberto Mancini has given the green light for a move during the Winter. Whether this would be permanant or only on loan is unclear. Celtic are big fans of the Irishman having had his as a young boy before letting him go. A move north of the border may off less glamourous ties but he would emmulate Robbie Keane in being a cult hero with Celtic and their strong Irish following. Also, like the Keane deal, Celtic's majority shareholder - Dermot Desmond - would fund the wages out of his own personal pocket and, if the fee was reasonable enough, even the entire amount City are asking for Given's permanant signature. In other news, former Celtic magician, Lubo Moravcik, has been talking to Rangers' Vladimir Weiss about a potential cross-city switch to Celtic in the Summer. Lubo and Vladimir are lifelong friends after the Moravcik helped Weiss' career in Slovakia. He had previously tried to get the youngster to join his former club in Scotland before he opted for their bitter rivals due to the draw of European football. This would tear the city in two and mark of Weiss as a figure of hate in the blue side of the city and it wont sit well either with Celtic fans after they were originally snubbed. Would be a dangerous move for the young lad if he were to listen to his old mentor's advice. Both of these have been mentioned in The Scottish Sun newspaper.

Posted 18:44 24th November 2010

Limaan Hamid says...

Villa Need Owen, We Need A Good Striker That Can Hit A Ball. Owen Will Do Good For Us. Experienced Players Can Back-Up Our Younger Player A Lot! Owen To Villa!

Posted 18:12 24th November 2010

Daniel Kelly-midwinter says...

Bolton fans clearly don't want Elmander to leave.....but would you rather get a few million for him now or leave it until the summer when bigger clubs could tempt him with european football and possible silverware. Also lets not forgot this article is purely no facts are required.

Posted 18:11 24th November 2010

Patrick Corley says...

Agree with Stephen above. United have first refusal for Shawcross...can't imagine them allowing him to go to Chelsea...especially with Evans slightly losing his way.

Posted 17:56 24th November 2010

Stephen Ladley says...

Shawcross to Chelsea when Man Utd have a first refusal clause. Pulis has openly admitted this on Goals on Sunday. If you honesty think Fergie will stand by and watch this then I think you'd be mistaken.

Posted 17:35 24th November 2010

Josh Bramwell says...

*Read number 5* Bolton would not sell Elmander to Liverpool, and Elmander wouldn't want to move. Kevin Davies has been brilliant for Elmander, giving him plenty of goal scoring oportunities this season, so only a fool would think that Elmander would leave us! Get your facts right before publishing storys!

Posted 17:11 24th November 2010

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