Fergie's best buys

Fergie's best buys

We count down Sir Alex Ferguson's best buys during a 25-year stint as Manchester United manager.

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Darre Philipson says...

this man is pure genious im a rangers fan and even though my club have had some legendary managers i wish we tried to sign sir alex on the plus atleast we dont have neil lennon lmao

Posted 22:16 5th November 2011

Sigurdur Gudmundsson says...

Where is Ronaldo ?

Posted 15:57 5th November 2011

Yusuf Lakhi says...

Cannot believe Ronaldo is not on there!! Dwight Yorke was brilliant for Utd but he cost 400k more than Ronny!! Fergie turned Cristiano in to a world class footballer!!! Food for thought maybe?

Posted 13:50 5th November 2011

Adam Etchells says...

If big peter had gone on to play for liverpool he'd still be a united legend in my eyes.

Posted 10:36 5th November 2011

Tas Immortal says...

Where is Ronaldo on the list- yes he cost us 17.5 million initially but SAF turned him into the global phenomenon as he made the rough into the diamond he is now. Also sold for 80 million so a healthy profit on that eh Mr Wenger? lol ps. Ronaldo's statistics whilst a Man Utd player are ridiculous- 'THE BEST SINCE BEST!'

Posted 22:59 4th November 2011

Arnav Anshul says...

i am surprised ronaldo did not make this list.

Posted 22:41 4th November 2011

Super D says...

I think your forgetting Cristiano Ronaldo who united bought for reported 12 million and sold for staggering 80 million. his performances left fans in amazement with his exceptional free kicks and his ball control, he was excellent in air as well as being two footed. he will be remembered for being the first winger to score 42 goals since the great George Best. he left the club as the best player in the world winning everything England had to offer, to join his boyhood dream Real Madrid and continued his scoring record by scoring 100 goals in 105 appearances. A truly amazing player to have graced the green at Old Trafford and english premier league.

Posted 20:24 4th November 2011

John Murray says...


Posted 20:12 4th November 2011

Sam Hatfield says...

i think that there should be more players than that such as edwin van der sar

Posted 19:20 4th November 2011

Miguel Silva says...

No Ronaldo?? This must be a joke surely...

Posted 19:04 4th November 2011

Mike Jon says...

Keane and Vidic were probably the best having said that to spend 19million on a player just after a major knee injury and tracking him for years is sooommmeee gamble!! how it worked so beautifully!

Posted 17:40 4th November 2011

Punya Shantilal says...

I would add Cristiano Ronaldo in the Top 10 anyday, probably even the Top 3 buys. ManU paid around 10-12 million for him, and got over a 100 goals, lots of games won thanks to him AND 80 million from Real Madrid. That's quite a return - Trophies and 68 million.

Posted 16:36 4th November 2011

Shola Abdul says...

I agree with Alex best buy players but why is C. Ronaldo not included? I think he is one of his best buy ever, to me he is manutd best buy so far.

Posted 15:17 4th November 2011

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