Top ten performances

Top ten performances

Nick Miller picks out ten outstanding individual displays from the opening round of matches.

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Paul Drain says...

Paul scholes has been an outstanding player throughout his career, but how he''s not been sent off more is beyond me. His tackling ability is shambolic and most of the time referees treat his tackles as "a strikers challenge" which is farcical considering he''s a midfielder. Andy gray winds me up when commentating a man utd game, he always has a giggle to himself about schools'' "typical" challenging. But let''s say it was Huddleston, felliani, or even mascherano that committed the amount of fouls scholes has then I''m sure Andy gray would be screaming for a card to be branded. Anyway, rant over.

Posted 06:35 18th August 2010

Red Gem says...

Pepe Reina? :) Seriously, I agree with Greg Cole. Berba had a magnificent performance.

Posted 06:01 18th August 2010

John Lewis says...

Agree with Greg Cole, Berbatov was fantastic against Newcastle.

Posted 01:19 18th August 2010

Mark Hepburn says...

Where''s Berbatov?? Isn''t that what Fergie asks during every game?

Posted 00:33 18th August 2010

Addo november Mwasongwe says...

Paul Scholes was magnifico!! Uncomparable u can just think may be he is 22 years or so, he is the new signing to United,infact we know that bigger things are yet to come, bravo Scholes bravo Man Utd fo sho!!

Posted 22:34 17th August 2010

David W says...

@Greg cole typical Man U fan, only watched one game on the weekend obviously. a good article all the players mentioned played well and berbatov was good but not great. considering the players mentioned in the article how can you say berbatov was as good? stockdale made very good saves even though no one has heard of him, Jones scored a great free kick, marlon harewood hasnt played in the prem for about 2 seasons and scored twice, even though most people never gave blackpool a chance, Bale played great in midfield again, mascherano put in a solid display even though he wants to leave, drogba got a hatrick, charlie adam was good even though blackpool were clear underdogs, i was at the villa game and albrighton was amazing, joe hart made 5 world class saves and scholes played well. what did berbatov do??? he scored and that was all he did against a defence that was shocking

Posted 22:31 17th August 2010

David . says...

give it a rest you two... scholes could play those "immaculate" passes because he wasn''t pressed at all. as soon as you come up against a side that can shut down the midfield he''ll be as useful as an ice machine in iceland. muppets.

Posted 22:24 17th August 2010

Jack Scott(manchester united fan) says...

where is van der sar? he made some terrific saves on monday, and for his age he''s super!

Posted 21:46 17th August 2010

Rich Gaffin says...

As much as i would love it to be true, the statement that Paul Scholes made more passes last night than the entire England team in South Africa is rubbish. Scholes made 104 passes last night. England made 1578 over the 4 games in SA. Though 98% of England passes were probably the wrong ones. Or in Steven Gerrards case, passes aimed down a team mates throat.

Posted 18:40 17th August 2010

Collin Fishwick says...

Joe Hart''s whole performance was exceptional!! Not just one or two of his saves! He was the main reason City got a point out of the game. He was teriffic throughout the whole match, not just bits of it!

Posted 17:39 17th August 2010

Dennis Arthurs says...

i hope the man u fans finally see the class in berbatov the best talent on show in the league

Posted 17:34 17th August 2010

Pa Sherlock says...

what a player scholes is best midfielder in the premiership by miles for years kept it up

Posted 17:01 17th August 2010

Sean Doyle says...

Where''s Carragher on the list eh?

Posted 16:16 17th August 2010

Sanju Arora says...

Scholes and Giggs, its an honour to watch them in action.

Posted 16:07 17th August 2010

Graham Deakin says...

Oh how the City bashing can you say that Hart was merely solid whilst Scholes performed a masterclass?? Both did what was expected of them...their job. The hyperbole is anything in red that can pass a ball!! Sky sports really need to remove their rose tinted spectacles and give us all a break from Man U... To say Drogbas hat trick was against a team that wasn''t taxing is idiotic as Scholes also played against a team that were equally non taxing and that doesn''t get taken into account....Sky, you are hypocrites.

Posted 15:06 17th August 2010

Harun Yahya (Burnley fan) says...

Long Live King Scholes... Zidane once quoted "he is the most intelligent player he has ever seen..." Genius & slightly bonkers...but breath-taking to watch

Posted 12:24 17th August 2010

Brett Koenig says...

Yeh, Masch was unbelievable..priceless performance! hoping we can keep him for 1 more season:)

Posted 12:17 17th August 2010

Dwayne Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

Scholsey the Magican! ! ! what more can you say, I really do believe he is the best English playmaker ever, bar none! Amazing what he can do with that ball at his feet, just hope we are able to see him do this for a lttle longer than I expect! COME ON UNITED! 19 league titles here we come!

Posted 12:04 17th August 2010

Greg Cole says...

Where is Berbatov? He put up a great performance.

Posted 10:49 17th August 2010

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