Top ten - 'It's not cricket'

Top ten - 'It's not cricket' looks back at 10 moments when the Spirit of Cricket has been tested to the limit.

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Sanya Batra says...

There is nothing wrong with Broad's tactics. ICC is rubbish. Everything is going the batsman's way. The pitches are getting flatter, the bats are getting thicker, the batting powerplay rule is unfair, the grounds in South Africa are petite. If bowlers find a way to distract the batsman, ICC bans it. People will get bored seeing so many sixes and fours. Support the bowlers!

Posted 06:10 19th July 2009

Keith Phillips says...

It's a true saying is you can always tell an Aussie but you can't tell them much. Being a Kiwi we play Aussie at all kinds of sports we are only a tiny nation, but can hold our own with the Aussies on a good day. The Aussies motto I'm sure is if we can't beat you one way we will beat you another. Anyway we enjoy England coming out here to play any sport as they are Ladies & gentlemen the way they go about their task of playing the game. Whether it be netball through to rugby league. I think the Aussies problem is that they have a huge problem mentally seeing their forefathers were convicts.

Posted 04:28 16th July 2009

Fred Flinstone says...

obviously because we are english and we prefer to talk about winning than losing

Posted 18:53 14th July 2009

Daniel G says...

Funny how most of these top 10's were committed by England - and they keep bringing up the 'underarm delivery' against the Kiwis as their response. Lucky it was the Kiwis and not the Poms that it happened against or we would still be listening to it (like every football World Cup when England bang on about The Hand of God). Whinging Poms!!!!!p.s. can you get the commentators to stop bringing up 2005, they haven't mentioned the 2006/7 series at all. I wonder why???????

Posted 13:19 14th July 2009

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