Top 10 injury jinxed

Top 10 injury jinxed take a look at 10 of the most injury-jinxed sportsmen of all time.

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Jonathan Perry says...

jonathan woodgate has to be in the top 10!!! he must have only played about 10 games in the last 10 years hahahahah

Posted 02:36 2nd May 2011

Ahmed Sassi (Liverpool fan) says...

Sebastian Deisler, he was always injued and he was a world class player and damien duff always injured

Posted 20:50 19th May 2010

Kris Karter says...

Jamie Redknapp... Great Player but always injured... prob even more than anderton

Posted 21:40 5th May 2010

Ciarn Kelly says...

what about freddie ljunberg????????

Posted 11:40 9th March 2010

Rayhan Waheed (Manchester United fan) says...

Torress!!!, he an amazing striker when hes on the pitch but hes been on and off. hes injured half the season...

Posted 23:44 5th March 2010

Nick Brown (Aston Villa fan) says...

Martin Laursen!

Posted 11:24 4th March 2010

Craig Bond (Newcastle United fan) says...

Ledley King comes to mind... without the injuries he would of played a lot more for England

Posted 14:57 3rd March 2010

Aaa Ssa says...


Posted 13:55 3rd March 2010

Anon Ymous (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsene Wenger has had eye problems for almost 15 years now

Posted 11:18 3rd March 2010

Nathan Richardson says...

Where is Bullard? hes always injured? where is Dean Ashton? Where is David Dunn? There always ill? but i am happy with the list provided

Posted 11:16 3rd March 2010

Aaron Sheridan (Manchester United fan) says...

Because some of the sportsman mentioned above have had reoccuring injury problems for over 10 years. Hargreaves has had real injury concerns since 2008.....Not a decade!!

Posted 10:03 3rd March 2010

Jide Sofowora (Chelsea fan) says...

Why isn't hagreaves here?

Posted 08:23 3rd March 2010

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