Top ten sporting acts

Top ten sporting acts

India's sporting behaviour at Trent Bridge evokes memories of ten moments when fair play shone through.

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Lucy Murphy says...

Ace, agree with all of the above, good choices lad x

Posted 23:02 1st August 2011

Bob Hall says...

A very interesting article. A pity that bad spotsmanship so often grabs the headlines. Thanks Josh Steele for reminding us of these better sporting moments.

Posted 22:08 1st August 2011

John Murphy says...

Great article - well researched. I was at the Di Canio match; Fowler didnt hit it soft enough in my estimation to get the fair play award!

Posted 17:10 1st August 2011

Spencer Williamson says...

In the cynical sporting landscape of modern competition, when 'for the love of the money' easily trumps 'for the love of the game', it's nice to be reminded every once in a while that the spirit of sportsmanship can still be found in the hearts of gold-rush tainted individuals at the top of their sport. Ten of the best, definiitely, the top four, a great shout!

Posted 17:08 1st August 2011

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