Learn to laugh, Kevin

Learn to laugh, Kevin

If Kevin Pietersen could laugh at himself it would help him return to the England fold, says Bumble.

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Graham Littlewood says...

Dear David, Very interested in the feature on amateur cricket clubs, good viewing.I am presently the Chairman of Norfolk County Cricket Club who play in the Minor Counties. We have a three week Festival in which we play 3 Championship matches, tents all round the ground and well supported. We would love it if you could feature this event next summer on SKy, I am sure that it would also be very good TV and be a good advert for M/ Counties. Through Vicky Worsick I got you to come to our dinner at Thornham nr Rochdale many years ago, Comedian Wandering Walter !!! a great night. Should be grateful if you could pass this e mail to the appropriate department. I know you like Norfolk !!! thanking you , Graham Littlewood

Posted 16:02 16th September 2012

Ray Kemp says...

More like "Get in Touch with the Real World Kevin!". In any other profession, KP's alleged actions would have incurred instant permanent dismissal. Rightly so.

Posted 11:03 14th September 2012

Jo Publik says...

This whole episode will be the real making of KP...I beleive he will come out of it a better man. And will go on to be an even better cricketer.

Posted 08:16 14th September 2012

Vikram Raj says...

If only this were a physical thing like a hand or leg that everyone was born with. If you know a individual in your team who takes a joke personally for more than a year, you ought to respect that and not go about the Swanny, Cookie, Straussy, Trotty, Ducky, Doggie way. You might be trying to project a teenager-like behavior by joking about KP with your 'hilarious' tweets, and you expect this behavior to be 'obvious', but you do not accept that it is obvious that you are doing this out of jealousy because KP earned a fortune while the Swanny-Broady-Andersony triumvirate found no takers at the auction? Color me stupid, but I don't accept that.

Posted 17:04 13th September 2012

Sam Walker says...

Yeah I totally agree Bumble, spot on!

Posted 14:22 13th September 2012

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