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Swede success

Swede success

Alan Smith reflects on another succcessful Stuart Pearce gamble and says England will subdue hosts Sweden.

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Warren Francey (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

England don't stand a chance of beating the Swedes. This youth team they have is about as good as any youth team in the world. Definitely a lot of guys to watch out for in the future.

Posted 17:59 25th June 2009

Rhys Jaggar (Arsenal fan) says...

If Bjorn Borg didn't lose 5 times in a row in London, I'm sure England can do likewise in Sweden..........

Posted 11:40 25th June 2009

Matt j(birmingham fan) Edgington says...

Come on u young lions i know u can do it I'll b getting in from work early 2 watch as im sure many others will!Lead the way 4 the first team 2 win the world cup next year and show em how it's done!we shuda been in the final last time afta that dramatic shoot-out and I know we can make it this time!come on england!

Posted 22:16 24th June 2009

Daniel Ingram (Leeds United fan) says...

England are playing extremely well with all our key players fit as they have not played much this season, such as Fraizer Campbell, Gibbs and Walcott. I think we'll go on to win the tournament, it's a shame Fabian Delph didn't make the squad though.

Posted 16:01 24th June 2009

Ollie Underwood (Manchester United fan) says...

COME ON U YOUNG BOYS WELL PLAYED lets hope we do not get the DUTCH

Posted 14:58 24th June 2009

David Wilde (Manchester United fan) says...

How refreshing to watch the young lions hungry for sucess and by far the best team in the tournament.

Posted 13:44 24th June 2009

Jack D (Aston Villa fan) says...

Agree 100% with you smudger! shame we only really have 1 fit forward! should of picked a few more Forwards in the squad

Posted 13:14 24th June 2009

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