Lack of leadership

Lack of leadership

Richard Moore says cycling's fight against doping is still coming from the teams and not the UCI.

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Roger Barrett says...

One small step might be for the UCI to bar immediately previously proven drug users from any managerial post within the sport. A second, to dismiss with immediate effect, all senior members of the UCI in post between say, 1990 and 2005.

Posted 18:23 4th November 2012

Ian Mitchell says...

good read & shows the sport as a long way to go to get out of the mud its in.I think that people who have doped should be given a second chance.However if you are caught doping say in one of the big three tours you should serve a ban longer than two years.If you are coaught in yellow you should be banned for life.I think it is sad that the current favourite for the 2013 is Contador.He should not be allowed the chance to sully the yellow shirt again.I have used cycling to overcome and live with heart disease .Armstrong became one of my heroes & i was proud to wear the yellow wristband.At first i was furious and then after reading Tyler Hamilton book i came to realise how you can't blame the riders.These guys happened to excel at the sport at a time when doping ruled.You either packed it in are fitted in.Richard is spot on pointing out that the teams alone will not turn it round Mcquaid and is cronies should stand down and let USADA take over.

Posted 08:04 4th November 2012

Karl Issi says...

i believe it was the UCI who was the first federation to introduce testing Vs EPO..they were in fact the only federation which took the threat seriously and acted...

Posted 09:20 30th October 2012

Andrew Kenneally says...

Yes Richard, the Alps & Pyrenees in the 80s were something awesome - the mountains majestic fear-inspiring beasts punishing the hardest of men like Sean Kelly, making them suffer to their boots. In the 90s then we had mediocre domestiques of Armstrong's ascending without difficulty & then Armstrong & co sprinting off in the latter segments like, as you say, pain-free robots.

Posted 21:49 25th October 2012

Sam Joy says...

Good blog Richard, but one point: Brailsford and Vaughters are not arguing, or at least Brailsford isnt. ALL criticism re the other's approach, is coming from Vaughters, in a wide range of different interviews. Brailsford on the other hand, has kept his own counsel and hasnt said a word about Vaughters approach.

Posted 16:16 25th October 2012

Editor Veloveritas says...

Nicely put, Richard. The fact that Mr. McQuaid said one thing at the press conference in front of the world's media (telling Armstrong to leave the sport forever), and then afterwards signed a UCI document with an entirely different tone and position (inviting Armstrong to appeal), speaks volumes too. Mr. McQuaid can't wriggle out of his responsibility that easily - yes, he was elected to President of the UCI in 2005, but previously for years had responsibilities for Pro Road Racing as part of the Management Committee.

Posted 13:38 25th October 2012

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