Delivering the Ashes

Delivering the Ashes

Bob Willis knows his bowling. Here's how he rates England's pack man-for-man against Australia's.

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Andy Hawthorn says...

Oh Bob. One day in to the series, and you've been shut down by a woodchopper who is all huff and puff. Seems that bowling with the Kookaburra is about working hard and hitting the pitch hard. Something the Aussies have always had over us.

Posted 08:53 25th November 2010

Andrew Cole says...

As usual Bob Willis shows that he has no idea about any other team than England. Siddle is a very good bowler in Australia, I hope soon that he can adapt to other conditions when Australia play away

Posted 08:08 25th November 2010

Mike W says...

Hey Bob, What is that about Siddle? Because from where I am sitting, he just took a hat-trick on day one!!!

Posted 06:20 25th November 2010

Kai Everill says...

Facts and Figures never lie....Kevin Pieterson should not be dropped!!against Australia he averages over 50 and his overall career average is 47.second best in the team behind Trott..Who do we replace him with??Who apart from Collingwood has won 2 ashes series and a world cup?Also it is believed that Pieterson hasnt scored the runs to keep his place in the team.So why is Ian Bell playing against Australia?hes never scored any runs of any meaning against Australia and again when it really matters Ian Bell will continue to fail...

Posted 01:51 23rd November 2010

Gopalakrishna N says...

We know the difference between the two teams is actually Swann and swann only! In fact even in India, Swann would give the edge for England. Wonderful bowler. Having said that, we also know that Jimmy is not a good traveller, we saw that in India in 2009 as well. I feel that Broad/Jimmy/Finn combo have not played anywhere in flat wickets. OZ land is no more what it once was, pretty much flat pitches now a days. And how will they counter the heat? All these are going to decide the ashes. And johnson has already got a fiver in his last shield match. May be he is peaking at the right time.. I would support you guys, the English though because I work for the oldest English bank in the world :)

Posted 01:20 23rd November 2010

Julio Bates says...

Just one small thing... I have head many say about Stuart Broad 'will go for runs, that's a given'. Yet the facts surely don;t back that up: whenever I see the bowler's sats, he is usually amnogst the lowest runs-per-over bowler, along with Anderson, just behind Swann. He will have a couple of magical moments over there too.

Posted 00:36 23rd November 2010

Kai Everill says...

????What possible evidence does anyone who believes Tim Bresnan and Ian Bell should be in the England team, have?!! This is my evidence,facts and figures, Ian Bell averages 25 against Australia and i read that Bell should be moved UP the batting order to bat at 5 above Collingwood who scored a double century the last time he was down under!!!!and he averages 36 against Australia.i am truely lost as to how this makes sense..Then there is Tim Bresnan who averages 35 with the ball and has no experience of playing Australia..compared to Finns 23!!!again i am truely lost..Also iv mentioned before previously on other topics that Abdul Rashid should be playing, to which i was told he would get hammered all over the park and that he has no confidence because he has no experience.Thankfully, had that opinon been the same for the likes of Swann,Broad,Pieterson,Stauss,Trott,Morgan!!!we would not of won 2 ashes series in recent times and for some of those players a world cup..

Posted 00:05 23rd November 2010

Danny Hornby says...

i can't believe how negative mike and rich are being on here. its fair enough to say that the aussie bowlers are used to the conditions in australia, that goes without saying but this is the best English attack since the 2005 series. we matcth the aussies man for man in the pace department and swann is the best spinner in the world by a long way. broad and finn will get the extra bounce at a good pace and anderson will exploit any movement that is on offer. if it isnt hooping around for anderson he has the experience to bowl a decent line and length. to say that he wasn't any good four years ago is not worth the paper it is written on, that's because it was FOUR YEARS ago, he has matured since then and is twice the bowler now than he was four years ago. so let's get behind the team and watch them bring the ashes home with a convincing 3-1 victory. come on england!!!

Posted 10:08 22nd November 2010

Mike Hill says...

I don't agree with the ratings either, Finn can't deserve an 8 yet and Johnson's record at home deserves a 9. Trott and Pietersen are 2 rather than 4 especially as he says he doubts they'll get 20 overs in between them! I think it's designed to give England the winning mark, isn't it. Remember, as good as England's bowlers have been at home, they have a bad record in Oz, I think they'll have to grind out the wins and draws myself, and yes I do definitely see England havng to use two spinners as it goes on.

Posted 09:00 22nd November 2010

Rich Cropper says...

An interesting article, but as with anything number based, a few things don't really add up for me. For example, is it really fair to give both Johnson, a force in Australia, and Finn, an international newcomer, the same mark? Finn may well be a hit during the Ashes, but if you had to pick one before it started... Also, if we look purely at the bowlers likely to play: Anderson, Broad, Finn and Swann Johnson, Siddle, Bollinger and Doherty You'll see that, if you take into account Siddle's slightly harsh mark, and Finn's slightly high mark, the only difference between the two teams is the spinners, which we all knew anyway really. Having said that, all of Australia's bowlers are tried and tested at home, some with impressive figures, while our only experienced bowler suffered greatly here last time, and our other two pace bowlers are an unknown quantity here really. So, really, it's still all completely unknown, and that's why this series could be so exciting...

Posted 14:08 21st November 2010

Steve Bradley says...

It has been a delight and pleasure watching the pre series build up in Australia. As an Englishman living in Victoria I have the added bonus of feeling the atmosphere build; and believe me there is no huge confidence eminating from many here who follow this most hallowed of sports. There is no question this is one of the most beatable Aussie teams in many many years, but they are Austalian, hurt, proud, and at home. Beware over confidence England. That being said I have not seen abetter build up since the late 70's early 80's. We look good, we're playing great cricket and our body language says "winners". All we need to do now is win the series. I believe we will, not from any partisan bias, but simply we are better prepared and the better squad. The GABBA is massive, we must win to set the standard and careful selection is the key. Heres my eleven just for interest. Strauss, Cook, Trott, Pieterson, Bell, Collingwood, Prior, Broad, Swann, Bresnan, Anderson. Steve(a Yorkshireman in Victoria)Bradley.

Posted 00:29 21st November 2010

Gwinyai Zhandire says...

I dont quite agree with u sir. Your rating of a bowler like Sidds totally disregards what his adaptability brings. Its like looking at Dizzy's game and saying he was ordinary. By no means! bowlers hunt as a team, what Sidds brings to th attack apart from just his overs, is the balance he brings to the attack. Cant have 4 out and out strike bowlers in one team... I think yu owe him a few (1.5) extra rating points.

Posted 21:34 20th November 2010

David Mckeown says...

Pretty accurate as ever Robert. I think our attack has the edge, particularly with Swann. Johnson is easily their best, the rest are average....and for their sake I hope they get no injuries as their ' A' bowlers were awful. Clint McKay- what a laugh! I'm surprised that Harris hasn't got a gig. He has an X factor and shocked us all with his pace over here in June. He'll get his go no doubt when they're 3 nil down ..... Hopefully!

Posted 16:28 20th November 2010

Chloe Lin says...

Pieterson hasn't done anything to deserve his batting spot, but he has the over-confidence of the inwardly under-confident. To drop him would hurt his pride, he'd probably do a flouncer and might be finished for Test cricket. I'd chance him this series but if he doesn't come up with a few runs he really might be out. Most people have to get back into form with their county, not the national team.

Posted 04:50 20th November 2010

James Smith-jones says...

Bob, this is seen through heavily "Rose-tinted" specs. I think you have over-rated ENgland and dismissed the Aussies too lightly.

Posted 22:39 19th November 2010

George Staples says...

Interesting facts and opinions from Bob as usual. However, he understates the fact that Finn is new, inexperienced and subject to injury. A better bet is Bresnan, his recent wickets prove he can handlke batting wickets. I'm more concerned with the temperament of both Anderson and Broad. If they don't take wickets they lapse into surly wayward bowling. I'm also concerned that Messrs Flower and Strauss appear to have guaranteed a batting spot for Pieterson. What has he done to deserve it? Come on selectors, treat them all the same, no favours and protected places, otherwise Ponting, Hussey etc. will relkish the weakness. George Staples

Posted 11:52 19th November 2010

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