Tweet with respect

Tweet with respect

Bumble blogs on Australia's bowling woes - and explains his decision to leave Twitter for good.

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Julian Wise says...

Good on you for taking a stand. I've never got on with twitter myself, more a facebook man. I do understand and appreciate though how fans and followers like to see as it happens comments and responses from you guys, so I'm sure for your twitter followers you will be sorely missed. Maybe you could create a generic SPC page on facebook and post comments/responses on there!

Posted 03:04 4th December 2010

Gary Brocklebank says...

Big shame you felt you had to leave Twitter but your comments, unfortunately, are all correct . by the way red and blue socks are for starboard out port home (ships lights) and tell Mancunian Athers socks are NOT "Tilburey's" they are "Almonds" So it's Almond rocks not Tilbury Docks A Londoner

Posted 02:13 4th December 2010

Craig Bickerton says...

Bumble, very sad to see you leave twitter as you were the one and only reason I joined it for your wonderful comments. I totally accept your reasons where the grandkids are concerned and do think that it would be simple for twitter to add a censor macro as many company e-mail systems have. Might be worth using your influence with England team to encourage them to do the same (I'm including when they ** a couple of letters as kids, your grandkids included, aren't stupid and can fill in the blanks). I hope to see you back soon on twitter as you are a legend. Also please Slap Nasser on head on Sky for me for his constant criticisms of Alistair Cooke (this morning's calling this year a "return to form"). Young Master Cooke has the second fastest batting figures in world cricket. Only the little magician tendulkar has scored runs at a younger age and it is my firm belief that Cooke will finish his career (barring injuries) as England's highest run maker and century taker. At current rate he will also be England's first 10,000 run maker so who cares about technique when it's effectiveness is evident. If Cooke scores his next 350 or so runs before his birthday on Christmas day then he is within 64 days of tendulkar of fastest scoring. Some will call me flippant with my next comment and please understand I'm am not comparing the gravity of the 2 things but batting in cricket is like defending against terrorism in this one respect only ... a bowler, like a terrorist only needs to be lucky or more skillful than the batter (or counter terrorist agent) once ... the batter and counter-terrorist agent needs to be lucky/more skillful every time. Cooke like ever batter has got out in ways that would disappoint him (how often during a game does a world class footballer misplace a pass?) but Cooke's record shows that his technique is natural to him and second only to tendulkar's in effectiveness for this point in his career.

Posted 01:44 4th December 2010

Harvey Hamilton says...

Very sad as your interesting and entertaining blogs got me interested in Twitter. However, as a father to 2 young children I applaud your stand which I fear will be a vain one in this day and age.

Posted 16:13 3rd December 2010

Ivor Goodname says...

Bumble is absolutely right. Sites/messaging media can always 'censor' a word by wiping it. Twitter would see it as an infringement on free speech in their peculiar 'holy than thou' set of principles. Keep blogging, I'm sure your editors are very much on the ball and will filter out the insulting language! Oh yes, the cricket. Can't help feeling for once it must be great to be an Englishman abroad - the current team shows just what an historic part the Commonwealth plays in our sporting prowess.

Posted 14:23 3rd December 2010

Harold Wilson says...

Good Day Bumble, Good to see you keeping to good old fashioned English Values. We seem to forget them all the time and good to see we still have standards. Good to see English Bowlers doing well in the test and the Boers are doing well with the bat (cook aside) Lets keep going and maybe we can beat them 2-1. Still off to smoke a pipe and speak to a few Russiams as to how many "sheckles" it takes to win a world cup.

Posted 10:03 3rd December 2010

John Lee says...

Please explain why a plumb lbw is not out if the ball hits the pad outside the line of the off stump. Unlike the leg side rule this appears unfairly biased towards against the bowler.

Posted 07:03 3rd December 2010

Maher J says...

Hi Bumble, you are right about Ricky. Couple of years ago in test match against India (that monkey gate scandal test) Sourav Ganguly nicked one at slip, M Clark caught it and appealed, Umpire was not sure so he asked Clark if he took clean catch BUT Ricky jumped in between and raised his finger to umpire signalling it was clean catch. Umpire gave SG out,,,there came replay clearly showing ball bounced before Clark caught it. Ricky please stop crying foul on umpires.Show some spirit.

Posted 19:17 2nd December 2010

Daniel Salmond says...

I want england to win the ashes.I want Duge to go in for mich jonson.

Posted 18:19 2nd December 2010

Richard Wham says...

Hi Bumble, I think you're spot on with your take on Twitter's lack of content control. Hopefully more and more people will realise that is a better home for fans and followers and players of sport. Hope you're enjoying the ashes display!

Posted 13:49 2nd December 2010

Ian Goggin says...

Hi Bumble, what a pity that there are those who still use sights such as this to vent their anger in unnecsseccary language. I admire your stance and would encourage others to follow suit, including those players who use Twitter. Perhaps if this were to happen, more appropriate action would be taken by the owners. I look forward to hearing your commentary during what I think will be a greta second test.

Posted 12:43 2nd December 2010

Abhijeetumble. Karnik says...

I so agree with you Bumble. You have a great sense of humor and you are a popular man but you are also someone with great dignity and respect. I'm glad you left Twitter. There are better mediums for you to express your views. None better than your Sky Sports blog which we read with great interest.

Posted 12:38 2nd December 2010

Gloria Wrighton says...

I agree with you entirely about Twitter, thank you for making a stand. If more people did the same then it would have to be cleaned up. On another note entirely, I don't know if you get a chance to speak to any of the players/managers, but if you do could you tell the lads how very, very proud I felt after the way they fought back and breaking all those records. Glad also that Mr Flower is okay. Finally Bumble, (and I'm not trying to be patronising) be careful going out at night (where ever it is).

Posted 11:19 2nd December 2010

Andrew Kenneally says...

Well done on taking your stand on Twitter, Bumble. It's the only way to make a statement to the people who wallow in the needless ugliness of that kind of language.

Posted 11:18 2nd December 2010

Mark Jones says...

It's a real shame you're going to stop Tweeting Bumble. The medium is perfect for your humour. Like so many things a minority will spoil it for the majority. Hope to see you back there soon.

Posted 09:35 2nd December 2010

Adhil Mothie says...

Hi bumble! I'm sure u remember me (mccullums_fan) You're a great role model and its a loss without u but I'm trying to get people to support u in the aid to ban bad language on twitter so that we can have u back

Posted 09:24 2nd December 2010

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