Challenging times

Challenging times

Bob Willis says Ricky Ponting's behaviour is totally out of order - but the review system is partly to blame.

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Rob Bailey says...

not having sky sports ive not seen the inccedent, but reading about it reminds me of the 2005 ashes at lords (i think) when ricky ponting was run out by gary pratt, he gave a foul mouthed abuse to the crowd the england dressing room then, looks as if he's not learnt his lesson from that too, so 40% seems a touch lucky to me having never played in a side that has known mediocroity at best he seems to have resorted to throwing the toys out of his pram to try and get his own way, a ban should have been given. and also its time for him to hang up his bat and gloves before he's only remembered for being a bad sportsman instead of one of the best batsmen who played the game.

Posted 20:13 28th December 2010

Abdul Aziz says...

Agree with the Asif Majid. I am not trying to turn this into a bias type issue but ut is a fact that had this been an Asian player (As in some previous instances) then there would have been a certain ban with it being a level 2 and with Rickys history a Level 3 case. ICC stinks of double standards run by a bumch of cretins. Once again another sad very sad day for cricket. Come on Inger-lund.

Posted 20:35 27th December 2010

Jim Labouchardiere says...

Another excellent day for England but a poor one for test cricket. Pontings actions were to use his language pretty ordinary and confirmed suspicions that the Aussies are bad losers (not enough practice, a state which looks likely to change) Ponting was never a good captain and shorne of great bowlers he looks a woeful one. Well done Aleem Dar a very good umpire and a calm and dignified one. The review system as it stands is badly flawed and i would favour taking away the decision for review from the players and handing it too the third umpire. The sight of the MCC rapidly emtying of home supporters was gratifying and alarming at the same time. The fact is Test Cricket is dying everywhere except England and Australia ( only when England are touring) and it is not a good sign to see how fickle the Aussie supporters are. Test Cricket needs a serious make over to compete in the 21st centuary. Four day tests, wickets with some life, minimum over rates (enforced by penalty runs) and realistic ticket prices would be a start.

Posted 19:00 27th December 2010

Sunny P says...

Ponting is lucky to get such a lenient fine.ICC have been firmer on other players for lesser crimes.I think the Aussies get off lightly (against India in Oz they cheated their way to a win.Ponting was the umpire too) when they commit offences. England will win by an innings,Ponting will whinge,Cricket Australia won't sack him because they have no replacement, a totally spineless Board.End Result England win Ashes,Ponting back to being a nightclub brawler and Australia play challenging Cricket against Hong Kong,Bermuda and Afghanistan

Posted 18:23 27th December 2010

Andrew Kenneally says...

I agree with ASIF Majid that Ponting's punishment seems a joke given how far beyond accepted behaviour towards umpires he went. Still the fact that he hasn't been banned deprives Australia of an excuse that would have been done to death if as looks likely would have been very much required. While I think Bob Willis is right on teh flaws of teh referral system in general, I don't think this in any way offers a defence of Ponting; rather the opposite as it should have been perfectly obvious to even his eyes that the footage of the bat's hotspot didn't match the flight of the passing ball, and yet he continued to try to bully the umpires into bowing to his pressure. So, as we could see, with this being patiently explained to him by the ice-cool Aleem Dar - a contrasting picture of quiet dignity - what did Ponting think his ranting had going for it? It all does, as elewhere pointed out, highlight the joke of the Aussies fprmer "whinging Poms" refrain.

Posted 17:37 27th December 2010

Asif Majid says...

Typical had that been a Pakistan Captin behaving like that a ban would have been a certainty. The ICC once again shown how spineless they are 40% of his match fee is a joke. What type of behaviour is that of a test captain and what example is he setting youngters.

Posted 14:48 27th December 2010

Dale Hoyle says...

This was typical aussie stuff,the writing is on the wall for Ponting,i can't see him being captain after this series,having said that ,who is going to replace him? Michael Hussey is the clear leader of the batters but before this series he was close to being axed. Watching the Australian's bat in the first innings was hilarious,Hughes look's awful,Ponting and Clarke are badly out of form,even Haddin struggled and if there is a worse number 6 batter than Shaun Smith in world cricket i've missed's really good to watch though hahahahahahahahahahahah

Posted 14:37 27th December 2010

David Leonard says...

if the headlines were made by Strauss arguing in such a fashion with the umpires, I'm sure the majority of us would think he was a fool and should not continue as captain of England.

Posted 14:07 27th December 2010

David Nicholson says...

Perhaps the UDRS should only be used to check 'out' howlers i.e. by batsmen only and bowlers should not be allowed to use it to try their luck. Have some respect for the on field umpire please.

Posted 13:53 27th December 2010

Gerry Knight says...

easy way to fix disputes and take the pressure the umpire. Revue every appeal for dismissal. Save a lot of time. Let's face it Hadin and Ponting both appeal for catches they haven't taken. Whingers !!! We must win at all costs. All countries want to beat us just to hear us whinge. A great pity that there wasn't a record attendance on Boxing day. There should have been 250,000 there to see Australia get a drubbing in scoring 98

Posted 13:50 27th December 2010

Stuart keith Hallam says...

Ponting fined - pathetic. Should have lost all match fee and banned for at least one future test. Shows he wont accept umpires decision on field or off. How long before his actions creep down to grass roots level

Posted 13:38 27th December 2010

Luke Mcanally says...

Ricky Ponting lost it today, has been fined and I'm sure will apologise unreservedly at the end of the match.

Posted 13:21 27th December 2010

Chris Smith says...

I whole-heartedly agree with David Mckeown. Ponting is the epitamy of the 'Whinging Aussie'. Even when faced with over-whelming evidence in support of the umpires, he choosing to winge on, and show himself up on the world stage. Keep up the good work Ricky!

Posted 12:20 27th December 2010

David Mckeown says...

All we here from down there is ' whinging poms... whinging poms' . I know they don't do subtlety or irony so they won't see it, but Aussies are the biggest whingers and moaners in sport when things don't go their way... Being so used to winning they just don't know how to handle defeat with any kind of good grace. They whined like heck when the Kangaroos bombed out in the RL World Cup Final, and we saw in 2005 and 2009 that the baggy greens just can't take it!! But it hurts a lot more losing at home and they've taken their petulance and brattishness to new lows here. Pontings a spoiled brat out there when things don't go his way, and he's the ultimate whinging Aussie... He was a gob on a stick at Perth when they were winning. Great player he maybe, great captain and sportsman he is not... It's hilarious let's be honest. Grind them into the dust lads.

Posted 11:38 27th December 2010

Ben Roberts says...

Sorry, the review system worked in this case, Ponting had no cause for complaint. He was out of order - simple! This incident is not a reason to review the review system!

Posted 10:26 27th December 2010

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