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Who knows best?

Who knows best?

As pressure mounts in the Premier League, Geoff Shreeves wonders who will hold their nerve?

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Jon Cook says...

Jo Marlwo, Spurs have spent cash generated by the club, not oil or pocket money, that's the point he was making...

Posted 15:12 21st April 2010

Robert Broadhead says...

To me Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers ever to come into the Premier League but unfortunately football has changed a lot in the last ten years being that money now rules. Arsenal need to bring in young, talented players rather than try to buy the big names, players that actually want to do well for the club. I think Arsenal could be the team to watch out for in the next couple of seasons, they just need abit of luck, being a newcastle supporter I should know.

Posted 11:48 21st April 2010

Selwyn Govender says...

Would love to see Man Utd win the EPL, so it won't hurt too much if Spurs lose this weekend, as long as we can overcome Man City and Burnley in the final stretch. SAF surely deserves to break Liverpool's record number of titles won. I would hate to see a new manager come into Utd and break the record - SAF deserves to get the plaudits for achieving this feat.

Posted 11:37 21st April 2010

Jack Keown says...

What arsenal needs are new fans we have loads and loads of WHINGERS. Innumerable like the sand on the sea shore. These people should defect to Man City before they start winning big, so at least they can pretend they were there before the success.

Posted 06:24 21st April 2010

A H says...

Yes Spurs have spent a lot but they have had to sell in order to do so. Haven't checked the figures in a while but last time I checked they had a good net spend. Even if I'm wrong, I'm sure it looks quite damn delightful compared to Man City's! Tottenham for fourth unless Villa can pull off a miracle.

Posted 23:17 20th April 2010

Joe Ryan says...

Brian Kandiye raises a good point that if you take Drogba out of the Chelsea team, we lack a great cutting edge.... Cast your mind back to three weeks ago when we put seven past Villa without Didi. CFC 4 the league CAREFREE WHEREVER WE MAY BE!

Posted 16:45 20th April 2010

Adebayo Olayiwola says...

I am a really big fan of Arsenal and I feel bad with what they are going through these days. I think Wenger should accept the fact that there are problems and he should try and address them. We need world-class players the quality of Drogba and Rooney up front, Xavi in the midfield to complement Fabregas, Another Vermaelen in the defence and also a good goalkeeper like Given or Cech. I don't know why Mannone is not manning the posts again. Wenger should buy players against next season, good ones like Vermaelen and Arshavin.

Posted 13:54 20th April 2010

Jo Marlwo says...

Paul Esterhuizen you are joking right? tottenham has done it without spending millions they have only spent £100+ million on players over the last two/three seasons typical united fan

Posted 11:29 20th April 2010

Keith M says...

good point about the run. it has been kept alive by scholes' brilliance. my concern is the future of the game. it is getting out of hand as massive clubs like liverpool and man united not able to compete with the likes of city and chelski in the transfer market. for all city's money, i wonder how much the club actually makes.

Posted 10:01 20th April 2010

Nsole Paul says...

I am very much annoyed with what my team asenal is doing at the moment and I think it is down to the manager. his tactics and team selection are poor, the way he spends his money during the transfers has posses aquestion.coz arsenals competitors have good players compared to ours. the team is full of unproductive players like silvestre,campbell,bendtner,eduardo,almunia, fabianski and others. the absence of song has been a blow but chelsea have coped without essien for six months I know most Arsenal fans are still behind wenger, as shown by their 'IN ARSENE WE TRUST' banners but i think he has done his part we now and we need a new person. thanx.

Posted 09:25 20th April 2010

Stewart Kelly says...

Anthony, please explain how with 9 goals in 12 games and at least 5 assists, Bendtner is not a good player? Try watching the games and not just reading the papers. Bendtner made Walcott's goal on Sunday with a great pass. He had no one playing off him or supporting him on Sunday yet still made something happen. He also set up Diaby for a great chance that he didn't take. If you want to slate players, have a go at the lazy good for nothings like Diaby and Rosicky who just wander around when Arsenal don't have the ball, not young players who actually try and produce for the club.

Posted 09:17 20th April 2010

Brian Kandiye says...

arsene has a major problem in that the goalkeepers position has really let him down this season with both almunia and fabianski making silly errors, costing the team valuable points. van persie was badly missed as he is a massive player for arsenal and could have led their front line excellently. take rooney or drogba from their respective team line-ups and the teams lack a great cutting edge. wenger needs to sign a proven 'keeper.

Posted 09:03 20th April 2010

Paul Esterhuizen says...

Fergie will win for us.We have all the experience we need to hold the nerve and finish strong Man utd have done it all before.And I think Spurs deserve the 4th spot they have done it with out spending millions Red devils for the title!!!!

Posted 05:59 20th April 2010

Anthony Nuwa says...

Thank you for this chance to air my views. I have been an Arsenal supporter for now 15 years. My main worry is the way our players and their manager have lost class. The likes of Diaby, Eboue, Silvestre and Bendtner are not fit to be playing for a team like Arsenal. look at our determination and compare it with Man U and Chealsea players. The match of wigan was lost due to technical errors of Wenger no wonder he still doubts himself whether he is a good manager or not. The truth of the matter is that he does not know how many fans he is hurting across the world. In my country alone Arsenal has more than two million supporters now think of countries like Nigeria etc. Any average manager would have won that match by substituting the main floppy Bentner with Van persie and left on Walcot and on form Rosicky to keep the Wigan team behind defending not what the '''Proff''' did the opposite and we lost the game and the tittle. As for goal keepers God should have mercy on us as we play games with out any body in the posts. One wonders why bottom teames even wigan have better keepers than us. All our keepers are jockers. When Diaby and Bendtner make mistakes on the pitch they just smile as it calls of that. When Rooney make a mistake he real shows how sorry he is. GOOOOOOners the fans deserve more than this.....................

Posted 21:38 19th April 2010

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