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Seven and swell

Seven and swell

Kammy marvels at Chelsea's exploits, but also has praise for Scott Parker and Mick McCarthy.

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Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

lampard just like gerrard has despite is goals as hardly doen much else in games, he doesnt turn a game on its head or drag it by himself. when the world cup comes we will falter with him and gerrard theyve never been good enough for england. scott parker, bobby zamora, darren bent shud all go but i bet they dont despite been on form other than rooney the best 3 english players this season

Posted 15:44 26th April 2010

Prathamesh M (Chelsea fan) says...

Same rule could be applied to Rooney as well.Rooney when playing takes several spot kicks for Man U so has 26 goals to his name. Drogba never takes spot kicks as its considered as job of lamps.Also Drogba had more number of assists in goals where as Rooney doesnt feature in Top 20 in BPL when it comes to assists. Even Lampard has good Number of assists and also has 20 goals to his name including spot kicks. So they deserve the honor of being Player of the year and being in Team of the year respectively.

Posted 15:02 26th April 2010

Matt Johnston (Stoke City fan) says...

I think chelsea were too good for us on the day, i am ashamed to see such an amzing away record slip, but the ref Steve Bennet was awful, Kalou on Sorenson, should of seen a red and then we still have a chance, did i mention he gave a penalty, nice dive saloman

Posted 14:48 26th April 2010

Mat Allen (Aston Villa fan) says...

I'm sure they'll say i'm biased,when i first saw it at full speed i thought definate penalty,after seeing all the angles and slow motion i'd have to say no,after hearing all the 'experts' ex players and refs etc,all the rules(i don't really agree with them),it was a penalty,most people i've spoken to seem to say anywhere else on the pitch it's a free kick so why should'nt it be a foul because it's in the area?

Posted 14:41 26th April 2010

Andrew Lariviere (Manchester United fan) says...

liverpool will beat chelsea rafa said he will go out 4 the win

Posted 14:31 26th April 2010

Daniel Potter (Hull City fan) says...

chris after the game on saturday i knew we were going down but dowie didn't have enough time as george boateng says it was since man city in 2009 the confidance went. when dowie it was back and the fact is that they need dowie time to see if they cam go back to the prem

Posted 14:02 26th April 2010

Dave Willis (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Kammy... Now that Wolves have stayed up on a tight budget showing it can be done, by looking after there wage bill etc... Do you not think it should be down to the governing bodies to make a stand against the £150k per week wage bills, and massive signing on fee's that can cripple clubs??? I know it is for every club to decide how they spend there budget, but surely a level playing ground on wages can't be a bad thing? It would then be down to each player to sign a contract with bonus' included on how they played, where the team were in the league table etc, etc to make up their money... This would benefit in 2 ways... It would give the lower teams a chance to compete, and also allow the club to benefit from the way the team performs... We all know that their are players who have had 1 good season and are now happy picking up their wedge, without playing etc, etc... I used to play as a professional for a few years until injury, but know from playing in the 2nd div that every player there wanted to do well for their club as it made a massive difference in what we took home at the end of the Month... Your views on this would be interesting to read.....

Posted 13:44 26th April 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

knowing lian well,youll fight for his corner,but mr dowie was never the greatest fotballer,palace and west ham amongst others will tell you,and he's even worse as a manager.Ok phil brown about 15 months ago had a bit of a beef on the pitch,but although maybe a wrong thing at the time,he cant be blamed to where hull are today.....his passion was there for all to see,his resourses were limited and to be honest the club arent fashionable enough to stay in the premiership,although they deserved their time there on merit.reading through the papers this morning,george boetang blamed him for the unity going within the camp after the pitch fiasco,a fair amount of players that are there now wernt there then.the goalscorers have hit 8 goals between 6 strikers this season and it want browns fault nobody fancied playing there.i see they are considering offering the job back to him,YOU KNOW WHAT ID SAY.....

Posted 13:41 26th April 2010

Rob Prince (Aston Villa fan) says...

I am a Villa fan and therefore I'm slightly biased on the topic of the Villa penalty decision. BUT! I'd like to put forward, for discussion, the fact that Johnson touching the ball doesn't mean that it isn't a foul. The rules of the game state that a direct free kick or penalty can be given if a player trips an opponent irrespective of the position of the ball, providing it is in play. What's your take on this?

Posted 13:39 26th April 2010

Anoop Momi (Manchester United fan) says...

The battle for fourth place seems to have gotten even closer after a win from Villa and a Manchester City draw! How much of an impact do you think the loss of Shay Given will have on City's hopes?

Posted 13:36 26th April 2010

James Aghabi (West Ham United fan) says...

As an avid West Ham fan, I have to agree completely with Kammy.....Scotty Parker has been our best player by a long way! When we sold Reo Coker to Villa and brought Parker in, it was a fantastic signing and in my opinion, he should be going to The World Cup because you wont find a player who will put his heart, soul and body on the line for his team. He is respectful, talented on and off the ball and is better than Barry, Carrick and Hargreaves!

Posted 13:29 26th April 2010

Mark Griffin (Aston Villa fan) says...

I am really tired of all the hype around penalty disputes! We had one our way on Saturday and we have heard nothing but gripe about it! We had two clear shouts for a penalty in the finals and the semis,neither one was given. Do you see any Villians complaining???? NO! Get over it as far as I am concerned some times you get the call and sometimes it goes against you,that is part of the game and what makes it such a great game! The decision of the ref stands and we need to respect that! You think it is easy to ref at that level??? If all stands as it is then the Villa still have one more shout coming there way before the end of the season. Mark my words Villa will snatch fourth and everyone in the premier league will be pig sick!! Up the Villa!

Posted 13:14 26th April 2010

Yac Rawat (Chelsea fan) says...

pfa awards, actually any other awards have stopped confusing me. i long accepted chelsea will get looked past no matter what we do. When we won the title back in 06, the awards were given to gerrard and henry for average seasons anyways. So if anything, im surprised gerrard didnt get into the team considering he has his place nailed on, and im surprised they let something as irrelevant as henry being in la liga stop them from voting him! main awards no arguments (except joe hart, should have been young player) but as for the team, its a joke that malouda has been over looked, same with ashley cole, lampard too has done the business again, but is it any surprise that despite scoring 93 goals this season and playing some great football, we get over looked for man utd, who even they should admit have been solid but unspectacular. that said, i am pleasantly surprised ivanovic has been given a mention. he has had an under rated season, so good for him

Posted 13:05 26th April 2010

Shuja Ahmad (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Kammy, love your blog. I have spoken to lots of Liverpool fans over the last week or so and i haven't come across one that wants Liverpool to beat Chelsea. Every Liverpool fan wants chelsea to win regardless of whether Liverpool have a chance of 4th spot. I get the feeling that Liverpool players may feel the same - i can't see gerrard & carragher busting a gut to try and beat chelsea. What do you make of the Liverpool - Chelsea game? Do you think Liverpool will lie down for Chelsea?

Posted 12:46 26th April 2010

Michael Strauss (Manchester United fan) says...

Im pretty sure around ten of lampards goals have been from the penaltly spot. Its not all about scoring goals, Roy Keane made the team for several years, how many goals did he score? Fletcher has been outstanding this season, his work ethic is second to none. Malouda's season has come good this past few months, where was he at the start? Players vote for this, therefore a fair decision!

Posted 12:26 26th April 2010

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