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Bryn Farrant says...

in defence of our overseas players..and the remarks of mr maclean. if the aussies put out a real austrilian team they would have a lot of aborigenes in there dont you think....aussie cricket as we knew it has past...they will never be the team they once were...face it they are finished.

Posted 14:02 22nd October 2010

Sam Freedman says...

in regards to will edens comments,last summer when the aussie dropped hughes im sure thwe replaced him with shane watson and he scored alot of runs agianst us and we struggled slightly and now he still opens for the aussies,and in regards to morgan at first i wasnt sure but now i think hes a great player who will only improve and to me he seems one of the hungrest players in the squad.

Posted 11:32 12th October 2010

Nick Breeze says...

Athers, as a fellow enthusiast of the written word, you might be interested to know that an adage is by definition an archaic abstraction: the "old" prefix is unneccessary.

Posted 21:47 11th October 2010

Matthew Elwell says...

In relation to England having overseas players it happens in every sport nowadays Its like Deco in football its allowed so get on with it. And australia arent pure the name Dirk Nannes springs to mind!!

Posted 15:41 7th October 2010

Sanya from England cricket blog ( says...

I completely agree with Atherton. Though I don''t like Strauss'' captaincy, especially how he gives too many overs to Bresnan and Broad.

Posted 01:00 5th October 2010

William Maclean says...

Remember how over confident you all felt here - Athers and the other Experts! Squad settled? Pick themselves! I read it as England do not have depth, the selectors have stuck with old players allowed no flair or youth. Panesar? Come on! Aus will slaughter Eng down under. Just a correction Bruce Duffet.......The Eng coach is NOT SA, he is Zimbabwean. AND.....if it were not for "our SA friends" then ENgland would be in terrible shape, oh and with their star Irish batsman too. So where is the ENGLISH talent then?

Posted 00:37 3rd October 2010

John Stevens says...

I feel the squad is very well selected but surprised Rashid wasn''t selected as the 2nd spinner. He has done almost everything he could with the bat an ball and clearly deserved his chance for this series. I still believe this is the best chance for England to beat the Aussies on their home turf!

Posted 16:51 1st October 2010

Matt W says...

Steve H - Australia was slaughtered by Pakistan? Were you watching the same match - they fell in by 3 wickets and were lucky not to lose. I think you grossly underestimate the fighting spirit of Australian sporting teams. The crucial test loss to England last time was in Adelaide where only Australia would have had the self belief to win.

Posted 09:27 26th September 2010

Tom Oates says...

I don''t buy into what Athers is syaing about the Australian bowling attack being toothless. If we face Shaun Tait, Mitchell Johnson, and Peter Siddle all bowling up at 90+mph we will have a very hard time out in Australia. I would have liked to have seen either James Hildreth or Ravi Bopara taken as batting back up as our misfiring top 6 will lead to problems for us

Posted 23:21 25th September 2010

Subramani Aiyar says...

I have great expectations of Swann. He is certainly the finest off spinner in the world today and considering how the Australians have always been suspect against quality spin bowling, Graeme could well be the man of the series. Maybe Rashid could have been picked as well. He is a confident leg spinner and a handy bat as well.Bresnan being preferred to Shahjad seems odd. Maybe Bresnan''s image as an honest trier worked in his favour. But it is the batting that has to work if England has to win. At present it does appear as if Pietersen, Cook and even Collingwood are low on confidence. Hopefully the Australian wickets and the knowledge of earlier success down under could bring them back. In conclusion, I would back Strauss''s luck in Captaincy to enable England a rare Ashes victory in Australia.

Posted 14:55 25th September 2010

John Mohammed says...

I have to say I agree witht he legend that is bumble, i am baffled that Rashid is not even in the performance squad

Posted 04:32 25th September 2010

Tim Buckle says...

Why no Rashid? Whats the lad got to do? I''m only asking because everyone I''ve asked has no idea either.

Posted 19:54 24th September 2010

Fayaz Shah says...

i''m sure england will win the ashes because somehow they have edge in the bowling side with likes of swann , anderson and monty not see any chance for fast bowlers because in down under the flat tracks are favourable for spins .... happy with the squad but want to see hildreth , lyth , taylor. shazad , woakes and rashid in the side , because i think they somehow had made an impact in county circuit look at hildreth he had made seven [7] centuries in domestic cricket , lyth he is a leading run scorer in the first divison i think english board now should take look on james taylor i think he is a marvilous cricket unhappy with his selection , dont forget shahzad is a known for his reverse swing with both ways , didnt made any place in test nor nor odi''s but with great control in his line and length atleast they should have bring shazad replaces with bresnan .... woakes he also mad e special achievement to won the cb 40 title he is a great all-rounder and last but not least rashid should atleast made in epp had taken 54 wickets in the summer season and also made 755 runs with the average of 45 i think they could have made right decison and also he has developed his cricket specially bowling in the summer with his variety of googly and floper leg brake but i''m 80% conformed abt england would retain the ashes...

Posted 19:48 24th September 2010

George Staples says...

Most of the squad picked themselves BUT once again an over reliance on the favoured few. Where are the reserve batsmen? Does it mean yet again, that whoever fails at the top of the order will once more be an automatic selection and not left out? Poor old Rashid! What a pathetic and feeble excuse offered by Mr. Miller that Rashid had been around for two years and would be resting!! How pathetic. Other players have been around, never been humiliated and never been left out. He''s young, fit,. taking wickets, scoring runs and a good fielder. He has played in the top[ of the Championship matches all season, not in the lower divisions where wicket taking is much easier. Tell the truth Mr. Miller and have a look at the Yorks. reps in the performance squad, they should be joined by Pieterson who has done nothing to merit a place. Past performances count for nothing, especially in Australia. I''m afraid the closed shop selection policy is an outrage. My son in Sydney is already smiling! George Staples

Posted 10:45 24th September 2010

Bruce Duffett says...

David Gower you are quite right Ego is another word for confidence. Nothing wrong with confidence but having a big head also is far above confidence. Agree with Bumble Hildreth should be their instead of either of our South African friends then thats my opinion and everyone forgets the likes of Carberry (what did he ever do wrong). Panesar blew me away with his selection but thinking about it Beefy is right he will bowl line and length (nothing else) and that is 90% of what you want plus he will not play unless the Aussies are weaker than expected or Swann is injured. Tremlett is a great choice, he will take wickets along side Broad the only reason he was dropped is may be his face did not fit plus he is a walking timebomb with injuries. Morgan is by far our best Bat just a shame that he is not English or Welsh. Still, come on England, we have the winning mentality with a South African coach lets bash the Aussies and again when we play at home with a proper Dukes Ball.

Posted 09:33 24th September 2010

Steve H says...

Heart says England, head says Australia. True the Aussies slaughteread and were then themselves slaughtered by Pakistan, but this is on home turf, with an inferior ball they are more used to, fantastic crowds behind them, and chances to Pommey Bash, their favourite pastime! KP needs to fire on all six, but form says he''ll struggle to ignite more than three... so Trott and Bell will have to bale him out again.

Posted 23:54 23rd September 2010

David Mckeown says...

We can all quibble and say we''d have him for him and don''t rate this guy or that, but the bulk of the squad picked itself and the arguments were around the fringes... Let''s all now get behind these lads and hope like hell they can go over there and ram it to those arrogant, self -loving Aussies and all those fans who don''t give us a prayer. Come on they''re not the force they were- it''s ours and it''s staying ours!

Posted 20:48 23rd September 2010

Stewart Mursell says...

lets get right stuck into them Aussies - My man KP will do it I have a feeling

Posted 20:41 23rd September 2010

Will Eden says...

historically on a tour of australia you should always take a reserve opening batsmen. im not suprised there isnt one because its not the fashion anymore but i think its a mistake! cook is vulnerable and if he fails or there is an injury who will open the batting? australia made the same mistake last summer when hughes got dropped and they had to make do with a makeshift opener. if the performance squad isnt there till after the 3rd test, then for me this rings alarm bells! also i think morgan is lucky to get the reserve batting spot. apart from one century he didnt look that convincing to me and i think hildreth should have got the nod as a consistent first class average indicates.

Posted 18:41 23rd September 2010

Steven Jones says...

Its a shame to see Ajmal Shahzad not picked for the ashes squad, he always performed well whenever he was chosen to play for England and never even got a chance to play against pakistan. Instead he was sat on the bench, not able to show his potential. He was the lucky mascott for England, ever since he has been around since the t20 world cup England seem to have been succesfull. Its a shame to not see him in the squad, but all the best to England.

Posted 17:34 23rd September 2010

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