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Alan Fox says...

I get the idea Strauss to carry his bat every innings & hope someone can hang around a bit with him and knock up a few runs (probably Trott who can also wind up the opposition with his fidgetting) as well. Swann to bowl 45 overs per day from one end and contain our AnitpodeAn friends whilst the quicks give away runs from the other end. Colley in the side to field in 6 positions and catch everything going. We need a miracle or an invasion of those cane toads may hold up play for long enough so we can draw a match.

Posted 17:03 23rd September 2010

Iain Wilson says...

I agree, great chance to win it. The thing with this side is along with the talent, they seem to have character: cook pulling out a century when under pressure, Strauss looks solid, swann seems to relish being number 2 in the world (where as harmison seemed to fear it). Hopefully this is the series that will be the making of jimmy, making him a genuine world class bowler, ie do it away from home when it isn''t swinging. Totally agree with Athers, Aussys good (they''ll always be at least good) but hopefully that aura''s now disappeared that seemed to be enough on its own to in in the past.

Posted 16:49 23rd September 2010

David Oates says...

Why is Rashid not in any squad ,both Panisar and Tremlett took there wickets against inferior batsmen in the 2nd division Rashid took more wickets and more runs than any other spinner in the top flight. Still think we will win

Posted 16:30 23rd September 2010

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