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David Mckeown says...

I just can't see their attack bowling getting 20 wickets. It's workmanlike , and there was little encouragement among the 'A' bowlers. Wickets will be flat , scores will be big - and Swann will be the difference in the second digs. Get yer Sky Plus ready this is gonna be 86-7 revisited!

Posted 15:40 23rd November 2010

Allan Turner says...

Cant wait for the ashes to begin, bring it on !!!! i think the we will win 3-1 under andy strauss

Posted 14:12 23rd November 2010

Douglas Batcheler says...

England will win. We have them Aussies on the run.The boys have shown that we are the greatest team out at the moment. I forecast a 3-1 win to England.

Posted 13:06 23rd November 2010

Dick Maddock says...

The momentum is with England, captained by Strauss. Providing no sudden loss of form, or "scandal mongering" of any of the England team by the press - then a fully focused England should be a short bet to retain those very important burnt cricket bales. C'mon you England Lions!

Posted 12:04 23rd November 2010

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