The magnificent men

The magnificent men

The Ashes Panel pay tribute to sky-high England and back the Ashes winners to fly further up the rankings.

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Ishan Ganeshan says...

Common english people very well done to the england team for winning the ashes.But dont say u are no1 in world.To be no1 u have to play consistently for atleast 4years.ICC rankings dont lie.lets analyze.Since Jan 2007 eng has played 51 tests winning 23 of them and loosing 11 with a win loss of 2.09.India has played over the same time 45 tests winning 20 and loosing 8 with a win loss of 2.5. People speak a lot about india being no1 because they play mostly at home.Since jan 1 2007 eng has played 27 tests at home winning 15 but loosing 5 with a win loss of 3. India has played less tests at home during the same period.22 tests winning 11 and loosing just 2 win loss of 5.5.over the same period england have played 24 tests away from home winning 8 and loosing 6.India has played 23 tests winning 9 and loosing 6 and with a better win loss ratio even away from home.England came to india in 2002 lost test series 1-0.In 2006 they drew 1-1. In 2008 they lost 1-0.Common win a series in india before u say u are no1.england lost to australia in 2006 5-0.They lost to srilanka in srilanka 1-0.They lost to pakistan in pakistan 1-0.They lost to india at home in 2007 1-0. They lost to westindies in westindies 1-0 in january 2009. All these losses hav come in the last 4-5 years.They drew with southafrica in sa 1-1 .India on the other hand went to australia in 2003 and drew the test series when australia was at its peak. In 07/08 india almost won a test series in australia barring poor umpiring.India drew test series in srilanka in 2010.India has not lost a test series at home since 2004.They won in england in 2007.they won in newzealand 1-0 in 2009.They won in westindies 1-0 in 2006.They drew against the sa in 2010/11 which was a far superior team than england.India has not lost a test series since september 2008.india defeated england 5-0 in 2008/09 defeated england 5-1 in series in subcont before be no1

Posted 18:08 17th January 2011

Florida Hudds fan says...

I find it incredulous to read the comments regarding India being a better side than England based purely on Sub Continent results. Since when did an India side do well in England? The true challenge is South Africa as their wickets tend to be a true reflection of all round cricketing talent akin to an English wicket. India can always rely on their slower, spin friendly wickets to assist their home series advantages. For my money it is a toss up between England and South Africa right now with Jndia slowly losing ground. Either way cricket has never been so open and competitive and long may this go on!

Posted 06:13 13th January 2011

Adam Whiteley says...

Kaustubh Verma, "Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel are the best attack in the world at the moment by a margin". utter tripe, to say, when 2 bowlers sepperate steyn and morkel, that they are the best attack in the world is a joke, steyn is the best bowler in the world, but seperating stayn and morkel are swann and anderson.

Posted 15:37 10th January 2011

Graeme Foster says...

Its been the best 3 months of watching cricket ever on Sky Sports. Thanks to the boys out in the middle and the boys in the commentary box its been truly worth staying up all night.. well sort of... absolutely awesome... bring on India.... Barmy Army!!

Posted 03:16 10th January 2011

Kaustubh Verma says...

It has been a great performance by the English team. Although this is a step in the right direction, this has to be sustained for a period of 2-3 years before the English press proclaim themselves to be No. 1. England need to do well all over the world. They havent won in the subcontinent for a while now. Let's face it all sides fall from their perch. The Windies. They also need to win a series in South Africa. Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel are the best attack in the world at the moment by a margin and they will test the English. A good test side is the basis of strong one day squad as well and the upcoming world cup will be an answer to how well England have done on that count. World cricket is a lot more open now with the fall of the Aussies. One series will not make champions. 2-3 years of good performances will.

Posted 15:31 8th January 2011

Chetan M. says...

I guess the magnificient men dont know how tough it is to beat India in India or rather in their own country..time will tell n class too..way to go andy n boys!

Posted 07:55 8th January 2011

Ian Gatward says...

This was a well planned tour from start to finish. I think the aussies really thought that this tour would be a repeat of the last ashes tour and how wrong they were.The whole squad were tremendous and cannot wait for the dvd to come out.

Posted 07:26 8th January 2011

Steve Williams says...

its been well worth gettin up at daft o'clock to watch/listen to the legends in the commentary box being outdone by the lads on the field becoming legends in their own right and also andy flower what a guy could listen to him talk all day if he'd av been born in napoleonic times he would av been a worthy replacement for wellington 'legends all'

Posted 15:27 7th January 2011

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