Stuck in the middle

Stuck in the middle

England are still in a good position says Nasser Hussain, but a big decision must be made on Ravi Bopara.

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Albert Hutton says...

i agree with jimmy d. strauss is pathetic in my opinion. if you dont turn up for an ashes test or any test against australia for that matter, then you shouldn't expect to be paid. young Broad was the only player to come out of this test with any credit at all. he was superb.

Posted 10:58 10th August 2009

Jack Dee says...

Bangladesh now poses a serious threat

Posted 10:54 10th August 2009

Mike Baker says...

personly i think bell should be dropped move bopara down and bring in luke wright he has been proforming for sussex lately or drop bopara move evey one up and put some one like masscarines after collingwood to have a smash at thing. like bring twenty 20 to test cricket

Posted 10:46 10th August 2009

William Maclean says...

There are none so blind as those who will not see! Nasser, it is time to wake up and face the facts - England are just NOT in the same class as Australia,South Africa, India. A side that is so dependant on 2 "star" players, is just a mix of bits and pieces players, waiting for one of those 2 to perform and when that does not happen, farce, chaos and disaster. Weak management and poor selection have not helped the cause, but neither does blinkered expectation from media and commentators. If more people in "the know" like you and your fellow commentators, were to stand up and state the facts, then maybe ENgland could start improving from grass roots level. That is where the problem lies - there is no or very little sport played at school level and no encouragement for competition in this PC day and age. So how do you expect players ate senior level to "have the edge"?

Posted 10:05 10th August 2009

Jezza Jezza says...

I really enjoyed watching Swann and Broad showing the middle order how it should be done..great entertainment...Bopara's confidence is shot and for a must win game he needs to go...I think that we need Ramps, experienced, scoring tons like it is going out of fashion and full of confidence...the next test is like a cup final and to win you pick your best side..just hope Freddie is fit as he seems to lift the heart says england will win but my head says that the first innings of the last test has lost us the ashes

Posted 08:55 10th August 2009

Buddy Deperis says...

Don`t shuffle the pack yet ~ if at all. We`ve done this before,and are yet to learn the lesson .... .. we act in haste & repent at leisure. We`ve got time & its more important to us to know for certain whether Freddie is 100% fit & can go the 5 days without pain than scouring the country for a number 3 . That old apprehension of the Aussies is showing once again & pushing us to panic ~ these guys aren`t that good & heads down, we can & will take them.

Posted 08:46 10th August 2009

Greg Ranger says...

Nass, have thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and comments throughout this ashes series, and prior to that, I think I've watched the last 6 years on Sky TV via Fox in Oz. I am very proud of the way our inexperienced side has bounced back. That shows real character. I think England will need a lot of luck, Flintoff fit, and Rudi if they are to win back the ashes. Also, you described Englands win at Lords a flogging, what do you call Headingley? I don't think Justin Langer's comments are accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, there is some truth in his opinion about a lot of Englands players resolve. I was surprised that Broad was given so much credit for the 6 wickets, 2 good uns, 4 tailenders. If that performance is considered to be a great one, as most of your colleagues seem to think, god help you!! He will struggle on flat wickets. I dont think he is quick enough, aggressive enough or smart enough to be a good test bowler.Anyway, keep up the good work, your comments are valued. Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi

Posted 08:08 10th August 2009

Ian Gatward says...

I tend to look at it this way, yes it was about the worse I have seen an England side play but we are still in with a shout. There is no point making wholesale changes, if that was the case would johnson or siddell still be playing for Australia I don not think so, so there is the decider at the oval so I have a strong feeling that this last test match has really fired up the players into making sure that they do the job properly at the oval

Posted 07:41 10th August 2009

Edwin Keen says...

the pundits seem to think that flintoff and pieterson are the only two players in the england team flintoff want be there after this series and i doubt if pieterson will if the ecb stops him playing in ipl the two of them are only interested in the big money i believe flintoff only got the man of th match award @ lords through sympathy strauss should have got it for his 169 runs which gave england the cushion needed bring in fresh blood like trott or rob key and give sidebottom a chance after all stuart broad has done as well as flintoff with bat and ball so i dont think he will be missed nor would pieterson who only thinks of himself and not the team

Posted 03:28 10th August 2009

Louis Gibson says...

i think that england will go on and win back the ashes but only if they drop bopara it's not he is a bad player i just don't think he a test player but also i dont think harmison impressed so i would bring flintoff back in and also see what rob key, trott or luke wright

Posted 21:31 9th August 2009

Matt Allen says...

I have to disagree with Nasser. No one out there better to replace Bopara or Bell? Yes, Bell has hit a half century, but wasn't that on his home ground, and lets face it, had he not somehow got away with atleast two blatant lbw decisions, he'd have been out cheaply then as well. He fills me with no confidence. I do rate Bopara, but his body language speaks for itself right now, which suggests he needs to either bat lower down the order, or dropped from the 5th test entirely. I'd like to see Trott given a go, he bats well against pace, and is in great form. Yes, the 5th test will bring bags of pressure, but i truly believe Trott will score more runs than both Bell & Bopara right now. I'd drop Bell, bringing Trott in at 3, and Bopara at 4, hoping he's not having to come in and face a new ball! One final thought: Onion's to open the bowling! He's our most accurate bowler, bowls at the stumps, he'll put batsman under extreme pressure early on, and get wickets. Not used enough for my liking! COME ON ENGLAND!

Posted 20:42 9th August 2009

Ross Harvey says...

I have to agree with Jimmy D, the whole 'not turning up' terminology is just an excuse for some diabolical cricket. I've never been a fan of Ian Bell he is such a weak character and and his batting has never been sparkling! If thats the best player to replace KP then thats very frightening for english cricket and is no wonder why county teams pick abroad talent because the english talent just isn't there! In addition, Bopara has not got the mental strength to stand up against the aussies, in my opinion it should of been Key and Trott from the start two grinders and strong characters with a never say die attitude!

Posted 19:30 9th August 2009

John Butt says...

Scrap all the 2005 ashes players. This should have been done when we lost 5-0 down under or after the world cup fiasco. Struss is no good as captain give it to Cook.

Posted 18:00 9th August 2009

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