They're worlds apart

They're worlds apart

England are a class apart from Australia, says Nasser Hussain, and can become the best side in the world.

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Geoffrey Single says...

Cricket's greatest rivaly is back in terms of longevity passion drama unpredictability and history behind these two great nations no other teams or series come close.Australia have been the best team of the last twenty years maybe of all time.But their still a superb team in their own conditions eg India Pakistan and Sri Lanka have never won a test series there and England will have too play too their full potential to win the series their.If they continue to display their skills they must be favorite's to do so role on the 16th of December live on sky sports

Posted 19:58 8th December 2010

Luke Mathews says...

Listening to all these Indians talking tripe - makes me laugh. You all have forgotten one key fact about test matches. 20 wickets wins you games. India's bowling attack is poor when you compare it to others - they know this that's why they harp on and on about their batting line up - and to be honest only Tendulkar and the boring Dravid are true test batsmen in their team. Give Sehwag a short ball and tehe clown will hit it sky high just like Afridi - he aint no Pietersen. The main reason for optimisim is our bowling attack and just take a look at the rankings and you wil see we are getting better and better. The Ashes is always about mental strength and under Strauss we have the right leader. India hardly win away from home and win at home because they rig/fix the pitches to suit their spin bowlers. The number 1 spot is there for the taking - like it or not - we have a chance. You Indians should stick to rounders - in your IPL money motivated/ fraudulent league.

Posted 17:39 8th December 2010

Adam Cloonan says...

Firstly i would like to say, people please lay off the South Africa issue, any of the players with South African backgrounds have every right to play for England so stop using this as a constant downer on a team that deserves all it's plaudits. Yes Australia look weak especially given their bowling attack however, you can only play the team put in front of you and England wiped the floor with the Aussies. All this talk about India is getting abit old as well lets not forget the same Australia team who played them in India renowned for its very flat batting tracks almost bowled India out in two games were it not for tail end batting whereas Englad on these flat pitches have racked up huge scores, Ian Bell can rarely even get in to have a bat they are becoming that strong. Talk of England not being able to take wickets on flat pitches around the world? What did we just do? bowled Australia out on a flat pitch, yes there was spin but by no means was it spitting square, just enough encouragement like there was for the bowlers in the first innings. Nasser also refers to England having a chance of England becoming the worlds best in the future, he isn't saying at this moment in time. Main competition is India and South Africa who both have players the wrong side of a good age, Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, Zaheer Khan, Boucher, Smith. All of these won't last forever and the replacements are who? Raina? he has big wraps yet found out by England, who have to have the best replacements worldwide. Look at Rashid for example... he is an immence talent yet can't get into the England Lions or performance squad.

Posted 13:55 8th December 2010

Santhosh Baskar says...

england no1 after beating tis australian team???.. all kno hw more or less d same bunch of cricketers lost 5-0 few years back n immediately after india's poor WC in 2007 lost 2 india 1-0 in england..after beating a pak team who played for money n tis oz team which can be beaten by england's county champs n india's ranji champs d english media n ppl(few of them) jump d gun...n Mr david n few other frnds talk abt indian wkts bein so flat n all non wonder v ve had d tied test n recent close results against oz...just in case u forgot d last time england came 2 india it was heading for a humiliating white-wash in d one day series,but d pak terrorists saved u by invading mumbai...losin wit respect(lik wat oz did tis summer in india) n bein humiliated s a whole lot different...u guys ve been time n again humiliated(5-0 2 oz,near whitewash in india,not able 2 defend 387 on a day 5 indian pitch in chennai,n latest losin a test match 2 a pak team at home who played 2 lose)...probably d whole world shd learn from tis english side how 2 lose a match against a team who plays 2 lose !!!..

Posted 09:17 8th December 2010

Abdul Essa says...

yes england may have came to south africa and drew the series but for all those blowing englands praises remember that england only had one good test. they scraped draws for the other 2 by one wicket. And as for greme Smith being conservitive atleast we still number 2 in the world. Its not a position england have held for a good few years, maybe even decades. LOL. Oh and btw i cant recall the last series England beat South Africa. This is always the problem with englishmen. One victory and you think you the best in the world. And before you worry about India next year,England have to play Srilanka before that. I would love to see the English opinion then after those two nations thrash england. When will you englismen learn. Stop acting like you won the ashes. And nasser before England can become number 1 they need a genuine allrounder. Look at kallis. As for those countries that dont have allrounders and still do well is cause they wicket keepers are good batsmen namely dhoni and sangakara . Prior doesnt come close to the se guys in batting. It might be another generation before England will become number 1

Posted 08:01 8th December 2010

James Pollard says...

Now, now Chaps. Hardly number 1 me thinks. A very good performance against a poor Aussie side - that is about it......and thanks to our SA players who made the runs and knocked the Aussies out of the match. What does that say about the state of the game at home and our depth? As for SA - watch out, the chokers are due and they have built a very good side. The smart money will always be on Aus/Sa and India because England just lack the consistency.

Posted 07:46 8th December 2010

Kaustubh Verma says...

David, I agree that Indian pitches are batsmen friendly and blah blah but this is not about India. This is about England. Yes sure this is one of the best english teams in the last 2 decades but Australia are poor at the moment and winning one test match against does not qualify as a world no. 1 team performance. Australia during their peak beat SA in SA, Ind in Ind, Pak in Pak, SL in SL, Eng in Eng and WI in WI. So Nasser as usual is jumping the gun

Posted 07:35 8th December 2010

Jason Saunders says...

Hi, England are a long way from being number one. They may beat australia, sri lanka at home next year and maybe india at home but will have to beat india in india to be classed as number one. They have some good players but dont forget two of their players are SA a grade players and not selected home growns. They are a decent side but australia are very much in decline, i would love for aust to show some fight and come out and win a test or two just to wipe the smiles of commentators. Also think what england would be like if tendulakr or sehwag was playing for them.. Cricket would be on back page everyday in summer and tendulakr would be more popular than the beckhams. We would probably name a town after him. Dont we all think we get a bit carried away!!

Posted 23:47 7th December 2010

Brynley Bryant says...

I think big difference in the two sides is that Australia have no spinner to speak of.....with a qaulity sinner i think the contest would be much closer.Bring back warnie

Posted 23:17 7th December 2010

David Mckeown says...

Quick point.... Does anyone know what happened to Stuart Clark???? Secondly,on India, Im sure England would be number one if they played 90% of their games on featherbeds in or near their own country . No wonder Indian batsmen have such high averages, they could play with a pencil.Also, was there ever a team who loved themselves so much or was watched by such fawning TV commentators... Shastri, that lovely Gavaskar, Bogle et al. Why don't they rush out with their autograph books? Role on the summer- let's shove it up them to.

Posted 20:27 7th December 2010

Richard Ward says...

I am absolutely chuffed to bits with the Adelaide win, but this sort of hyperbole is really dangerous. There are still three tests to play, and while I expect us to win at least one of those, I think complacency is the biggest danger to that happening. Luckily Strauss and Flower seem to be good at keeping their feet on the ground and I hope they can do the same with the rest of the team. Nasser, I like your optimism but please ease off a bit with the best team in the world stuff. The aim should be to win this series and then take it from there.

Posted 19:52 7th December 2010

John Jones says...

II may be old school but i was brought up to respect your opponents and be equalll magnanomous in victory and defeat.I That being the case i find Nassers attitude towards Australia as being arrogant and condescending.No other team could have remained as competive after losing so many world class players within a relatively short period of time.They are in a rebuilding stage but still have some quality players..B y being so totally dismissive of them Nasser only detracts from Englands achievements.Sport is cyclical and Australia will bounce back in time.So enjoy the victory but please cut oit the gloating

Posted 19:46 7th December 2010

A. G. says...

england no 1????? u r havin a laugh.. let's see what they do against india next summer. india have the best opening partnership in the world, the best batsman in the world, the best batting lineup in the world.. i cant see england getting 20 wickets in each test to be honest . u can only claim to be the best once you ve beaten the best.. england have won one test against a 5th ranked nation... nasser might wanna calm down abit before he calls england the greatest team ever.... loooooooooooooooooool

Posted 19:41 7th December 2010

Alex Clegg says...

Michael, why does swann need a mystery ball? Is 10 5fers in 25 games not enough? is being no2 in the world not enough? Whats people's obsession with needing an off spinner with a Doosra? He has a very affective top spinner like Warne's slider. I cant remember warne using the Googly on too many occasions

Posted 18:07 7th December 2010

M B says...

nick smith you say that england are no match to sa but didn't engalnd go to sa and draw 1-1 which you needed to win the last test to manage? i think all 3 are good sides ( england/sa/india) and should be fun watching them develop over the years. for now though im loving watching the ashes and seeing a once fine team get a hiding from a very strong england team.

Posted 17:19 7th December 2010

Neil Baskerville says...

Love the chirp from Nick Smith (the South African) and the eulogy to the South African team...good side yes, but adventurous, attacking cricket of the stuff played by England in this test, don't make me laugh. (Graeme) Smith would unquestionably have batted until tea yesterday and then declared and the rain would have saved Australia.....a more conservative team you'll never see......having endured 21 years (apart from 2005 and 2009) of humiliation at the hands of Aussie cricketers and commentators alike, this is the stuff of dreams....4-0 here we come.

Posted 16:54 7th December 2010

Spencer Milton says...

What on earth was Boycs on about in his summing up on Radio 5? He criticised England for lack of adventure! Geoff is hardly one to comment on that particluar topic. England were terrific against an oridinary test bowling side, so why change anything? Panesar would fit well into the current Australian side - he's a very ordinary bowler who hasn't the ability to straighten the ball even on helpful pitches. Maybe it's time to retire from the mic Geoff. Let's face it you'll never get a job with Sky Sports.

Posted 15:02 7th December 2010

Michael Hiskens says...

Abjihit I am pretty sure the Australian side of the 1990's and 2000's were easily considered the best side in the world by all. A series win in India is tough due to the absolute roads for wickets they produce, but a series win in Australia was equally as tough during those periods and the Australians played the best teams on a more frequent basis. At present I believe this England team has the potential to be the best in the world, but they may need a spinner with more variety in the sub continent to win over there. As good as Graham Swann is he does lack a mystery ball.

Posted 14:55 7th December 2010

Kaustubh Verma says...

My school's u-14 team can beat Australia right now. England need to do a lot more to be no. 1.

Posted 14:54 7th December 2010

Lloyd Brooks says...

To be completely honest Australia did look demoralised, humiliated and in complete disarray! Ricky Ponting pretty much said so himself in the interview after the game. After years of pain at the hands of the Australians and their media, I'm really enjoying seeing them squirm. Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the channel 9 commentary box and listen in on how the likes of Healy and Taylor are taking things. Chin up lads, 3 tests to go and I for one cannot wait! Keep up the good work boys and Nas please keep up the Aussie baiting. Too many years have I had to put up with smug Austrlians telling me how bad we are! Here's to Glenn Mcgrath and his 5-0 prediction!

Posted 14:50 7th December 2010

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