Punter and the hunted

Punter and the hunted

England must go in for the kill and finish off Australia in Ricky Ponting's absence, says Nasser Hussain.

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Phil Stoneham says...

Does it really matter if England draw this game, they've still won the series 2 - 1

Posted 00:28 7th January 2011

Lewis Gunn-colling says...

I agree with you there Terry Pearson, if collingwood would have reviewed that on the grounds of a no-ball shout, would it be a no-ball because only his toe is grounded over the crease, or should it remain the decision that Billy gave?

Posted 00:42 5th January 2011

Terry Pearson says...

Since M.Beer consistantly plants the toe of his front foot over the line and never lowers his heel, Should'nt he be no- bowled

Posted 07:20 4th January 2011

Jason Johnson says...

hi i would just like to say a fantastic england performance they can rule for years to come on the point you press guys and pundits keep making saying we have to win the 5th test no we dont put simpley we just must not lose therefore we win the series 2/1 end of no worries

Posted 21:58 3rd January 2011

Robert Clifford says...

my most enjoyable came in the second test where we had the aussies three down before they have ven got to five. however i think that the aussie problems are not as bad as thought. the main problem they have is being consistent. on there day they have two of the best bowlers in the world with johnson and siddle. along wiht this they have many high class batsmen who just haven't stepped up. watson. hussey has been great most of the series, however hes had very little support, haddin provided some, but he bats too low down the order, and wtson has isuues about getting past 60. to solve this drop smith and bring in specialist batsmen. to fix the bowling problem they need to find a monty type spinner too controll one end. fit hey cant find one godd enough they hould send him to sussex, the hove pitch can make him a great spinner.

Posted 00:44 1st January 2011

Mohsin al belushi Abdul wahid al belushi says...

english team deserve to win series 3-1 this time. i think this is unlikely to aussies to draw the series now unless english team allow them.....

Posted 00:03 1st January 2011

Gary Collins says...

One of the most satisfying things about the way England went about their business at the G was that they refused to get involved in the war of words that the Aussies seemed to be dragging them down to at the Waca. This was summed up by the sheer look of silent contempt that Jimmy gave Steve Smith when he bowled him on day 3.

Posted 21:16 30th December 2010

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