The end of the show

The end of the show

Andrew Flintoff was a scene-stealer on the pitch, says Mike Atherton, but he'll be relieved to retire.

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Matt Clark says...

I think that we will not see some one of Andrew Flintoffs ilk and pedigree and ability, again for some time. Once in a generation player. What I liked about him was his ability to, in 2005 understand when and where and how to change matches in key sessions. Credit has to be given to the then captain Michael Vaughn, who knew how to get the best out of him, They played great mind games with the Aussies! Bring ing him on at key stages to put pressure on the Aussies, by changeing sessions both with the bat and ball. (We do not have that at the moment I feel) They respected him and I think could not get to grips with him in that series. Confidence and belief that in that series he had the better of the Aussies at key moments. I think he loved the fight as well, and he knew he was world class and their equal if not better during that summer I guess when you get to that level as all of you have experienced. You have to want to be playing in that intensity and pressure and enjoy it. Andrew Flintoff loved it you could tell but also that defining image of him with Brett Lee. time will define him and the 2005 series, Sands of time had caught up with him which is a shame as he thoughthe had something to offer still. But history will be very kind to Fred.

Posted 23:39 16th November 2010

Dave Bowerman says...

Much as Flintoff has had some great moments, his overall performance was average. I believe he became increasingly self centred in his career and focussed on making money(no problem with that). I feel the current team is better without him, and I feel the team management feels that way too. They must be really fed up with the media frenzy about him and the incessant questions. Nevertheless he was still a good player, good luck to him

Posted 10:20 17th September 2010

Chris Sunter says...

cricket isnt my top sport or one that i love to watch, but when flintoff was playing i could watch all day long, he is a true sporting hero and one of the best all rounders i have ever seen play. thank you freddie flintoff.

Posted 02:51 17th September 2010

Lewis Glover says...

I am english, living in Australia and i will never forget watching Freddie in the 2005 series at an unearthly hour, making me jump around my living room like a lunatic. He brought something special to the game, and it is such a shame he was so badly hampered by injuries. To all of his critics and naysayers and those who say he stats dont add up, what you fail to see is the importance of the wickets Fred took, or the runs he scored, or catches he held on to. He was an inspiration to fans and teammates who was second to none, a man who led by example. He may not have been an Ian Botham (another English Legend) but there wil never be another Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff. I hope you find happiness and success in what you do next Fred, all of England wishes you the best, and thanks you for all you gave to cricket.

Posted 23:45 16th September 2010

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