Up and running

Up and running

England must produce a big first-innings in Adelaide to have a chance of going 1-0 up, says Mike Atherton.

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Rod Long says...

I cannot wait for Belly to get in and get going. I think that he and Cook are going to become true English legends and this Ashes series is going to be the platform to relaunch both of their careers. Well done to the selectors for sticking with the pair of them.

Posted 21:43 4th December 2010

Dada Mavado says...

the england selectors and andrew strauss have justified their reason for sticking with cook and pietersen even when they were believed not to be in form.they are shgowing their worth in this ashes series they should keep it up.

Posted 08:05 4th December 2010

Simon Adamson says...

Can we now have another comment from one chapple brothers about how weak Cook is. Was it Ian Chapple that said he wouldn't pick Cook? Was he worried?

Posted 07:15 4th December 2010

Matt G says...

Sunil - Colly is our allrounder...... the Aussies have Marcus North, who hasn't exactly set the world on fire, and Michael Clarke, who can't bowl, due to a degenerative back injury. We also have Broad and Swann, who are exceptionally talented bowler/batsmen, and Trott, KP, and Belly, who can all bowl a bit. Face facts - for the first time in many years we have a side that on paper is the better, if only slightly, than the Aussies. Add to that that the tremendous team spirit that Strauss and Flower appear to have engendered, and Australia quite rightly are worried. I don't believe for a minute that this series will be won 3-0 or 3-1 by either side, but I do honestly think that at this moment England have the momentum and the self-belief to take a lead away from this match. It will then be very interesting to see how Australia react to being behind in their own country with their own media on their backs, and Ponting under pressure. Ricky has shown in the past that he is a less than imaginative captain - I for one cannot wait to see how he reacts when the likes of Jeff Thomson and Ian Chappell start seriously questioning his position as skipper. Strauss may be a little cautious for most people's tastes (mine included at times), but I suspect that come the middle of January, we may well be toasting him and his "middle England" attitude. Add to this a KP who is due a headline grabbing performance, and the Ashes are there to be regained. For the first time in many years, I can honestly say that there is not one Aussie I would swap for one of ours. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!

Posted 02:30 4th December 2010

Chris Williams says...

Can anybody tell me why the so called men of the Australian cricket team wear that sun block face make up? Sure you need to block the UV's, but the fact that it only seems to be the bowlers suggests to me that it's done in an attempt to put the batsmen off. It should be banned in my view.

Posted 00:21 4th December 2010

George Staples says...

Aren't we forgetting what happened at the Gabba? This seems to be a reversal of that game and yet these England sup[porters are already chalking up a victory. Don't forget there is the England middle order ready and able to fold up as they usually do. The Aussies mad a mistake in batting, just like Nasser did all those years ago,. BUT they won't fold up and lie down. George Staples

Posted 16:52 3rd December 2010

Loz S says...

Hi Sunil, Australia 245 all out. On a typically flat Adelaide pitch. Hmmm... Now if Anderson can't swing it in Australia, Finn & Broad bowl too short and not quick enough and Swann has never troubled Australia, what exactly does that tell us about the Aussie batting line up? Need I say more? Nope, don't think I do.

Posted 09:38 3rd December 2010

Elly T says...

Ok lets analyse australia for you "Sunil G". They have simon katich who fails if you bowl round the wicket to him, watson is a make shift opener and his highest score isn't even past 140. Ricky Ponting is getting on and can be got out by a decent short ball, clarke has back issues, hussey is inconsistent and marcus norths head has gone. As for the bowling it speaks for itself. Poor. And nothing ryan harris or doug bollinger can do will change. There not international test level bowlers. And the spinner, doherty, very poor.

Posted 16:22 2nd December 2010

Sunil G says...

As bad as Australia's bowling attack seems to be, well England's doesn't represent anything threatening either. Anderson can't swing it in Australia, Finn & Broad bowl too short, and not quick enough to trouble the Aussie bating lineup. Swann has never troubled Australia. Australia don't fear off spinners on home soil, not matter who they are whether it's saqlain or Murali, no off spinner has ever taken many wickets in Australia. And then you have Collingwood as your allrounder.. need i say more?

Posted 12:17 2nd December 2010

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