It's time to perform

It's time to perform

Perth offers Australia their best chance of victory, says Mike Atherton, but are they up to the challenge?

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John Brough says...

when are people going to realise that peterson does not play for england but for peterson and then have the courage to drop him the same as i would drop footballers who refuse to sing the national anthem when playing for england we need to get back to being proud of our country

Posted 09:47 18th December 2010

Jamie Douglas says...

i think athers was refering to the batting side of things!!!!

Posted 12:32 16th December 2010

William S says...

The 11th man rarely affects whether a Test is won or lost! Really, Athers? Glenn McGrath, Courtney Walsh and Muralitharan never did, did they??

Posted 18:37 15th December 2010

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