Will Mitch pitch in?

Will Mitch pitch in?

Mitchell Johnson and the drop-in strip are the only real concerns for England at the MCG, says Mike Atherton.

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Dan Chambers says...

Mike, im a 15 year old opening batsman and off spinner. I play against Manchest Grammar (which we beat) where i believe you went. Its a question really not a comment, i have noticed cook, strauss and trott move across there stumps and play a full pitched ball onto the leg side into a gap, today strauss got bowled playing across the line attempting this shot. If i played that shot in a match my coach would not be happy with me, so why at international level do the top 3 england batsman play across the line of the ball to a full straight ball? i have always been told show 'them the maker' ? Thankyou for your time !

Posted 09:49 4th January 2011

Scott Moore says...

All very quiet on here when the Aussie's are getting hammered.

Posted 08:57 26th December 2010

David Neale says...

Mike, agree with you and the comments by Dave C above. We are the better side, sure Hussey is a class act and Ponting The best Aussie Batsman since Alan Border, but that top six is the most Vulnerable Aussie line up I have seen since the 1986/87 series. We let them get 30or 40 more than we should have first innings, but bowling them out for circa 260 is not a crime. Sachin Tendulkar showed last week what was required when batting to save again. I'm afraid our guys are too attack minded. During every test series sides are called upon to bat for a draw. KP can't do it, neither can prior. Strauss can bat more reservadly but usually loses patience and goes after the bowling. I have to commend the selectors for mainly sticking with the same side for the last 10 or so tests, and if they would have listened to the press at the Oval in 2009 , Broad and Bell would not have made the contributions they did. On Johnson. lets not get carried away, he is an Aussie Devon Malcolm. He'll be quite ordinary for the rest of the series unless they really doctor the wickets. I still think England 3-1 but the lads woudn't surprise me if they left it to the last test in Sydney.

Posted 20:16 24th December 2010

Femi Arans says...

Mike first, why move Bell to number five? what message does that send to Collingwood, I think that would do harm to his confidence. Then i think until we see what the wicket is going to be like at the MCG we can not predict if a seamer would be effective. Our bowlers i believe have what it takes to finish the Aussies, despite what happened at the WACA, they are fragile and are also desperate. By the way can you please tell me if a bowler has ever been England captain or indeed captain of any other 1st class test team ? thanks

Posted 18:49 24th December 2010

Andrew Kenneally says...

Tobh based on current consistency Bell should be coming in after Trott & based where things are when KP then comes in he can play accordingly. Are batsmen really so fragile mentally that it makes that big a deal where you come in once you're not at the top of the order? - or that it should be worried that accepting the realities of 'current form' & making the odd tweak in lineup will be interpreted as some kind of panic in the ranks? But for starters there's not even anything to really think about regarding Belll or Cgwood at 5 ot 6, it's a decision as clear as day. Is there a fear that if Cgwd is dropped down it might affect him mentally & he'll get even less runs?

Posted 11:48 24th December 2010

Salvin Hannie says...

I like everything that's said, ecxcept it wont make a dime of difference if bell is moved up the order, the tail will still follow!

Posted 05:44 24th December 2010

Dave Cooksley says...

How can dropping the leading wicket taker in the series even be considered? There hasn't been much wrong with the bowling at all so far, just two dismal batting performances in Perth. It is the top order that need a kick up the backside, not the bowlers.

Posted 18:06 23rd December 2010

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