On pain and Wayne...

On pain and Wayne...

Bumble explains why Anderson must play before the Ashes... and why Rooney should join Accrington.

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Ken Richards says...

Tell Shane Warne the tool used by the groundsman to flatten the foot mark was a punner

Posted 00:22 28th November 2010

Sebastion Stretton says...

Bumble you are priceless, hope to catch the tour at Buxton.

Posted 16:45 26th October 2010

Ian Buglass says...

Hey Bumble....YOU''''RE a natural for television.YOU know how to wind people up. YOU''''VE got a bob or two. If SC were off ill ever... If you want to show Rooney the sights take him up Bridge Street, Church where the chemical fumes mix nicely with the tallow works next door. I worked at the chemical plant for about eight years and I never want to go back.

Posted 21:05 20th October 2010

Vishwanath Shankar says...

rooney for stanley.......was really hillarious

Posted 19:32 20th October 2010

Vishwanath Shankar says...

Rooney for Stanley.........hahaha........was damn hillarious.

Posted 18:57 20th October 2010

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