Slumber party

Slumber party

England's post-Ashes dip is down to tired minds and problems with the batting order, says Bob Willis.

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Adrian R says...

My big issue with the England squad is, as Bob says, the batting order. The most apt batting order is: 1. Strauss 2. Bell 3. Trott 4. Pietersen 5. Morgan 6. Prior 7.Yardy 8. Bresnan 9. Broad 10. Swann 11. Anderson I know that some of these are injured but this would be the best side...FORGET Collingwood!!!!

Posted 05:57 6th February 2011

Psycho Anna says...

well its just that england are not a top draw team... yeah u beat aussies no 5 in ICC ranking ( people say ranking is a stupid thing) but it proved true. in onedayers australia are no 1 team in ranking and u have the results... 5-1... cant we just swallow that the team for the one dayers is wrong tried and tested mens maybe we will ruin that after the world cup whe we return home early india is not the place to play cricket if u r a angland player...

Posted 13:45 5th February 2011

George Harrison says...

I agree with Bob Willis that the tour of Australia has gone on for far too long. Since the euphoria of winning the test series,the one day matches should have been done and dusted within 2 weeks,giving players time to recharge their batteries for the World Cup. The team is also a big issue.KP continues to be an enigma,and other than his double century,what has he actually done.Well the answer is not a lot! In the one day games he always gets himself out(as in the test series)just as he has got himself in.Before the test series began i voiced the same concerns on here,and as Ian Chappell rightly said,if you take away that 227,what is he left with? Ian Bell should be promoted up the order(given the way he has played) and the wicket keeper should bat down the order at 6 or 7.If the team fields first in the one dayers to come,the keeper would then have to immediately take the field again,to open the batting.In very hot conditions(as they undoubtably will be)this would surely be too much to take on. The component of the team must be right,and players cannot keep being selected on past reputations.I also believe that there is a place for a "plodder" in the team,in case a total has to be rebuilt in the event of a collapse.When batting first it's a sin not to use all .of the overs.

Posted 11:50 2nd February 2011

Maher J says...

Dont understand why WC schedule has become issue for Eng players at the moment. it may be long but its in place since couple of years now. problem for eng is current series, why the hell are they playing 7 games is beyond me. BUT its the ex players who started making them favourite even for WC when ashes was ON, in reality Eng was and is a mediocre ODI team really. I mean KP has got one fifty in last 2 years and he is blaming WC schedule before even getting there. People also forget that India is a vast country and every part of country wants to host WC game so it not easy to schedule game every other day because they are not close to each other.

Posted 19:35 1st February 2011

James Masters says...

Dream on....beat any side in the world? The best that England have to offer could hardly beat WI , Bangladesh or Zim at the current rate. They are pathetic and will not even make the WC semis. Prima donnas like KP are no good for a side that is struggling and Strauss.....well what is his role? Get some young, fit new guys in who have what it takes.

Posted 18:30 1st February 2011

Mike Jones says...

I don't understand. with the 20/20 world cup we decided to pick a team for the job in hand, didnt matter what experience they had, or what age they were, we picked our best 20/20 players. Therefore we had lumb, keisvetter, sidebottom yardy etc. Now we've got the 50-over world cup, and weve gone back to whats already failed in the past, prior has played about 50 ODI's, averages 20odd, he was dropped for a reason, Davies should be back in the team, or Kieswetter, at least. Collingwood needs to be dropped, when he's in this horrible horrible form with the bat he's a liability, Luke wright simply isnt good enough for 50over cricket, and this woakes kid looks fantastic, we should have swann, yard,y woakes, broad and anderson as the five bowlers with strauss, davies, trott, KP, bell and morgan as the 6 batters. This line up bats down to number 10 with woakes and is good enough to beat anyone in the world on their day.

Posted 17:18 1st February 2011

Dave B says...

Why is it too early for Woakes? The side could do with an injection of youthful enthusiasm, and a fresh clear mind.

Posted 17:17 1st February 2011

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