Harrison faces BBBC probe

Harrison faces BBBC probe

Audley Harrison is facing being hit hard financially following his abject defeat to WBA heavyweight champion David Haye on Saturday.

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Yasar Khan says...

The shouldn't really kick a man when he's down, if he was knocked out in the first would they have done the same ??? no.... let the man be, he had a plan which didn't work, I personally feel sorry for him.

Posted 09:42 15th November 2010

Scott Jones says...

Thank god for Manny as Audrey's display was terrible. Landed 1 jab in 3 rounds...?? He is an embarrassment to boxing shouldn't get a penny for Saturday night... All the fans paying for that fight or watching it live must be gutted..!! I said all along Audrey is the worst boxer i have ever seen Haye could of beaten him anytime in that fight. Audrey stay out of the ring now mate your shocking..!!!

Posted 09:37 15th November 2010

Riaz Rahiman says...

I dont like audley - but taking some of his money would be a step too far. Yes, he was negative, but he had a game plan that did'nt work and he was outclassed.... not reasons for punishing him. I think he's earned his money - he probabaly felt humiliated being beat so easy after such big words. Let him have his money and retire. He does not deserve any more punishment for being a poor boxer.

Posted 09:33 15th November 2010

Paul Tully says...

So if the BBBC rescind some of Harrisons purse - Are they going to give a partial refund to the watchers?

Posted 09:28 15th November 2010

Stephen Smith says...

The BBBC should hold up their hand and take the blame for this poor fight, don't they watch boxing.Audley Harrison never performs in any fight, he did'nt freeze, he's just a very poor heavyweight/

Posted 09:26 15th November 2010

Lee S says...

Holding back the purse because it's a let down for the fans? What a nonsense! I agree it was a let down, but I won't be getting any money back on my ticket so why use the fans as an excuse for not paying the useless sod! Audley should have been thankful with gaining the European belt it was a nice story for a failed fighter to achieve that late in his career. Chasing Haye for a world shot when you just don't have the ability to engage in combat is pathetic. I really felt for Audley as he was chanted out of the ring on Saturday, but at the same time I felt let down by a man who had so much to say and nothing to offer David please sign up to the Klitschkos now as we need to see an entertaining battle at the top end of the scale

Posted 09:14 15th November 2010

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