Tough test ahead

Tough test ahead

Phil Clarke looks ahead to England's Four Nations warm-up against a slick New Zealand Maori outfit.

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Tony O''sullivan says...

Hello Phil Clarke, Do you not think it would be a very good ploy for Celtic Crusaers to sign Gavin Henson. It would I suspect create many new interested spectators. You thoughts please, Tony

Posted 08:19 16th October 2010

Justin Woodcock says...

Watch out for head hunters!! I totally agree with the idea of a stern challenge before the ''''real'''' games begin. Make no mistake, though; those Maori boys will be fully fuelled with passion and not a few instructions as to how they can derail the England campaign. Tell our half backs and Widdop to wear Kevlar...from the waist up !! Good luck England. Go and do it in their back yard!

Posted 21:39 15th October 2010

Justin Woodcock says...

You are a gent Phil. To add that last bit about the lad who got injured playing our sport made me know ?appreciative of the good man you are. Ta mate!

Posted 21:31 15th October 2010

Paul T says...

I will be very surprised if England win the tournament although I think the team is better now than in recent years. I agree that the backs are just not up to speed with the Aussies but I think Tomkins and Brown can do a job. I would love to see Luke Robinson in action too, I think he could do all kinds of damage if he holds his nerve and relaxes. English forwards are second to none but the team as a whole just lacks that bit of dynamism and enterprise, but with a bit of luck we could just do it! Steve McNamara has surpised me with his enthusiasm, maturity and man management skills for such a young coach and deserves to do well. I think he is the future of England coaching! Good Luck boys!!!

Posted 19:21 15th October 2010

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