A bit of a bite

A bit of a bite

The Kiwis may have written England's chances off but Stevo says they can stand toe-to-toe with them.

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Aaron Johnson says...

England were jst really never in it. The inexperienced halves, the predictable sideways movement were a facto in the loss. England need 2 change their style 4 aus next game or else they''''re gawn. Im from australia and i noticed the big men (props,lock,back rowers) of england play make and pass which is virtually non-existent in the aus style especially with 2nd phase passing. It just looks so predictable, not once did i see a short ball to a decoy runner, it just went out the back and was so predictable, nz coulda defended all day. Mind you, england scored both tries from unpredictable, improvised style of play (kick, 80m run) so they''''re gonna need to be more creative to beat the aussies

Posted 11:55 24th October 2010

Chris Hall says...

It will be a close first half, but N.Z. will go in at least 6 to the good. Second half won''''t be as close and it will finish N.Z. by at the very least 24. If I get it more right than Stevo can I have his job please?

Posted 09:03 22nd October 2010

Daniel Tabrett says...

They are going 2 get nailed by N.Z. They will do better against the Aussies (only because Aussies have their whole backline out) but even then they will probably lose by 20 odd. I''''m an Aussie fan but i think N.Z have a huge chance in this comp.

Posted 05:53 22nd October 2010

Carl Macken says...

Stevo, This will be tight for 65 minutes - but in the end the English don''''t have any answer the Beast Manu - he loves playing against you lot - the NZ bench really has alot more going for it - should be a great game and can''''t wait for tomorrow evening

Posted 04:36 22nd October 2010

Paul Thwaites says...

I think alot of people have it wrong about Stuart Fielden including youself. There is no way one slap in the chops could impact a player in that way. It was a multitude of factors including family and professional misfortunes which effected Stuarts game. No-one mentions when he pummeled Webke all game long the season before! Now he is back and roaring we should see some real fireworks!

Posted 00:05 22nd October 2010

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