A damaging day

A damaging day

Bill Arthur was saddened as the bad behaviour of louts ruined rugby league's big day at Eden Park.

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Dave Marsh says...

Being Born in St Helens and living most of my life there, playing and watching RL, I believe it is the best game in the world. (Needs Better Marketing Though) I now live in Cornwall and watch the Cornish Pirates which i have to say I enjoy, but find the rules complex, with even ardent RU fans perplexed by some decisions. Let's clarify one point there is no and never has been segregation in RL. In the 80's RL went through a bad time with crowd trouble, although it never got the publicity and recognition that hooiganism in football got, and eventually died a death. I attended the Grand Final this year and there were incidences of sporadic fighting, generally young groups of drunk lads who were not supporting either Saints or Wigan. It is creeping back into the game, and needs to be stamped out. My other worry is the ammount of players of both codes who are back chatting the ref, James Graham for one. It's just not done in either Rugby code it is what sets us apart from football. Let's also be clear that RU is no better, with fans booing opposing kickers etc, again it is a drop in standards. Lets keep both codes where they should be, the envy of football fans and players, stamp it out now before it's to late. Senior clubs, Super League, RFL, BARLA and the RFU all need to lead by example.

Posted 13:57 11th December 2010

Neil Johnson says...

Phil, it may appear on TV that fans are segregated but if you were to actually go to a live game you would find that this is rarely (if ever) the case.

Posted 09:17 9th December 2010

Phil Murphy says...

I watch rugby league every week on sky sports, but, I'm an ardent union supporter and the one thing I have noticed is that visiting rugby league fans are segregated at every ground why is this if you promote your game as a family sport?? the flaws found at Eden Park are rugby leagues as it was they who had the venue and to blame players as some part of the problem is ridiculous, even here in the uk you hear RL fans chanting abuse to the referee???? just like the morons from soccer games, maybe RL needs to look inwards and wake itself up because being in denial is spoiling what is a great game.

Posted 01:27 6th December 2010

John Wilson says...

Sad scenes but we should not think that this is just a New Zealand issue. I attended the Challenge Cup Final and Grand Final last year and the mindless morons were there as well fighting amongst themselves. These idiots are not part of our game and we should make sure they are held to account by the law and banned from attending matches. Well done to Sky for showing it as it is. If there is trouble it should be noted - not pictures live but use them to help the police id the culprits and then hammer them. We do not want them and action needs to be taken.

Posted 12:42 12th November 2010

Steve Smith says...

Hear what you are saying Bill re the bad behaviour. TV cameras did a very good job covering it up and so did the commentary as I don't think much was said, even when I saw glass beer bottles in the try scoring area following a Kangaroo try. I've always enjoyed the fact that you can have a beer on the terrace in RL, and the only time I've seen it kick off is with the Hull fans. I visited Rhinos and Salford the week after Hull played there and the FC fans had wrecked the little bar. These people are just plain idiots and don't warrant the title of being a "fan." The game was played over there at the end of a non-working day. If people choose to have a beer on their day off so be it, but the ground staff and mgmt should make sure that druken supporters don't get in. Easier said than done but in typical steward mentality, most won't get stuck in when they need to they just stand and watch - maybe they are trained to just be a physical deterrant by just being there...? Either way not fair on the fans to put up with it. Great to hear though that our southern hemisphere ex-pats and travelling crowd did us proud - just shame about the lack of passion from the players - think McNamara was commenting on a different game to the ones we saw..! Roll on start of super league...!

Posted 15:54 8th November 2010

Graham Cox says...

Having spent a fair amount of time in New Zealand and Australia (in 2009) I would like to report the following observations. The majority of New Zealand and Australian citizens that we encountered, throughout our stay, were really greate people. However, from what we also observed first hand, what we saw on TV and what we read in the local media both countries clearly have a problem with alcohol abuse. Poor examples are often set by professional sportsmen who , lets face it, are very wealthy, very young and overall not very bright. One only has to look at some of the examples that are set for our young people by our own football players. When you mix alcohol with lack of intelegence then you have a recipe for serious problems. Unfortunately the drinking culture is clearly a problem in both countries. Just think, how many Australian players have have had off the field problems that have been fuelled by alcohol? I believe that the players in New Zealand are no different,

Posted 12:04 8th November 2010

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