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It has to be Harry

It has to be Harry

Paul Merson believes England need to call on Harry Redknapp in the wake of their World Cup disaster.

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Seb Job (Arsenal fan) says...

I believe that England need consistency, rather than inconsistency now. I believe a manager needs time to build. Look at Redknapp at Spurs; he is profiting from the work of the largely disregarded Comolli who brought in all those youngsters; look at Redknapp he has continually kept the basis of players he has worked with for years hence getting success, just see the ones he brought from Portsmouth. The second aspect is tiredness. The Spanish or Italian leagues does not have the same competition aspect as the Premier League. German and French is on the rise and competitive. The players have to fight all the time, in hard physical battles not necessarily the amount of running which the Premier League is only a bit harder. I think that brings mental and physical tiredness, which gave rise to the unspirited performance in the World Cup; it is time to bring in a winter break, or make a concept of less teams in the Premier. Not only England, but except Mascherano and Tevez, and the Paraguay players, there have been unspirited performances for premier league players

Posted 09:28 30th June 2010

Steve Smith (West Ham United fan) says...

Can't believe players at this level need to be provided with motivation and confidence by the manager - surely it's the manager's job to select the formation and style of play. Yes, it was a mistake to leave the defence so exposed at 2-1. However, the defence was shakey when all 4 were at the back and the midfield was non-existent in defence. Capello had to work with half a team which were not good enough to play at this level (Johnson, SWP, Milner, Heskey, Upson, Lennon, all 3 keepers, Barry, etc.), and the senior players didn't perform either. It wasn't just 'the goal that never was' where England were unlucky in the game. What about the free-kick England should have had prior to Germany's first goal (when Lampard's free-kick hit the German defender's arm)? What about the fact that Germany's two attackers were off-side when Germany's goalkeper struck the goal kick which led to Germany's first goal? No amount of coaching would have compensated for the mistakes made by the players and the poor run of luck England had leading up to and during the competition. Gerrard summed it up after the Algerian debacle - he said the players are playing with fear of being knocked out of the world cup - that's not a good starting point!

Posted 03:42 30th June 2010

Stuart Scott (Manchester United fan) says...

I believe Capello got it wrong as soon as he dropped Green for the Algeria game. I think that made every England player so worried about making a mistake they could not express thereselves to standards we see them in the PL week in week out and because of that they finished second in a group they should have won in there sleep. If a manager does not have confidence in the players then that is going to spell disaster.It was frustrating to watch such a talented team look so fragile and unable to perform, this is the reason i cant see why Capello should stay.

Posted 02:07 30th June 2010

Jake Wildall (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

This makes me laugh, any time england don't do well we blame the manager... our players aren't world class and they're not getting much better. Harry would be great, but he's already turned it down, next choice roy hodgson, I'd love to see the manager of the season do it each time, regardless of nationality.

Posted 00:38 30th June 2010

Stuart Horton (Chelsea fan) says...

My comment is simple- Harry Redknapp SHOULD now become the new England manager. I saw an interview of harry, talking about england and he made me want to buy some football boots again and play for him.

Posted 22:26 29th June 2010

George Rigby (Yeovil Town fan) says...

Paul 100% right , wether our messed up f.a do that is another thing they should listen to the people that matter, THE FANS!

Posted 22:21 29th June 2010

Jordan W (Leeds United fan) says...

David Beckham should be the next England Manager in my opinion keeping Pearce as the assisstant.

Posted 22:01 29th June 2010

Jordan Hackett (Manchester United fan) says...

Fabio Capello should stay on as manager but if he doesn't you have to go with Mark Hughes he's a great manager why did manchester city sack him i dont know because he is better than Roberto Mancini

Posted 21:55 29th June 2010

Abby Dagama (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Why does Capello have to go? He was the messiah when we got through the qualifying rounds. Now all of a sudden he is the unwanted man. Maybe, if he was allowed to pick the team he wanted to pick, without the influence of the press and FA, we might not be in this situation. We now have to look forward and start to build a team that will actually get to know one another as part of the NATIONAL team, and know each others game. Football, as I know it, is a collective team effort, and this is definitely not what our team has portrayed. Our England team has pinned its hopes on Rooney, Lampard, James and Terry - what about the other players, are they just there to make up the numbers? In my opinion, all the so called 'inexperienced players' should be given a chance to grow into the team England have been looking for for decades!

Posted 21:21 29th June 2010

David Green (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The England/Germany game was the first one of the world cup I watched more than 10 mins of .I arrived in time to see Englands sole goal (that was allowed) .When I saw ( in the break) how the German's had score their first 2 goals , I figured the England goal was a fluke - the English "defence "was all over the road like a drunk driver - and I knew things were just going to get worse when the second half started - I was right . Yes Capello has to go , yes Árry Redknapp is the the gaffer to get the boys going on the straight an' narrow again , but Spurs need him too !! . This may seem selfish (sorry Árry ) , but you have a home at White Hart Lane , you have adoring fans , both at home and abroad , who worship the very ground you walk on !! - DON'T LEAVE US ÁRRY - WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF LOOKING FOR A NEW MANAGER EVERY 18 MONTHS !!

Posted 21:00 29th June 2010

Peter Kane (Liverpool fan) says...

Cant disagree with what you've said. I agree with the pace needed with aaron lennon but i thought he should of had some minerals and subbed rooney for crouchie. we struggled physically up front. Upson was found out carragher should of played he may not be quick but he's a wiley and experienced player and i think would of handled klose better, not that he had much help from terry. Barry was found out for pace and lampard turned up in the last game. Only players to come home with some credit is gerrard and ashley cole. Gerrard needs to be in the middle nobody can influence a game like him.

Posted 20:25 29th June 2010

Kev Barrett (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I dont believe that it has to be one man in charge of England, a duo of Stuart Pearce who has all the badges needed and Beckham who is a born motivator would be a dream team to take England foreward. Both men played with pride for their country and would install pride back to the England football team. Give them the chance and see some passion from our team sadly missing at this world cup.

Posted 20:11 29th June 2010

John V (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello is ok - England do not have enough "world class" players - Roy Keane was spot on - England are second rate at best - more third rate

Posted 19:38 29th June 2010

Craig Mckenna (Manchester City fan) says...

This is all too easy!! At the end of the day, the manager suffered from the same problem which has hit all England managers for the past ten years. The golden generation did not turn up. Individually, they are quality players, but as a team they are not. Unfortunately, given the inexperience of the younger players coming through, Capello did not really have too much choice. In terms of squad selection, he had to go with the same nucleus of players as in terms of individual talent and experience they are head and shoulders above the rest. Being realistic, against Germany we started the game poorly, we woke in the middle and then let in goals chasing the game. Capello had no one to turn to because he, like others in the past expected the Golden Generation to finally deliver .. they didn't. The "goal" which wasn't to be turned the game, deception turned into frustration and the Germans were excellent on the break. Where Capello has succeeded is removing the WAG culture which will stand us in good stead for the future and it the future which is important now. How can a guy who was the best thing since sliced bread before the world cup become such a villain .. shame on the FA for not standing up for their man. Pathetic behaviour!! Apparently we, as a nation, have a need to point fingers .. well the buck lies with the players on the pitch. They played with good tempo and urgency for 35 minutes, so why could they not do that from the start. This result should give us substance to make change and start from scratch (in terms of the players). Good players are coming through from goalkeeper through to the strikers. The golden generation have had their last chance and to be honest, good riddance ... now, we can get back to basics and form a team instead of having to build around individuals. Don't forget he took over a team in complete disarray and got us to the world cup .. thank you fabio ... we were dreaming again ...

Posted 18:46 29th June 2010

Alan Clarke (Liverpool fan) says...

How can anyone say Capello should stay?! He could have changed a system that was clearly not working and he didn't. It's like he doesn't actually KNOW the position/system that will get the best out of these players!!! If he'd at least TRIED Gerrard behind Rooney, even just once, I may have said he deserved another chance but I'm sorry - he's just stubborn. Sure, we're all 'managers' when it comes to football but it doesn't take a calculator and a slide rule to figure out that you need to try something else when 'Plan A' isn't happening. 3-1 down against Germany - we need goals and he brings on Heskey. Crouch - great scoring record for England - sits on the bench getting splinters up his backside. We now need a new ENGLISH manager who KNOWS the English players, how to play to their strengths and isn't afraid to change things and admit mistakes/errors of judgment when it is necessary. Surely, that is not much to ask from an England Coach!! Instead we have flimsy excuse after flimsy excuse and have you noticed how the excuses kept differing from match to match! Now, he's saying the players are tired and we need a winter break. I'd have more respect if he just said 'Sorry, we know it wasn't good enough and we have let the fans and the country down'. I also agree with many that there was something VERY wrong with the England camp - it was not a happy one. This doesn't excuse the poor displays in any way but you can see that something was just not quite right in the camp. This has to ultimately come down to the man who manages the squad. Don't forget people - he's getting £6M a year for this!!!! A message for the FA - listen to those who matter the most, the English supporters. Get an ENGLISH manager. Also, start setting a minimum limit of say 5 English players being fielded in a Premiership team. Develop centres of excellence, youth systems. It all has to change or our English game will suffer more and more.

Posted 18:35 29th June 2010

Mark P (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Whilst the Manger has many questions to answer, really fed up with hearing all the excuses made for the players. Get a grip. Simply not good enough.

Posted 18:35 29th June 2010

Ryan Doherty (Manchester United fan) says...

Hands down redknapp is the man for the job not only is he an englishman but his knollege of the game and tactics are outstanding, everyone up and down the country knows he should be the manager but will the fa give him the freedom to do what he wants with the team and trust him

Posted 16:46 29th June 2010

Martin Davidson (Chelsea fan) says...

There is no need to make any knee jerk reactions to England,s early departure from World Cup. Every player who put on the England shirt was deemed world class before the competition started. This has not changed over night. Capello is a great "Coach " but quite clearly his ability to bring out the best in those players as a team leave a lot of us puzzled.Therefore his managerial skills are lacking in a basic ability to bring together a squad of players to play as a "Team" and not just as a group of "Players". There is only one man who could bring together these players as a team capable of winning a trophy. He wears his heart on his sleeve , loves football,tactically astute,likes progressive football and he knows how to manage players to get an extra 10% from them. Harry Rednapp is well respected by players and managers throughout the country, his appointment as England manager would lift the whole country from the low of a dismal world cup campaign.The FA must act asap, Harry is the only choice to bring back credibility to the english game.

Posted 16:38 29th June 2010

G. James (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with everything thats been said, truth is going into the competition I felt the least enthusisatic as I've ever felt looking at our squad, especially as Beckham and Owen are no longer in the set up 2 proper world class players who for 12 years bailed us out on so many occasions. The 2 of them could change a game in seconds and many times they did, unfortunately they are past there best and we no longer have that string to our bow and we are feeling it. There is also the added element of Beckham who used to shoulder all the pressure at every tournament, if something went wrong it was down to Beckham on the right this must have given the players some security in the past. Anyway we still have the memories....Beckham firing a long pass to Owen who scores against Argentina in 98 Beckhams free kick against greece to get us into the world cup,and the penalty to finish the Argies off in 2002. Until we have more players who can excite us when there on the ball (Rooney aside) by showing us some creativity, we wont be getting anywhere near the world cup.

Posted 16:18 29th June 2010

Chris Mangi (Chelsea fan) says...

I'm sorry to say, but everyones wrong. We shouldnt get Harry or Hodgson. Why is everyone missing the best and blatently obvious choice. STUART PEARCE. Nobody has more belief and determination than him, could you see anyone not listening to him after one of his rants?? He has spent a few years now with the U21's and with the full team, he knows the setup and the people. He has managed at premier league level as well (albeit not too sucesfully). Pearce is also young enough to relate to the players and the modern career. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am. He has guided the U21's to the U21 championships final (okay so he lost to the Germans there and conceeded 4 goals!), all of the English youth coming through would most likely have played under him in the U21 squad so he would know which ones were ready to take the step up and start bringing some young talent through. I believe he would also be able to handle the media, he speaks english!! STUART PEARCE FOR ENGLAND MANAGER

Posted 16:16 29th June 2010

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