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It has to be Harry

It has to be Harry

Paul Merson believes England need to call on Harry Redknapp in the wake of their World Cup disaster.

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James Drysdale (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Of course Merson is saying Redknapp would be the man for the job as it'd leave tottenham hanging dry lol. Englands main problem is the manager always having to accomodate the big names...rooney, gerrard & Ferdinand who although hes wrecked was still picked to go. In any succesful & happy team players who dont perform are dropped to refind their form and the rest of the squad who are itching to get on go to try and keep their place. However why is it that only England make exceptions for these players?? Rooney was played for 8 games without even looking like getting a goal, gerrard hasnt performed all season for liverpool but yet he warrants not only a place, but a starting place on the team. Personally i dont see too many wanting the job cuz harrys reputation is great and going with england would only wreck that..well the media certainly would!!! Its the media who criticise right from day one about selections etc...just let the manager get on with it next time...and 10 million pounds later if you get knocked out of another world cup then it wont be long before some other poor sod is going to be given the job...we could sit for hours on where the whole balance is wrong ..Im so disappointed as they were representing britain as the only qualified team from here.

Posted 16:04 29th June 2010

Mark George (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I believe the problem is in the lack of quality on the pitch. If any of our players were " world class" then why do they only play in England. Why don't Madrid or Barca break the bank for them! Simple, they are not good enough to play any where else. The prem has 2 or 3 good teams and the rest is average. Top performances against Hull, Wolves, Pompey, Stoke,Bolton, the list goes on do not make you world class. The team of 1990 had players that were wanted abroad, Platt, Gazza, Walker, Lineaker.

Posted 15:42 29th June 2010

Nigel Harber (Chelsea fan) says...

Time to pick an english manager and Harry would be my choice .lets build for the next world cup with youth players now forget about the euro championship use it as a marker to see how we are getting on but we need to be proud to play for our country and not in the team by reputation.

Posted 15:02 29th June 2010

Daar Chaawal (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello is a stubborn mule & just not the right man for the job. His squad selection, team selection & tactics were just of . He refused to pick Owen a while back for a qualifier because of his lack of first team football yet took Heskey & Wright-Philips?? Not once did he play Gerrard behind Rooney when it was evident to any person with knowledge of football that the two click so well on the field in that position. I think capello should be shot to avoid paying him 12 million to go & most of the England players should be dropped for good. I do agree that Rednapp would be a very good choice to manage England but only give him a contract to the end of Euro 2012.

Posted 14:35 29th June 2010

Mark Watson (West Ham United fan) says...

First point - English players are over rated - FACT ! Second point - Capello's formation and subs were wrong - FACT ! We do not have world class players, however we could still play a lot better if we played players in their correct positions rather than what fits the formation. Get the shape and balance right, then players will start to play to their best.

Posted 14:34 29th June 2010

Lee Courtney (Manchester United fan) says...

What tosh, Harry Redknap whilst a good manager is not on Capello's level, seems Merse believes we need a cheerleader as the players don't need coaching! Whether you like it or not the most sucessful manager since Sir Bobby was Eriksson who like Capello was made a scapegoat for what is ultimately the players failing. When your players do not turn up as Englands did not it is understandable and right to ask why but maybe there is no answer and it was just that the players played poorly. England should have done much better but all this talk of not being world class is rubbish, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard and A Cole would walk into most teams in the world.

Posted 14:33 29th June 2010

David O'reilly (Leeds United fan) says...

England can have no complaints, we were lucky to get out of the group stages and the Germans were all over us from the off. England just didn't have the heart for a fight. It should've been 4-1 to Germany by that stage We are not good enough at this level and the sooner the media and the players realise this the better. Where is this squad of world class players? Upson , Terry , Johnson , Barry , Lennon , James are world class?? You're having a laugh! And thats just to name a few!. Over paid and no heart! As usual Capello will get the blame and probably the sack when the FA should sue the squad of players for Fraud, impersonating footballers!!!

Posted 14:11 29th June 2010

Rick White (Crystal Palace fan) says...

I actually don't agree, we have chopped and changed managers and I don't think that works. It would also be very expensive. I keep Capello, but on the proviso that he clears a lot of the deadwood away (Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard, Carragher, James) and promotes the youth. The players coming through may not be the best in the world but at least they will hungry and we can gel a team without the Lampard Gerrard dilema. The Golden Generation has been anything but. Overpaid, overhyped, selfish and arrogant. It is time for a change, but I think Capello should be kept on. Redknapp will not be available in any case with Spurs in the Champions League, and it looks like Hodgson is off to Liverpool. If Capello does go, then why not have someone like Travor Brooking in charge with perhaps Stuart Pearce as his no 2.

Posted 14:03 29th June 2010

B H (Manchester United fan) says...

The Manager has to start picking the players for the positions not the players then trying to make a formation out of them.If it means leaving out Lampard, Rooney of Gerrard so be it. This lot have had too many chances now start building for the next World Cup, after we failed to get to the last Euro championships all the same comments has now came out but nothing has changed. The root cause is from an early age kids are coached to win games not how to play football, parents/coaches screaming at them to get rid/ get stuck in. Clubs are looking for athletes not footballers, players who are big, strong and quick but can't pass a ball. Next season note how many times the ball is given away, but in our league you get it back straight away so its not a problem. also note how many times the defenders under no pressure play a ball upto the forwards and over hit it.

Posted 13:25 29th June 2010

Mark Taylor (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with Paul Merson and I am a Scotland fan it was shocking England was this nations only hope. Capello needs to go, you don't need to coach international players ists just about man management, those players looked like they were on edge all the time and had no confidence they need to be playing with a smile on their faces and Capello never gave them that, thats why Redknapp should take over then I feel those international players would enjoy them selves thats what I think confidence is all about.

Posted 13:24 29th June 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

i see capello was quoted this morning for ruing lack of talent,i couldnt agree more.......thats the first thing youve ever said correctly in your entire life you italian clown.theres only one way to go about this.......get rid of everyone in the F.A.....seeing as they aint worth that,NEVER employ someone foreign ever again.......consider gerrard at 30 lampard at 31 ferdinand at 31 having had 3 major championships in the last 10 years and having produced nothing worth while gone,consider telling whoever told emile heskey a striker as insane,and never have a holding midfielder ever again.the way to go is to go forward in a compititon not sit there and let other sides come at you.germany apart and greens clanger we conceeded no goals in the group.why the hell we had a defensive midfielder accomodated therefore putting a central influence out of position makes the reason why capello's useless.finally never take any injured unfit midfielder whatever his importance ever again.i could go on about the mistakes and alterations for hours. (1)right wingers on left wing (2)captain in wrong position. (3)unfit holding midfielder (4)heskey ever being picked (5)ronney unsupported by a tall striker in crouch (6)wrong keeper in first game (7)taking off a striker for a midfielder in our final group game we had to score as many goals as we did in (8)the case we never beat all 3 in out group 3-0 or more (9)announcing a team 1 hr before the match (10)ever employing him in the first place. (11)having 3 friendlies and not playing anywhere near the starting 11 for the first game (12)

Posted 13:16 29th June 2010

Steven Steven (Manchester United fan) says...

Mr Merson i totally disagree with your point about an english manager, a job is a job and the england job is a job which should be open to all. As long as the person is qualified to do it. And i cant understand why everyone in england is slating the manager when it was the players out there on the field, during qualification evevryone was praising the manger for putting his foot down and getting results so why is everyone telling him to go now. the 4-4-3 formation worked before so why didnt it work now, the real reason is people are making out english players to be the best, just look at the argentinas , brazils, hollands spains etc these teams are world class not the english, lets face it the english players aint just good enough, england are just about a top ten team, they are not one of the favourites eveytime a mojor tournament comes. the only thing i can say is the players looked tired and lacked fitness. We shouldnt even balme the players, they work hard all season and by the time the world cup starts their legs just cant take it.

Posted 13:14 29th June 2010

Glenn Penklis (West Ham United fan) says...

Guys As an outsider (an aussie who still has got over losing the ashes to you guys) what has been abundantly clear throughout this tournament, is that the good teams play possession football; good ball control, crisp passing, high tempo and develop from the back. I love watching the premier league on TV and It amazes me for a country with such great players (Joe Cole, Stevie Gerrard etc...) can be so disorganised as a team. Like any organisation, there needs to be a clear direction from management, which is agreed on by everyone and a spirit of unity. The English team (the group of players) needs to adapt from playing a style of football based on premier league football and individual brilliance, to one that is geared to international football. But most importantly they have to play as a team. Anyway, look on the bright side; you went further than Italy and France. Glenn

Posted 13:11 29th June 2010

Mark Atwell (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with Harry Redknap but if he does not want it then the only candidate fro me is Alan Shearer. forget tried and trustd league experience it has no bearing on international management. Dunga,Maradonna,Lowe, spain,holland England needs Shearer simples.

Posted 13:07 29th June 2010

Patrick Cannon (Arsenal fan) says...

Agree Capello should go. Before he was appointed I said that the manager should be English. You would never the Italians, Germans, Brazilains having a foreign manager. Thats fine for the emeerging countries but for England who invented the game? He has to be English. Im not saying that means we will do any better, but thats the first thing that needs putting right. But we have short memories - after Keegan everyone concluded that English managers didnt have the 'tactical knowhow' that the continental managers had - we therefore appointed eriksson. when that didnt work out people were moaning he showed no passion - so they appoint capello who is certainly passoniate on the touchline - but in summary the whole foreign manager thing has got us nowhere. I think Harry is the best man for the job but he should have had it after Eriksson. I fear though that the english media will just look to sabotage him, with these tax issues hanging over his head the papers will just dig it all up and he'll be hounded out. I agree with Merse that its a confidence issue, the players are afraid to make mistakes and when they're like that they'll never produce their best.

Posted 12:59 29th June 2010

Andy Atkinson (Leeds United fan) says...

I don't understand why people seem so surprised that England went out so early. This is a list of national teams who have either finished in the top 3 in the World Cup or been in a final of the European championships since 1966: Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Croatia, Sweden, Argentina, Poland. Maybe it is just time to lower our expectations....

Posted 12:57 29th June 2010

John Stewart (Manchester United fan) says...

Im not an England fan but have to say i was shocked at how bad they ALL performed. Mexico, Chile and teams of that stature all looked like they were enjoying the Tournament and seemed more motivated , more drilled and more , England did not lack heart or passion, but were rigid and tactically inept playing thier best players out of position or not fully fit. The English team were scared and quite right, The Media build them up everytime for a huge fall and cannot wait to lampoon each and everyone of them given 1/2 the chance. Cannot say Terry helped the situation either perhaps trying to get his own back for losing the captancy , Why was he even allowed to give and interview there where was Gerrard ??? Time for him to go. I think its a wake up call for the whole of English Football, yes its the best league in the world just now but that now looks like its only because of the foreign imports, And now the best of these are heading for Spain and perhaps some back to Italy now they hold the CL trophy... Is the bubble about to burst, I hope not i love watching the PL just now.

Posted 12:50 29th June 2010

Dirk Winkhaus (Bayern Munich fan) says...

In comparison let me give you some background on the development of German football the past 9 years. Mid 2001 German football, that includes the association, league, clubs, press, supporters etc., came to the unanimous and painful conclusion that German football was not playing at the top level any more. As a consequence fundamental changes were put in place such as reforming the structure of the leagues, talent scouting and developing, managing clubs, number of foreign players, appointing new type of coaches and looking for new style of play and more. ( By the way the 1-5 in Munich was predominantly a result of those very new changes weeks before and has therefore in Germany an almost positive connotation, whereas in England they missed the chance to put that result into the right context and truly benefit from it). It takes one generation of football players passing through before you can harvest the fruits of those measures as Germany is starting to do now. It is not related to any nationality but merely about applying generally accepted state of the art methods of producing top sport performances. The Brazilians do it, the Argentinians, Dutch, French and Italians will probably do it again after this WC and it cannot be stressed enough that some of the British Olympic sports do it successfully as well(!).....not the English football though, nope. When not qualifying for Euro 2008 English football was given a great chance to reform itself and missed it. It is given a second chance now for reforms, in its very own interest it would want to grab the chance this time and finally start reforms! Otherwise the next 44 years are going to be like the previous for England.

Posted 12:47 29th June 2010

Tim Baker (Manchester City fan) says...

I don't see the need to have such a skilled club coach incharge. They can't make transfers or coach them throughout the year. We need a motivator, someone who the players want to play for. Look at Argentina, they are playing for their idol, not some foreign club manager. Thats what England need, someone to make the players want to play for their countries. Someone like Beckham in the next few years. This world cup has been a joke from start to finish, the highlight being beating Slovenia shows you how poor it has been. We need flair and pace. Not slow technical players. Because as we've seen, that wins you nothing.

Posted 12:37 29th June 2010

Bill Murtagh (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello going is a in qualifying he was the best thing since sliced bread now you all want him out. How many English managers have his experience. Our Arry has one FA cup , one Thrid Div promotion, one Div 1 promotion, beaten Finalist league cup and fourth place premeirship. Good enough for England I doubt, and Shearer he has learned football speak from Hanson and Lineker and they're hardly expert managers. Give Capello the Euro 's to develop his new team. Defence was the downfall with Bridges pulling out, Rio's injury, Carragher's ban and Terry's outburst on TV little has been said about that which left questions about his commitment after loosing the armband. He was horribally out of position on a number of occasions, and begs the question who was running the show on field.

Posted 12:37 29th June 2010

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