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Africa's World Cup?

Africa's World Cup?

Trains, planes and automobiles will be required for many 'home' fans to get to next summer's finals.

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Elliott Wright-clarke (Arsenal fan) says...

Fully agree with what Simon Payne said. Re read the article, certain people got the wrong end of the stick. Overly on the defensive for no appartent reason.

Posted 03:41 5th December 2009

Ryno Du preez says...

@Harry-Have you ever been to SA?Me think not otherwise you will not be making such uninformed statements. Do yourselve a favour and google 2010stadiums in SA. You will be very surprised.Smell the coffee. England is not the only country on this planet as you may think. I have lived in England for 3 years and SA have nothing to stand back for. In fact it has everything going for it. The most beautiful country in the world is going to WOW the world come 2010.!!!!!

Posted 13:35 30th November 2009

Daz @ everyone (Liverpool fan) says...

U am born and raised in SA but lived in the uk for a while. I have been to a few world cups before and I can tell you that every single one (inc germany) was very expensive to get to and the hotels. so no different. the hotels and flights get booked very quickly and the companies up the price. as a travel agent i can tell you this article isnt true! you can fly to SA from any african country staying in africa. There might be trains in SA but we do have greyhound buses and we have better roads and better high ways then the uk. the are better planned roads. all you need to do is hire a car in SA and is is very affordable. I have just got back from SA where i was on holiday and everything is taking shape. All the advise i can say is do your reseach before you go. you would just go to the Sates and not do home work and land up in a dodgy area would you? even going to other UK cities you wouldnt. It will be a good world cup just go like you where going to any other country and staty out of bad areas. SA is very safe in alot of area's.

Posted 10:16 30th November 2009

Giles Halton (Middlesbrough fan) says...

FAO Harry shortland - how wrong can you be! i recently visited Cape Town, and thier infrastructure is brilliant. Much better dare I say it that travelling to anfield or Old Trafford in 2018. The people are some of the most welcoming in the world, the city itself is cosmpolitan and ready for fans, and the city and the country are ready for the World Cup. this is one of their proudest moments, and they will not let the world down. the only way that 'transport and infrastructure' will let anyone down, is if people go there without doing any research, the same as you would do with any other county in the world. Lest not forget that SA has held the cricket and rugby world cups in the last few years, and have had no where near the same amount of problems as were experience in holland, and Germany. have some faith SA will put on a fantastic spectacle, and I can't wait to be there

Posted 21:25 29th November 2009

Davie Mac (Liverpool fan) says...

Having just returned from s/a (CAPE TOWN @ JOBURG ) there is plenty of money being spent on roads etc but still no proper transport system as us lucky europeans are used to . Unfortunately i think this single issue is going to be the downfall of this world cup i genuinely hope i am wrong as it is a fantastic country to visit .

Posted 13:33 29th November 2009

Shane Liswoga (Arsenal fan) says...

i,m a South African, and i must say all your opinions about South Africa's preparations of 2010 are all just opinions and not based on facts. SA is according to FIFA examinations well prepared for next year. this will be the best world cup of all time. Lashias is just another desperate SA citizen who would rather put hes own nation to global shame just for that next pay

Posted 06:07 29th November 2009

Peter Horn (Chelsea fan) says...

@ Harry. Your very uninformed and condascending comment will be proved incorrect. Whilst we all know it was a political rather then a common sense decision to give the WC to Africa, the world and for that reason arrogant English like you will soon see that you are not alone in the world and that we will put a very comparable WC on for the world to enjoy. The biggest success of this WC will be found in the once again failure of your team to make any impact after a lot of talk of even winning it. And that idiot Blatter will soon make a nother brilliant decision, not to award the UK the WC in 2018!

Posted 14:13 28th November 2009

Bill Maclean (Liverpool fan) says...

Shane, you need to wake up. Listen to Harry and Lashias. I lived in South Africa for over 40 years and I can tell you that there is no infrastructure to cope with all the fans. It is going to be a disaster. The latest from there is that the criminal gangs are drooling and cannot wait to get hold of all the stupid tourists. Nobody seems to realise the distances needed to travel in SOuth Africa. It is over 1200 km from Pretoria to Cape Town. From Durban to Johannesburg is 600 km. From Durban to CapeTown is over 1600 km. There is no train system like in Europe. If you don't drive, you have to fly or risk a bus ride. The hotels are few and far between and will not be able to cope with all the people. This was a decision taken on Political Correctness and emotion and it will backfire on FIFA.

Posted 11:28 28th November 2009

S K (Liverpool fan) says...

I have to agree with Harry on this one, it is a huge gamble. I was born and grew up in SA, and the infrastructure in terms of transport is nowhere near adequate to host a tournament of this magnitude. With teams and fans constatntly on the move traveling around for games, the transport system is vital - but the thing is, there is no proper cost effective transport system there for fans. Add to the fact that the land mass is so massive as Lashia mentioned, that the traveling between games will be very, very far in comparison to european tournaments. The way people travel long distances in SA is usually by car (and not by train as in europe) so the best bet would be to hire a car while you're there. Public transport by minicab is a no-goer, as it's dangerous. So if flights are not an option, then I would recommend hiring a car for your time over there as the only other option. Perhaps certain buses will be available too for the tournament. It will be interesting to see how the tournament unfolds, as it's the first time held in Africa.

Posted 10:57 28th November 2009

Shane Liswoga (Arsenal fan) says...

yes it is an African world cup, the fact that Africa is hosting this showpiece for a first is all enough to make it an African world cup. Lashias needs to write more proudly South African articles

Posted 06:08 28th November 2009

David Ferreira (Deportivo La Coruna fan) says...

That is a sad truth for African football fans but that's the way it is and nothing can be done about it. It's a problem that has nothing to do with football. Unless FIFA were to make a deal with SAA to provide low cost direct flights for the duration of the tournament.

Posted 04:25 28th November 2009

Harry Shortland (Arsenal fan) says...

The 'decision' to put the World Cup in Africa was then, and still is a ridiculous gamble! The infrastructure, transportation and pitches (?) in SA are today inadequate to hold the tournament! The politically correct and racially motivated decision looks for all the world like a disaster in the making! What advantage do the Africans have? How can the fans afford to travel to and stay at the venues? Can anyone explain to me how the South Africans won the bid???? It certainly wasn't won on either merit or a 'level playing field'! Once again, Herr Blatter and his band of idiots have shown their naiivity! Stand by for a disaster!

Posted 01:26 28th November 2009

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