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Bafana Bafana held in opener

Bafana Bafana held in opener

South Africa were denied a dream start to the 2010 World Cup after their opening Group A encounter with Mexico ended 1-1.

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Adrian Wardle (Crewe Alexandra fan) says...

Ok so that was offside, then maybe the rule should change as lets face it the keeper made a mistake, and i think keepers get away with too much anyway.

Posted 10:49 12th June 2010

Rambaruth Prithvirajsingh (Liverpool fan) says...

The match gives me courage for the South Africans. It could have the only match they could have won! Let's hope they will be out of the group stage! they did well, especially in the second half! Nice display. i don't much about the mexicans, I would have preferred the last shot(on the side bar) to be in. Would have been the perfect finish for the 80000 Africans there! :) Keep it Up! They do not seem to be ranked 83rd! Much above!

Posted 09:58 12th June 2010

Mpho Ramosoeu (Arsenal fan) says...

Bafana played well but can do better especially in defence and attack. Mokoena needs 2 communicate more since he is de leader and Mphela needs more support up front. well done to Tshabalala 4 dat stunning goal,contender 4 goal of da tournament? 2 Dikgacoi u proved why u r playing in da FA premiership! Its Africa 's tym gud people!

Posted 09:49 12th June 2010

Thomas Wale (Coventry City fan) says...

Keith- were you watching the same game as the rest of us. The officials were excellent. Darren- not a complicated rule. There must be 2 opposition players between an attacker and the goal line when the ball is played to him providing he is in the oppositions half. As for the game; a great start to the tournament, exciting game and great atmosphere. More games like this and less performances like Frances tonight will make a supurb tournament.

Posted 22:59 11th June 2010

Adam P (Leeds United fan) says...

Have FIFA changed the offside rules AGAIN? How can there be a defender standing on the line but the striker be offside? If that is the rule then why not have the keeper stand on the halfway line with a few defenders in your own half to crowd out anyone making a run? Then anyone who goes past the halfway line cant pass as its offside. It is not the strikers fault if the keeper decides to go flying out for a ball and misses it while there was a defender between him and the goal. It is the keeper who should be punished, not the striker as it makes no sense otherwise.

Posted 21:07 11th June 2010

Lanre Sulaimon (Chelsea fan) says...

am an african, i feel suparb and exciting

Posted 19:06 11th June 2010

Joe Henderson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Keith, are you a professional killjoy? That was a great start to the tournament. Plus, the linesman was absolutely spot on in ruling the goal out for offside.

Posted 18:55 11th June 2010

Emmanuel Mwakatabale (Arsenal fan) says...

SA were poor in finishing otherwise they could score more and get a first win

Posted 18:53 11th June 2010

Loramer Darvel (Liverpool fan) says...

Bafana Bafana did us proud and I think they are highly underrated. We made a few mistakes but man what a goal.......! Next round here we come. Sincerest sympathy to MADIBA and family. Halala Bafana Halala....

Posted 18:49 11th June 2010

Darren Hardie (Manchester City fan) says...

regards to my first comment here the very confusing answer.????? The offside rule reads that a player is offside if he is "nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (the last opponent typically being the goalkeeper)." Usually when an attacking player runs past the "last defender," the goalkeeper remains in the net -- meaning the "last" defender is really the second-to-last defender. In the case of Friday's game, the goalkeeper was not there behind the defense. The second Vega passed Khune in the middle of the box, he was offside, regardless of Pienaar's position at the post. It was an intelligent call from the referee and his assistant in a complicated demonstration of a complicated rule.

Posted 18:41 11th June 2010

David Johnson (Arsenal fan) says...

that goal was an offside. fifa rules says that when a player stays beyond the goalkeeper, even with a player at post, is offside. you can go search for it.

Posted 18:41 11th June 2010

Tom Brennan (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

keith if your talking about the vela goal he was at least 2 yards behind the keeper with only the man on the line between him and the goal, clearly making him offside.

Posted 18:38 11th June 2010

Modise Tshabalala (Arsenal fan) says...

sorry keith openshaw, as was CLEARLY stated by the commentators, if the player goes beyond the goalkeeper, he's automatically offside regardless of outfield player's positions. the decision was good, and it's a rule that has no grey area and has been around in football forever. most people don't know this because it rarely happens but it is a rule.

Posted 18:33 11th June 2010

Darren Hardie (Manchester City fan) says...

why was that goal offside there was a man on the line playing hin on. has there been a rule change while wasn't looking

Posted 18:32 11th June 2010

Tommy Rose (Everton fan) says...

For Keith Openshaw (Manchester City fan), the Mexican goal WAS offside, maybe we dont need replays but fans who understand the game

Posted 18:30 11th June 2010

Craig Wood (Manchester United fan) says...

Well Kieth, i do agree with you on the corner, but the offside goal was infact offside. As the keeper was infront of vela, vela was offside. Regardless if pinearr was on the line. Thats the rule. Anyway Bafana Bafana deserved to win, but thats how it goes

Posted 18:27 11th June 2010

James Cane (Manchester United fan) says...

Keith Openshaw should look up the offside rule the goal was clearly offside as the keeper stepped up acting as the last man, wouldnt exspect you to know the rules anyway, just thought id clear it up for you. Great start to the World Cup lets hope England start of well tommorow.

Posted 18:26 11th June 2010

Max Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

Refreeing was brilliant, the goal was offside because the was one defending player instead of two...check the rules Kieth. Oh and can someone explain how mokoena got to become a national player let alone captain, that guy is the weakest link????

Posted 18:23 11th June 2010

Mark Bliss (Southend United fan) says...

The Mexican goal was clearly offside. Having a defender on the post is irrelevant in this scenario because the keeper was in front of the player who scored when the ball was passed (headed). FIFA offside rule: "A player is in an offside position if he is in his opponents' half of the field and is nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the next to last opponent"

Posted 18:21 11th June 2010

Mike S (Arsenal fan) says...

Read your offside rules, the first goal was rightly ruled offside as when the ball was played on from the corner Vela was in front the second last defender (this being the goalkeeper) hence offside. Great goal by south africa, pity about the poor defending.

Posted 18:21 11th June 2010

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