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Forlan leaves hosts flailing

Forlan leaves hosts flailing

Diego Forlan's brilliance earned Uruguay a 3-0 win over South Africa in Pretoria to leave the hosts in danger of World Cup elimination.

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Sunny Otuya (Arsenal fan) says...

Too bad. South Africa are making history of their own being the first host nation to exit the tournament in the group stages. Truth be told, These are boys (bafana) against men. South Africa could not even qualify for the African cup of nations. Surely, we will hear less of the vuvuzelas now. One thing though, the have been superb in organising the world cup. This is a positive for them. Bafana, come to Nigeria we will teach you how to kick football...

Posted 08:44 17th June 2010

David Harvey (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wrong tactics employed by the coach. You cannot expect to win a game with a lone striker. At half time he should have inserted Bernard Parker as the second striker, put Pienaar out left where he excels for Everton and take of Teko Modise. Pienaar looked lost playing the supporting role and Tshabala was looking for self glory instead of as a team player.

Posted 08:15 17th June 2010

Richard Brophy (Chelsea fan) says...

Uruguay deserved to win the game only because of this foreign coache's poor tactics. How can we, knowing we have to win the game, play a defensive system with one striker and a packed midfield whose job it seemed was to stop Uruguay from attacking. Besides those stupid tactics, these Bafana midfielders don't know what to do with the ball. All they did was pass the ball across the field all night. As for this supposed number 1 player in our country, Teko Modise, he is useless. He can¿t score goals and he can¿t take on defenders. Killer Mphela is a good striker, but how is the man supposed to score goals, when he doesn't get any supply. And what about that substitution, why Suprise and not Parker. Parker is a proven goal scorer for Bafana. Parreira doesn't care about South Africa, he is only here to collect a fat paycheck!!!

Posted 06:59 17th June 2010

Scott Sunderland (Manchester United fan) says...

Is this the same player that flopped at manchester united? It can't be!

Posted 06:18 17th June 2010

Suresh Vythylingam (Arsenal fan) says...

Really sad for the hosts!

Posted 04:47 17th June 2010

Bill Dick (Liverpool fan) says...

keep the horns, they are part of a world cup in africa...ITS IN AFRICA!!!!!!! dont you get it? sure they are a little annoying but i dont really even hear it anymore. however the other day i was walking to work and i thought i heard the horns. ha

Posted 00:45 17th June 2010

Peter Innes (Liverpool fan) says...

Keith how is South Africa losing going to stop the vuvuzelas?!? It will make no difference and won't reduce their use. They have been present at most WC games (obviously when Bafana Bafana werent playing!) and been used by most fans - BOTH South African and foreign! It is pathetic how people are complaining about them. It's a World Cup in an African country and the vuvuzela is part of the local culture and atmosphere. Whats the point of hosting a tournament in different countries if you dont accept and embrace the local themes?! I for one think they are great and make for a completely difference and contrasting atmosphere to anything we have had before. But i guess you would rather have the rioting and hooliganism of previous tournaments over a "horn"??! If it is really ruining your viewing experience than hit the mute button!!!

Posted 23:44 16th June 2010

Matt Vuvuzela (Manchester United fan) says...

How can you say the vuvuzelas are ruining the world cup? Shall we ban singing aswell? Vuvuzela... coming to a premiership game near you!!

Posted 23:41 16th June 2010

Paul Spencer (Liverpool fan) says...

I said when south africa was to host the world cup that they would not get out of the group stage.Thats another reason they shouldn't have been awarded the games in the first place.This is the worst world cup i have ever seen on the tv,and annoying to boot.

Posted 23:12 16th June 2010

Kev Middleton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

absolutely great result if it shuts those horns up talk about ruining the world cup why cant FIFA see that

Posted 22:16 16th June 2010

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