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Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Sepp Blatter has given his backing to the idea of hosting the 2022 World Cup in January or February.

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Michael Shotton (Newcastle United fan) says...

I don't think this is a bad idea, well certainly for me as a fan who will be watching it from home, Who want's to go out in the winter? I certainly don't, this would make good winter TV but the only problem is, the premier league and almost every other season around the world is still ongoing at that time, which means the best players from each team will be shattered when they come back from the world cup.

Posted 19:31 15th February 2011

Drew Kilner (Doncaster Rovers fan) says...

Get Blatter and Platini out, together they are making a mockery of us all and the football world, Football is our religion but these 2 men bleed money not Football!!!!

Posted 12:04 18th December 2010

Ken Paxton (Stoke City fan) says...

What a complete buffoon Blatter is. He grants Qatar the world cup without explaining the upheaval it will cause. Why should we have our season disrupted to suit the whims of FIFA and Blatter in particular. Why don't we just carry on as normal and boycott the world cup until they come to their senses. If enough european nations agreed to do it he wouldn't have much of a competition.

Posted 11:10 18th December 2010

Ron Jeremy (Newcastle United fan) says...

@greg tito it is physically impossible for players to play in 50 degree heat, many would collapse and even presents a risk of death. never known a player to die because the climate was too cold elsewhere have we? Even when the games aren't been played in air conditioned stadiums as proposed...have you ever been in 50 degree heat?! it is completely unbearable and presents great dangers for many travelling fans getting skin cancer. and serious sunburn. the idea of a world cup in Qatar is both ridiculous and stupid and basically it has filled Sepp Blatters pockets with dirty oil money. FIFA are a joke and as usual the media and public let it all blow over again. same with mike ashley at goal it took at Liverpool and it was Chris Whoton? Student protests...what student protests....this country is so so so fickle nowit's untrue

Posted 10:25 18th December 2010

Aaron Thompson says...

Fifa should of thought about this before letting them host the world cup, there just plain idiots

Posted 10:18 18th December 2010

Oli S (Manchester United fan) says...

Let's have the next one on the moon Sepp Blatter

Posted 08:56 18th December 2010

Shane Williams (Liverpool fan) says...

Changing the whole dynamics of a schedule could really cause a lot more harm than good, it could change the way we view football entirely and not necessarily in a good way. Part of my childhood growing up the savour of my Christmas time was the boxing day matches etc. now I agree more foreigners might be attracted to the Premier League because they can go somewhere else for the Winter but that will end, Then the dynamics of the'll have players suffering crippling burn-out before the Premiership, La Liga or Serie A seasons end so I think Clubs will suffer into the middle-latter stages of the Season. Im a fan of change, in the right economic structure and viability, I believe this is more of a personal notion for Blatter, hungry to change the structures of society that cannot compete with powerhouses like Europe, America etc. and whilst I agree that Qatar might have high humidity which is the killer in this heat, I believe they have the resources and means for air-conditioned stadiums and that most of our public will be transferring from compounds to games as main Qatar could be too hostile for our traditions like getting drunk and chatting up girls. Im 70/30 in opposing as I purely believe this is more for his ego rather than the good of football.

Posted 08:12 18th December 2010

Nimish Varadkar says...

This is a farce of the highest order.But more importantly this will come back to bite FIFA big time.I dont fancy the Big Clubs and Major Leagues bowing down to FIFA to make changes in their seasons.Add to that, there would be major ramifications that might arise from break between a season.Biggest of all will be the case of players getting injured during WC.Theres a long time for 2022, but when it arrives things are going to be really tricky....unless we have a natural disaster straight from a Hollywood movie and seasons alter themselves or the two poles shift.

Posted 07:51 18th December 2010

John Eagles (Arsenal fan) says...

Most English Football fans are ignorant. It is called the World Cup, stupid! Every country / continent or region must have the opportunity to host. You think football is all about England.....they may not even qualify, and if they do, they will definately not win. All you talk about is 1966....technically not a world cup as only few countries participated and the penalty shoot- out with Germany (W.) was a farce. If England stays at home in problem, after all their players are average at best. The Premier Laegue is supported by players from other countries. Some of the comments just smack of blatant racism, especially the rude comments by Paul Spencer. Let Qatar and other countries host. The world is changing and sorry you can't do anything about it. Embrace change or risk being left at the sidelines.

Posted 05:09 18th December 2010

Paul B (Manchester United fan) says...

For the next bidding, England should do a joint bidding with the other home nations, Ireland (both), Scotland and Wales. This would be a strong bid and also has that factor that the World Cup has never been to these countries. 2026 we can do it!

Posted 02:00 18th December 2010

Peter Maher (Manchester United fan) says...

So, these FIFA Muppets spend two year and about a hundred million pounds trotting all over the world to find the best place to hold the World Cup. Then, after they decide that Qatar is the best place to play the world cup they discover that it might be a bit hot in the middle of the desert in June so their plan is to completely disrupt World Football and play the tournament in January. This kind of incompetent buffoonery is bordering on Governmental. It takes a special kind of idiot to be as incompetent as FIFA.

Posted 00:59 18th December 2010

Harry Shortland (Arsenal fan) says...

I believe British football desperately needs a January Break. Just look at the number of games being postponed already!.... BUT... Sepp Blatter and his lap-dogs were most definitely "encouraged" to choose Qatar, a country who's entire bid was based on paper and plans, and who's bid should have been rejected before the votes were even cast! I can't see Blatter et al returning their "inducements, can you?.... so they're going to have to make it work.... somehow! That guy Sepp, without any doubt, suffers from a Napoleonic syndrome, and should be removed and given psychiatric help!

Posted 23:02 17th December 2010

Martyn Daines (Manchester United fan) says...

Don't know about you lot, but I wouldn't want to play football with the massive expectations in 50 degrees. Would be interesting to see how it would affect domestic games and the WC itself...

Posted 22:41 17th December 2010

Colin Pearce says...

Why oh why are we (English football fans/clubs/national team ) giving this person & their organisation any creedance ? Their dealings are not transparent, they have allegations of corruption & hidded agendas. The latest fiasco of 2018 & 2022 must really mean we withdraw from THEIR world cup tournaments. In the unlikely event we won one of em how sullied would that be ? Dancing to their tune means we accept them & all they stand for, I for one do not & until they adopt a similar constitution as the International Olympic Commitee, I do not regognise them as the International Footbal Federation. If the English FA still want to brown nose Sepp & his pals, then we fans need to send a message. Boycott England WC qualifying matches, especially at Wembley.Imagine a near empty stadium with just the press & corporate gravy trainers in attendance ! Remember this is not two fingers to the England the team ( although some might argue they deserve them as well ), just the English FA & ultimatley FIFA. Concentrate on UEFA championships & re-instate home championship or create Euro competion with invites to select international guest's like the old days. Invite finalists of African nations cup, Copa Americas, USA, Australia etc. Time for fans to snatch OUR game back from the corrupt, sleazy, clueless mandarins in Zurich!!

Posted 22:25 17th December 2010

Steve S (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

So, it was argued just a month or so ago that the England bid might have suffered because Wimbledon would have taken place at the same time as the World Cup, yet Qatar can change the whole tradition of a northern hemisphere summer World Cup? Get real, Blatter!

Posted 22:04 17th December 2010

August Renfroe (Manchester United fan) says...

If FIFA is so all about equal rights, and anti-discrimination why would you even allow a country that is so blatantly homophobic the chance to host a world!?!? You can't sit here and say " FIFA does not tolerate bigotry or discrimination in any form" and then allow a country that still has ridiculously strict laws against homosexuals to host the world cup!!

Posted 22:02 17th December 2010

John Smith (Everton fan) says...

Bottom line is....CLUBS PAY THEIR WAGES. What if this Winter world cup was to happen and all these stars of Chelski and Man UTD where to get injured and then I'm sure there would be some up roar when it is over and they only have half a squad to use and try and win the League, CL, FA cup!! This is a stupid Idea that will back fire if it happens. Only shining light is that in 12 years time when this WC is going on that Sepp Blatter might not be with us anymore!!

Posted 21:46 17th December 2010

Davy Forster (Newcastle United fan) says...

What a nonesense 2 nil to corrupt officials. I can't believe people are siding with it. Break tradition to get the world cup to an essentially non football nation. Yes Europe has a 2 weeks break for recovery not to wedge in a competition. Besides the world cup build up is a couple of months of friendlies & a few weeks training camp immediately prior to the event starting, realistically we would need a 6 week winter break to accomodate this nonesense. Next proposal New year in June as icey conditions are dangerous to drunks.

Posted 21:22 17th December 2010

Jamie Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

Oh, of course Mr Blatter! I forgot that the periods around January are the busiest in European football! But then again... How dare we try and criticise FIFA. What a joke he is.

Posted 21:20 17th December 2010

Liam Lauder (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

To all the people who keep saying everyone should just 'deal with it' and 'get on with it' over this appaling decision. Do you just accept everything in life and 'get on with it'? as fans we have the right to protest and critisise decisions that are made and when there is clearly corruption involved people who put football first must have a say. this is our sport and our teams and its our money that is spent by these organisations, so if they are doing wrong they should be held accountable and be investigated. FIFA are a law to themselves and are making a mockery of our game, i seriously don't understand why nothing can be done about this. The top leagues need to get together and breakaway in my opinion as i dont think FIFA will ever change now, especially with blatter in charge.

Posted 20:50 17th December 2010

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