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Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Sepp Blatter has given his backing to the idea of hosting the 2022 World Cup in January or February.

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Mason Crane says...

It will be an awful world cup if they do move it. This is because the English leagues and the Spanish leagues etc will not move their schedule. The seasons are already packed enough as it is, so they will not oblige to having a six week break in the middle. The worlds greatest players play in these leagues, and if they do not go to the world cup, Sepp Blatter will have failed his mission to make it a great world cup. Why would you have a world cup in Qatar anyway? Surely it should go to the biggest countries, like England because we created the game) because this is where those who get priority tickets actually care about the game, they are not just there for the sake of being there.

Posted 20:49 17th December 2010

Ian Yates (Chelsea fan) says...

My favorite part about this is, is that by the time 2022 rolls around, global warming will probably be so bad that Qatar won't even be habitable in the summer time I think Greenland should consider bidding for the 2026 or 2030 world cups because that might be the only place with ideal football weather by that time

Posted 20:28 17th December 2010

Simon G (Liverpool fan) says...

If it's going to be in Qatar, holding in January makes great sense - it also might be to the advantage of English and other European players as, coming in the middle of the season, they should be in great shape as opposed to having to peak again in the summer.

Posted 19:34 17th December 2010

Irvine Halliday (man utd fan) says...

Sure i thought on Qatar's tender they have already allowed for the weather with the super stadiums etc that were being dismantled later for Africa. Maybe the Shieks are making cutbacks now they have actually got the WC. England had to play at altitude in Mexico in 1970 and the WC in USA was also very hot. I say insist Qatar honours its commitment to air conditioned pitches and play in June. Also make sure FIFA uses a normal ball and not a "top secret" experiment of a ball.

Posted 19:33 17th December 2010

Greg Tito (Arsenal fan) says...

Great Mr Blatter, let the WC be held there in June/July,what are we talking about weather, peolple frm midlle east,africa etc play some tonaments in Europe when the weather is cold why not in Qatar's hot weather.pls let them host it during Europe's so called summer.It is the world cup let other continents host and enjoy the pleasure of see the game in their own towns.

Posted 16:13 17th December 2010

Darren Cash (Manchester United fan) says...

After watching the last couple of World Cups where the players are knackered from their long domestic seasons, why not try playing it in December/January when, in theory, the players are reaching their fitness 'peaks'. Yes it might mean a change to the schedule, but by the time 2022 comes round, I'd bet my bottom dirham that the Premier League will have instigated a 2 week winter break anyway so it won't cause too many problems. Half of Europe has a winter break anyway!! Qatar for the WC may have put a few noses out - but give them a chance!

Posted 16:00 17th December 2010

Mark Lewis (Manchester United fan) says...

just goes to show that the FIFA commitee members cant do two things at once! i.e using their brains when holding their hands out! Anyone here read what Wikipedia has to say about blatter and FIFA? very interesting and taking that into account we should not wonder about the way they cast their votes.! Have a great day.

Posted 15:44 17th December 2010

Jamie Allan (Burnley fan) says...

Absolute STUPIDITY! I detest everything that Herr Blatter and his his cronies stand for. Even in winter the temps are upwards of 25 deg C. England will stand no more of a chance in this heat than they do when competeing upon mainland europe in the summer as the temps are very similar, but I will bet the heat is more intense in Qatar.

Posted 15:03 17th December 2010

Michael Cakebread (Liverpool fan) says...

FAIR PLAY? hmmm. i think FIFA better seriously think of changing their motto. why aren't they putting the screws to the host nation in regard to the bigotry and intolerance practiced? i won't mention the logistical football debacle because it is self-evident.

Posted 14:55 17th December 2010

Graham Hins says...

So sepp blunder doesn't want video technology because it will disrupt the game to much, but a winter world cup will be fine. National teams will want there players for 2 weeks before the world cup starts to prepare and the players will want at least 1 week off to recover after the world cup ends. This means they will need a 2 month window in the football season This breaks down to basically one season ending and the next one starting, so if sepp blunder is thinking about the players health then does he think 2 seasons running back to back will benefit players?????

Posted 14:52 17th December 2010

El Fonzoman (Barcelona fan) says...

Absolute nonsense. Yet again Mr. Blatter makes another controversial and ridiculous proposal. At a time when the weather in Australia and the States would've been more temperate, he goes and selects possibly the hottest spot on the planet!!! This is the WORLD CUP, not the QATARI CUP!!! The tradition has been honored by every host so far since 1930- to change it just to suit the whims of rich sheikhs is unacceptable!!! It will wreak havoc on domestic leagues and competitions worldwide. Time to rethink the decision and hand the hosting rights to either Australia or the US.

Posted 14:31 17th December 2010

Barry Goodman (Manchester United fan) says...

The decision has been made and it is time we all accepted this FIFA joke and get on with it. Holding the WC in 40+ degrees temperatures will be hazardous for supporters and players. It is all very well building air-conditioned stadiums but they cannot air-condition the country. It shows how much thought went into this decision when one realises that no consideration has been given to the conditions, the best time to hold the event or the fact that it is a country riddled with discrimination and bigotry. I won't be there but good luck to those who do make the trip.

Posted 14:31 17th December 2010

David O brien (Liverpool fan) says...

Well unfortunatly FIFA picked Qutar for the world cup, [NO VOTING NEEDED]. and the will have to do something that changes the dates because the weather will be to hot. remember USA the heat there was unbareable especially for ireland, the players couldn't handle it.So when england qualify they would definitly have the same problem. I agree with the idea that someone needs to rival FIFA, and the way to do it is money and investment and start by convincing the smaller countries to boycote fifa and get them to join another organisation with people incharge that know about football and leave the business part to some money men who have no say in the footballing side. and if you got alot of smaller countries involved with a chance of qualifing for tournements and developing there football in there own countries. countries like ireland,scotland,wales,n.ireland, also other smaller european countries, asian countries,central american countries, it could be the europa league to the world cup presently , and would probibly be better and more entertaining than the last 3 world cups!!

Posted 14:30 17th December 2010

Mark Dell (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Disgrace.....lets hope the major football nations boycott the 2022 world cup if this happens...then break away and create a new tournament with only Europe/South America included, alternate between the 2 continents for hosting, no dual bids and send corrupt FIFA a message.

Posted 14:08 17th December 2010

Paul Spencer (Liverpool fan) says...

It's almost like they awarded the 2022 world cup to qatar then went oh crap it's going to be to hot in the month of july.We already have the stupid african cup of nations in the middle of the season.Fifa needs to get it's act together and blather needs to go now.

Posted 13:54 17th December 2010

Peter Higgins (Motherwell fan) says...

What another great idea from FIFA to hold the world cup in the middle of winter. They could hold it in Iceland it would have all the criteria that FIFA are looking for. Only one stadium very little infrasrtucture a very small country and it is some where they have not held it before. They also have a strong tradition of football being played at world and european level, surely this must be the ideal place to hold the world cup. WHAT A JOKE THIS MOB ARE.

Posted 13:47 17th December 2010

Ste H (Newcastle United fan) says...

So can FIFA explain what the point is in them visiting prospective host countries to see if they are capable of hosting the Tournament when they suggest to change the date after choosing the country. Surely there must be criteria that must be met/accepted by applying countries. What was Mr Blabber expecting when they chose 'a desert state' and not to mention the fact they are massive homophobes to host the cup? ........EPIC FAIL. I'd like to see the requirements to apply for a senior FIFA position, must be along the lines of 'must be senile, have no common sense and willingness to accept backhanders at the expense of the beautiful game. Even with a free ticket i'd be reluctant to go there through sheer fear of putting one foot wrong and getting a life sentence for it.

Posted 13:46 17th December 2010

James Green (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

just shows you what a joke fifa are there going to try and change the whole football programe just for the the world cup there has not been a good world cup since 86 the standard is poor its not as good as the champions league or the premship or any european league in fact i dont really care about the world cup because they dont have the best teams in it qatar ha ha never been to a world cup and never would if they wernt hosting it , its a 2nd rate comptition the euros is a better comptition minus brazil and argentina and the crowds would be even lower because a lot of people have kids and stuff so they would not be able to go blatter has not got a clue about football would should not bother with it if i was the fa and i dont see the premiership letting that happen

Posted 13:37 17th December 2010

Steve Peters (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Don't worry Sepp, you just keep moving the goalposts mate! What an absolute clown. Like the Premier League & other European leagues should just kneel before him - this is gonna be an absolute nightmare & he knows it. A winter WC won't help our chances of winning at all. I can't see the premier league taking a winter break then all games resumed after the WC. It'll just mean the games will be crammed earlier on. Our only saving grace for this WC is that it's 12 years away. More than enough time for young English talent to be nurtured in time. Now there's a real challenge! All eyes will be on Qatar next year now for the hosting of the Asia Cup. So then we'll get a glimpse of what to expect in 2022.

Posted 13:35 17th December 2010

Ben Thorpe (Liverpool fan) says...

Personally I cannot see why this is a problem after all as mentioned it will perhaps convince FA to schedule a winter break sooner so that the league isnt interferred with that much come WC time in Qatar. My only concern would be players from clubs in champions league and pushing for top four finishes and whether they would 'conveniently' be injured during the World Cup finals to prevent risk of injury and fatigue for the closing months of the league when it would resume.

Posted 13:17 17th December 2010

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