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Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Sepp Blatter has given his backing to the idea of hosting the 2022 World Cup in January or February.

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Adam K (Everton fan) says...

I think it would be a good idea to move the World Cup to Jan/Feb in 2022. Some people on here are saying its traditional and never happened before etc.... Your right, however the world cup has never been held in the Middle East with 50deg heat before neither. You can't expect human beings to run around in that type of temperatures for 90mins or even more if theres Extra Time. It'll kill them! Ok, it may mess the domestic leagues up, but there will be away around it, plus it would be a one off occasion. I will say one thing though .... If it is to be played in June/July as normal, then get your money on an African Team winning the world cup that year.

Posted 13:17 17th December 2010

Simon Spurs says...

Sepp Blatter is an absolute disgrace. He cares nothing about the football and is totally money driven. A winter World cup is unthinkable. It would ruin the majority of Domestic leagues in Europe. Im sure I can see Alex Ferguson and others allowing the whole squad to take a months leave. With out doubt the World Cup should have gone to Australia and not to a country who has no History or any credentials for a World Cup. GET RID OF CORRUPT SEPP AND THE WHOLE FIFA BOARD!!!

Posted 12:58 17th December 2010

Brett Wynn (Chelsea fan) says...

Why would any team be willing to risk their star players half way through the domestic/European season? Fair enough It opens up the ability to play in these types of countries/climates, but in all fairness does anyone really have a huge desire to play in Qatar/Middle East anyway?? FIFA changing the rules to suit themselves!

Posted 12:43 17th December 2010

Neil F says...

Surely during the bidding process, some bright spark asked Qatar exactly HOW they would combat the 50 degree temperatures... If re-dating the competition was within the guidlines of the bid, surely everyone could see where this was going. Come on Morrissons, do a Bosman and sue FIFA for a corrupt bidding process. Don't just make them hand the money to charity, go to the sport arbitration and get them locked up!!!

Posted 12:34 17th December 2010

G Gg (Arsenal fan) says...

Well he can stop pondering. It won't work; end of.

Posted 12:32 17th December 2010

Daniel Foster (Arsenal fan) says...

Stupid idea and it will cause chaos for the domestic games in every country, especially in Europe. Its not just the timing of the tournament itself, but all the countries will want at least 2 weeks before to play some friendlies and have their squad training together. So we're probably looking at a 2 month gap in club games. Only solution would be to start the season 1 month earlier (July) and end the season 1 month later (June). But then aren't we still having matches played in the hottest time of year in Europe?

Posted 12:10 17th December 2010

Faheem Choudhury (Chelsea fan) says...

Who is this man who thinks he can change the date of a tournament thats been running for nearly a century!!!! But they were against the idea of running Wimbledon in the same month as the world cup! Hope all the leagues in the Europe dont support this idea.

Posted 11:56 17th December 2010

Pete I says...

It amazes me how short sighted people can be. The WC is going to be held in Qatar so deal with it! Weather the decision was right or wrong, it has been made and people should move on. How can 77% people think it is better to host the WC in 50 C weather! It just shows how stubborn people can be! It's good that the Middle East is getting an oppurtunity to host the WC.

Posted 11:44 17th December 2010

Lee Wynne says...

This is riduculous. Had winter been an option then the United Arab Emirates could have bid and would probably have won to host the 2022 World Cup. Abu Dhabi has the money and with their growth plans combined with Dubai's hotel rooms they could easily have built stadiums around the country in other Emirates to accommodate the World Cup requirements. I agree the PL should not change a thing and let Sepp "Blunder" ensure a successful (but hot!!) 2022 summer World Cup.

Posted 11:29 17th December 2010

Jay Can (Liverpool fan) says...

Blatter wants to leave a legacy and he¿s doing that. Its not about the football its about Blatter leaving a legacy and saying he was the first person to take it to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and the first to play a World Cup in an Arab country. Now he could change it to a Winter World Cup, he¿s making a nice legacy for himself and something all can talk about! But is it best for football and the fans of the game? People don't like change Blatter and that's why you haven't brought Video tech, yet! Personally, i like change if it's done correct and thought about

Posted 11:14 17th December 2010

Trevor Wynes (Liverpool fan) says...

The best thing to do is for the FA to tell Fifa is to poke it, i would rather watch Premier League and European Football than another boring world cup.

Posted 11:01 17th December 2010

Andy Lau (Manchester United fan) says...

I think is a good idea for England since our star players either get injuries or too tired for the world cup evertime due to our busy Winter sch. We might finally get a good fit squad and it will boast our chance to win the world cup. Good idea! We might be all disappoint because we didn't win the host, but everyone know we just want to world cup host because it will boast our chance to lift the world cup, winter time for world cup will be for sure to boast our best chance to win.

Posted 10:56 17th December 2010

Carl O'sullivan says...

It might sound like a joke at first, but i don't think it would be a bad idea in terms of the football quality. Look at it this way. By January or whenever, all the players will be at their peak condition for a winter world cup, which means we won't have to watch boring sluggish matches like we witnessed in South Africa. It was obvious in the last World Cup that most players had nothing left in the tank after a long club season ( i'm talking about players from England,France etc who didn't get a winter break unlike other players from other international leagues like the Bundesliga). And if its the Quatar 2022 they're targeting for a winter cup , i don't think they'll have any problems in reorganising the club year schedule. Afterall they have 12 years to come up with a solution.

Posted 10:54 17th December 2010

Jack Eltham says...

Firstly, let's not be prejudiced about Qatar. Gay people are not going to be banned to travel. The practice is illegal, but then so is kissing in public. It's a different culture, I am suprised at the lack of tolerance demonstrated in the West towards the sensitivities here. Secondly, it's perfect t-shirt weather here, right now... it would make a lot of sense to play this time of year - I'm sure that that will be the final result. And for those who think that this should have been considered prior to the World Cup decision, you obviously have no concern that that would preclude the destination of the World Cup - it's another case of 'Who cares about the Middle East?' and if it truly is a WORLD Cup, that cannot be right.

Posted 10:48 17th December 2010

David P (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

And clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics too... daft!

Posted 10:41 17th December 2010

Richard Owen (Liverpool fan) says...

Well what an ideal oppertunity to get back for the voting farce. The PL should now stand up, itterate it will not change the schedule and will leave it up to clubs to decide if they will release players to play over january/february. These idiots will soon find out that they dont hold all the power.

Posted 10:39 17th December 2010

Chris Merriman (Manchester United fan) says...

"To play when the climate is appropriate and I'm thinking about the footballers, not only the fans but the players." Maybe Sepp should have taught of this at the bid decision stage when he put money ahead of the football! Moron...

Posted 10:34 17th December 2010

Patrick Morrissey (West Ham United fan) says...

I just wonder what the "tender" for the World Cup bid said about dates. If it specified June/July then it is another FIFA stitch up by changing the rules after the process. The only way ahead for football now is to set up a group to challenge FIFA. Corruption has been proved against FIFA members and on the face of it Blatter is a homophobe. Additinally he has had no confirmation that Qatar will change its anti-homosexual laws so that "all" are welcome.

Posted 10:32 17th December 2010

Henderson Michael (Manchester United fan) says...

I know you are meant to filter out abuse but for some people you have to make an exception. Blatter is a complete buffoon. Fifa voted on Qatar for a sumer world cup. Fifa doesn't make nearly enough money to pay for cancelling the European football season. Its about time they started to pay market wages for putting on a show with Premier League players. What kind of moron says gays should stop having sex in the world cup and doesn't realize that is offensive. Oh I know what kind. The Fifa official kind.

Posted 10:23 17th December 2010

Chris Offredi (Liverpool fan) says...

I'd love it if all the countries said no to that and refused to enter if they tried to proceed with this. All of a sudden those old cronies at FIFA will find themselves a bit snookered! Anyway, by 2022 then World Cup will only be the second biggest tournament after the CL, all draws will be settled on penalty shootouts, and we'll still be awaiting goal-line technology.

Posted 10:22 17th December 2010

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