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Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Fifa ponders winter World Cup

Sepp Blatter has given his backing to the idea of hosting the 2022 World Cup in January or February.

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James Cobb (Manchester United fan) says...

How has the footballing world not gotten rid of these clearly corrupt band of idiots? I would really like to see a list of what Mr Blatter has done for the footballing world, because as far as I'm aware it's all rubbish. And now a winter world cup!?!?!? Far too much would have to be re-arranged. Get Steve McClaren in; even the Wolly with a Brolly would do a better job.

Posted 10:18 17th December 2010

Martin Olson says...

This is stupid joke, a whole year of football will be moved for this stupid world cup, Qatar should not be allowed to host this

Posted 10:17 17th December 2010

Dean Bradshaw (Liverpool fan) says...

Great. So not only will the qualifiers be re-scheduled, but domestic matches, champions league and other european matches, squads' fitness and selections will be all rushed in time for what probably will be the most least memorable and boring world cup in history. Good work Mr Blatter.

Posted 09:58 17th December 2010

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