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Bradley open to Villa role

Bradley open to Villa role

Bob Bradley would be keen to coach in Europe after he was made favourite to be Villa's new manager.

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Paul Dewberry (Arsenal fan) says...

Personally, I think Bob maybe a good punt. He made the USofA punch above their weight in the world cup, and payed some good football. Admittedly they are not full of stars, a good championship team perhaps. Why not? Just because he has had no prem experience doesnt mean he will fail. I remember the day when they said Arsene who? Give the guy a chance at least. It is sad though that we are talking about this with less than a week to go to the big kick off. MON did a great job at Villa, and they were progressing well every season, but if you are going to let your better players leave every year and not use the income to invest then you are only going to slip down the league. MON is a man of principal, and it will not be too long before he is back in management, I only hope he stays in the premiership.

Posted 13:59 10th August 2010

Mark Cadman (Aston Villa fan) says...

My personal first choice would be David Moyes but getting him off Everton is another matter!! As for Bradley I feel that he would bring a new dimension to the club and a different view point. MON did fantastic in his first couple of years. But he also signed some very good players and either tried to change the way they played or didnt play them at all, NRC, Sidwell, Curtis Davies, Luke Young, Beye (the latter while playing a centre back at right back). He also made some very questionable signings in the likes of Sutton, Phillips and most notable Emile Heskey. For these reasons I feel that is why the money had dried up for MON, it has always been a tactic of chairmen to say there are no funds available when they are looking to force them out the club, I feel this has been the case but the timing is terrible. Also peoples notion that villa have over performed is rubbish, the squad has some very good players that are a match for most teams other than the so called top 4 that now seems to be a top 6 including Man City and Spurs. But I say if we cant get Moyes give it to Bradley but I agree he needs an assistant with Prem experience

Posted 13:47 10th August 2010

Mike Carrington (West Ham United fan) says...

To all the people saying he has no Prem experience. Tell me how many years Prem experience did Wenger have when he went to Arsenal?? Managerial skills can be translated anywhere - just ask Roy Hodgson

Posted 13:27 10th August 2010

Jesse Sant (West Ham United fan) says...

The reason most of you don''t like him is because he is American. Get over it. He is tactically great, and can do well with players that aren''t that good. Look at our country. They''re all horrible minus Bradley, Donovan, and Dempsey. Granted Ghana got a huge advantage from the ref (being the only African team left, cheated with crap penalties to the Round of 16), He did well. He would be a great choice for villa. To be honest, i couldn''t give a fat rat''s a$$ about villa, and would much rather him stay with the US and take us to the next WC.

Posted 13:27 10th August 2010

James Bulmer (Manchester United fan) says...

Sorry boyz - Americans just dont do football - They do soccer, says it all

Posted 13:16 10th August 2010

Glen Rotherhide - villa says...

Yes it is a total disaster for Villa and we do not want it compounding with a below average appointment , ie mancini,di mattea,zola or the ultimate nightmare Sam Allardyce! Please look further a field from the premiership , Guus Hiddink has the credentials. PS;Steve McLaren need not apply, england have seen the results!

Posted 12:36 10th August 2010

Lee Round (Aston Villa fan) says...

Bob ''SOCCER'' Bradley, One question why? Ok he led a bunch of mediocre players to a world cup but so what, they drew against possibly the worst England performing team ever and got results against 2 lowly ranked countries. Came up against a decent team in Ghana and lost, nothing to write home about. Steve Maclaren shipped off to a league he didnt know with an average team and beat everyone still wouldnt mean id want the brolly wally either! The gutting thing is it seems MO went because he wouldnt get all the money from Milner sale and what will happen, they will guarantee the new manager who ever it may be all the money to come and manage else theres no point in taking the job and if they do that why not just give it to MO? Randy came with all the american bulshyness and how he would put in this and put in that and when the dust has settled he has proven hes just another Yank business man looking after number 1. No doubt we will soon have 60% yanks in the team playing at the PEPSI COLA STADIUM and have Obama kicking the ball first to start proceedings every year after some talentless yank singer has murdered the stars and stripes!

Posted 12:22 10th August 2010

Michael Prescott (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I think Gareth Southgate would be an ideal choice. Good with players, experience, and no bxxxxxxt.

Posted 11:48 10th August 2010

Tubby Roach (Luton Town fan) says...

Lets get this in perspective Bradley is a great manager, he has worked wanders for the USA. What everyone has to realise and what Martin O''Neills problem was that money talks. We dont have the best league in the world, we have the richest league.We dont have the best players we have the richest. So it will be same old same old Man Utd,Chelsea and Arsenal and maybe Man City. Villa have done really well over the past three years so good luck

Posted 11:31 10th August 2010

Hardeep Singh (Aston Villa fan) says...

Bring in Martin Laursen!

Posted 11:25 10th August 2010

Martyn Watterson (Aston Villa fan) says...

Appointing Bob Bradley will be a disaster. It will be just like it was when we took on Dr Josef Venglos and Graham Turner in the 80''s. If we do this then the only way is down! Martin Jol please.

Posted 11:22 10th August 2010

Daniel Chapman (Aston Villa fan) says...

I''d rather see Bob Hope or Bob Monkhouse, they''ve got just as much Premier League and European League experience as Mr Bradley!!!

Posted 10:49 10th August 2010

Justin Bevan (Aston Villa fan) says...

Although Bradley did well with USA team in the world cup, the premiership might be too much of a challenge for the American "soccer" coach. I would much prefer klinsman to take the role as villa skipper, he has a greater understanding of European football and the premiership in general. I think villa would be in much safer hands should klinsman be appointed.

Posted 10:37 10th August 2010

Paulo Wilkes (Aston Villa fan) says...

Bob Bradley all the way for me. I do believe the appointment would either be a massive success or a massive failure, not an in-between. We Villains need to look at the football chain now. Without billions to spent we realistically cannot finish any higher than sixth. A few good cup runs and a Europa League place each season will do me fine. Who wants to be in the greed league that is the Champions League anyway? GO TEAM USA....SORRY GO TEAM VILLA!

Posted 10:21 10th August 2010

Chris Hill (Aston Villa fan) says...

Bradley is scarier than a ride at Bush Gardens !! get Klinsman in who could bring all theyoung talent from Germany with him !! ???? or me ??!!!

Posted 10:11 10th August 2010

Steve Davies (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

We already have enough interference from Americans in English football we do not need no coaches with no experience of our game. There must be a good young up and coming manager from the lower leagues whose enthusiasm could help Villa. "Please no more outsiders"

Posted 10:04 10th August 2010

Ben West (Aston Villa fan) says...

Please God, not Bob Bradley!!! Why on earth would we want to have a manager who has absolutely no experience of English football and no experience of European football and no experience of managing a club side in a high quality league? This is not the time to go for someone unproven at this level - we need recognised quality to replace O''Neill and allow us to attract decent players to the club and stop our best players abandoning ship. Aston Villa are not Wigan - we should not be looking for our next manager in the lower leagues either. In all honesty it is difficult to see a domestic manager of the right quality who we actually might be able to get. People like Alan Curbishley and Sam Allardyce have been mentioned to me, but they play a genuinely terrible brand of football (especially Big Sam). Sven Goran Negativesson gives me nightmares. I would love to get David Moyes - he has acheived all he can at Everton and the big jobs are not coming up for him any time soon, but i think its highly unlikely. It may be that we have to go for a foreign manager. Martin Jol would be great if Ajax would let him go this time.

Posted 09:39 10th August 2010

Varun Krish (Chelsea fan) says...

It might actually be a good thing. Bob comes in,brings his son Michael along and you ve got a brilliant replacement for milner and he ll probably just cost you some 5 million quid. Plus looks like''s got a hollywood style half time pep talk that always seems to work for the USA ..

Posted 09:36 10th August 2010

M G b (Aston Villa fan) says...

I would love to see BB at villa park we need some one with a point to prove and some real determination. European coaches all make excuses when they dont get a man city budget to spend and for bob to do as well as he did with what are effectively championship players Im in.

Posted 09:36 10th August 2010

Brian Brogden (Aston Villa fan) says...

No Thanks Bob ! Jol or Hiddink

Posted 09:36 10th August 2010

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