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Argentina make winning start

Argentina make winning start

Argentina secured a 1-0 victory over Nigeria in what was a scrappy affair at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

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Alex Ngoke (Arsenal fan) says...

This match showed us how much of a quality keeper Enyeama I'm sure his price will inflate after the World Cup.

Posted 10:54 13th June 2010

Oded Gal (Arsenal fan) says...

Strange how the players' teams are mentioned , but no-one mentions that Enyeama is currently Hapoal Tel-Aviv's goalkeeper?

Posted 19:18 12th June 2010

Ronan O'connor (Barcelona fan) says...

Good to finally see a player that can take the World Cup by storm. Leo Messi was fantastic today and looks really motivated to do well in this tournament. He was unlucky not to score, the Nigerian keeper made some great saves and Messi maybe lacked a bit of composure for his last chance (one-two with Di Maria). Although Zidane lit up the World Cup in '98 and part of 2006, he did so more through his incredible control of games but I think Messi is a different animal. Watching him is like revisiting the history of football greats like Best and Maradona. I hope he continues to shine throughout the rest of his career for the sake of the game. P.S. Please never compare Cristiano Ronaldo to this Argentinian genius again. It makes football lovers sick. Thank you.

Posted 19:14 12th June 2010

Sam George (Oxford United fan) says...

It was very similar to that newcastle-liverpool game a while back. Given was absolutely top-class, and pulled off one of the best keeping performances in the world, despite the team losing 5-1. The difference was, this keeper had more saves to make, and a better team. He deserves top premiership football - Arsene Wenger, look this way!

Posted 18:44 12th June 2010

Seb Franklin (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The Nigerian keeper was absolutely world-class against a very very strong Argentina side. He made several world-class saves in particular the curling effort by Messi which was dipping into the back of the net only for Enyeama to palm to safety for a corner absolutely world-class keeping. If Spurs are looking into buying a back up for Gomes that is the one for me. Argentina were all over Nigeria in the entire first half and pretty much in the second as well could and should have hammered Nigeria 3 4 or possibly 5-0 on a better day I think Argentina would have done tht. Nigeria had very very little creativity in front of goal. I am still worried about Argentina in front of goal because the Argentinians wasted a hoist of chances ie Messi, Higuain, Veron, Tevez and Samuel had chances to kill the game off singlehandedly but failed completely. Like it says in the news if they cant start putting their chances against a relatively good side in Nigeria then how are they going to that against Spain, Holland, England, Germany or Brazil throughout the tournament when teams like them are better than Argentina in my opinion that would and surely haunt Argentina. Argentina certainly managed their passing of the ball but lacked the killer blow that could have won them the match even more than 1-0. I shall be supporting, England, Spain, Germany and either Argentina or Brazil in the World-Cup.

Posted 18:14 12th June 2010

Emeka igwe Ferdinand (Chelsea fan) says...

nigeria had a good game and they will qualify from the group.

Posted 18:06 12th June 2010

John O'leary (Chelsea fan) says...

A bit of quality on show here from the Argentinians who dominated proceedings. The Nigerian team were constantly under threat from Messi & co for most of the first half who opened up the Nigerian defense at will like a can of sardines with only the odd run by Yakubu threatening in the opposite direction. Second half introduced Martins who livened up things in midfield but there was still little in attack for the Nigerians. The heroics of the Nigerian keeper should be mentioned who, with the exception of the goal, was otherwise outstanding. I feel the Argentinians could have stepped up a gear if they really wished and i'm sure they can in later games. The Nigerians need to find some invention in midfield for their remaining games if they want to progress and be less wasteful in front of goal.

Posted 17:32 12th June 2010

Ish Isa (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

not bad 4 d nigerian side because they had a fantastic keeper

Posted 17:14 12th June 2010

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