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Lions roar at last

Lions roar at last

England's World Cup is up and running after two false starts. Chris Harvey saw them get their mojo back.

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Vinnie Barker (Leeds United fan) says...

Even though the scoreline was 1-0. It was very similar to the Spain v Honduras match, we were like Spain because we dominated completely through the whole match, we were very unlucky with that disallowed goal and Rooney could've been a little sharper in his finishing, not to mention Steven Gerrard merely passing the ball to the keeper after a great layoff from Defoe. Good luck against the Germans in the next round.

Posted 06:19 24th June 2010

Jonathan Dempsey (Liverpool fan) says...

I just moved to Australia after living in Blackpool for 22 years and my favourite moment(s) of the Slovenia game was hearing how vocal our fans were, you could see the injection of energy it gave the players, 12th man indeed. For the Germany game I don¿t believe Capello will need to try hard to motivate the players, I doubt in fact, that that has even been the problem thus far (nerves more probably). I honestly think that Rooney and Crouch are 'the men' up front, leaving Defoe as an impact player. You then get a target man to supply Rooney, but who can also put his own chances away. Milner was industrious and offered some defensive steel and a half decent end product so should be a cert to start ahead of Lennon. Lampard is becoming a liability. The amount of times he gave the ball away due to loose passing in front of our back four was unforgivable, and everyone keeps saying he was invisible.....he was much worse than that! I would play a diamond in midfield, of Gerrard at the top supporting the strikers, Gareth sitting in front of the back four with Cole left and Milner right. We can get away with this due to the width being supplied by our overlapping full-backs. Consistent and patient build-up play is essential as the Germans, although not renowned for speed, most certainly are for their work rate and pressing which makes losing the ball in midfield an even more common occurrence. Carragher may also do better against the slower and more tactical German attack as he was clearly beaten for pace in his first outing. My team; James, Johnson, Terry, Carragher, A.Cole, Milner, Barry, J.Cole, Gerrard, Crouch & Rooney.

Posted 06:15 24th June 2010

William Portelli (Chelsea fan) says...

Team England has to raise the tempo to reach the semis even though they showed glimpses of good football against Slovenia, Win is good for moral, passion good for the fight and winning mentality to get the big prize! It is up to them.!

Posted 22:32 23rd June 2010

David Richardson (Manchester United fan) says...

This wasn't the best performance the three lions have produced but it was certainly better than the Algeria game. We now have 3 days untill the second round now lets kick on and go the whole way. Plus i hope we get a better pitch than the one we just played on.

Posted 19:37 23rd June 2010

Joseph Genovese (Manchester United fan) says...

Well done England lets keep on going thanks to everyone.

Posted 19:09 23rd June 2010

Jason Hydes (Manchester United fan) says...

God help us, we're gonna need him. It wasn't as poor but still not very good.

Posted 19:01 23rd June 2010

Mark Foster (Newcastle United fan) says...

i think we played massively better than the first 2 games yet will need to improve more against teams like germany argentina etc if we are going to continue in the world cup.for now we can enjoy the win and look forward to a big next game.

Posted 18:42 23rd June 2010

Phil Djokic (Liverpool fan) says...

Can anyone tell Rooney what a fantastic part he played today

Posted 18:09 23rd June 2010

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